Christmas Fantasies Event Day 14 : An explicit excerpt from Kirsten McCurran

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Today, we have an excerpt from the lovely Kirsten McCurran. Please note this excerpt is NSFW.


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Nate watched Emma from across the crowded office, waiting for a chance to chat up his pretty coworker. One of the older, married guys had her cornered and she looked entertained by his clumsy attempts to hit on her.

Emma intrigued Nate because she was a mystery. Other girls, like their blonde receptionist, were so obvious, but Nate did not understand Emma. He used to think she was one thing, but now he wasn’t so sure. The Emma he’d worked with for the past year was quiet and shy, doing her best to avoid notice. Nate had always thought she was cute, but she went to pains to hide it, loose buttoned-up clothes, shapeless slacks. And then Emma was gone for a week, without warning. The rumor around the office was that her engagement had ended and she was devastated. The Emma who returned was anything but devastated.

Nate wasn’t the only guy in the office doing a double take when Emma came into the office that Monday morning. A snug pencil skirt with a slit in the back barely reached her knees, showing off newly-tanned legs. She let enough buttons free on her fitted silk blouse to flash a hint of cleavage. Nate couldn’t remember having ever seen her legs before.

That was all a couple of months ago, and Emma had kept it up since then. Nate found every excuse to drop by her desk, but couldn’t gauge her interest. He was in his late 20s, just a couple years older than Emma, and in good shape, which he assumed gave him a better chance with her than the two, older divorced guys who always buzzed around her desk, but she just seemed to flirt with him like everyone else.

When Emma finally excused herself and exited the office, Nate followed and caught a glimpse of her as she turned the corner. She was waiting for him when he caught up, leaning in the doorway of the copy room, little plastic cup in her hand and a sly smile on her ruby lips.

She was obviously waiting for him, so Nate took his time drinking her in, from her black heels and patterned stockings, to her loose, short black skirt and the snug red cardigan that hugged her perky breasts. Her long, chestnut hair was tied back in a ponytail with a red ribbon. She seemed pleased that he was looking her over—definitely a change from the old Emma. She got right to the point.

“I saw you kept looking over at me back there.”

“Maybe I was.” Nate thought to play it cool.

“I would’ve thought you’d have your hands full with Lisa.” The receptionist.

“If she had her way.”

“And if you had yours?” The tip of Emma’s tongue barely peeked out to wet her ruby lips.

“I think my time would be much better spent with you.”

“Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

Emma glanced up, indicating a cheap, cardboard mistletoe hanging in the doorway over her head. It matched the rest of the dollar store decorations management had bought for their Christmas party. Nate’s groin tingled with anticipation as he closed the distance between them and pushed Emma back into the copy room. A flick of his hand closed the door behind them.

Her full lips tasted better than he’d imagined, and she kissed him back with her whole body, tongue flicking at his, body pressed into him as she was backed into the counter.  Nate easily lifted the petite girl to sit on the counter, and as he skirt was pushed back he caught a flash of her lacy stocking tops. God, that was hot! The intensity of that kiss stole his breath and he tore his lips from hers.  His raven hair fell over his forehead as he nibbled at her neck as he tried to slow things down.

Slowing down was hot on Emma’s mind. She grabbed him through his khakis and kneaded his growing cock. Nate took the green light and plucked open the buttons on the front of her cardigan. The black and green lace bra was padded just enough to give her some lift, and he could still feel the warmth of her flesh. Stiff nipples peeped out through the lace and Emma whimpered when he teased them.

“Christ, Emma. We should get out of here,” he murmured. He wanted more of her—all of her—and he couldn’t see that happening in the copy room.

“No, I want you right here. Fuck me, Nate,” she demanded.

Nate’s pants hit the floor and her panties slid to the side. Emma wrapped her legs around his waist and he rammed it forward. She bit her lip, but still cried out, urging him on with her heels. He grunted with each thrust, planting his palm on the wall behind them. Their lips crashed together again in a desperate rush. Nate knew this wasn’t going to last long and hoped he wouldn’t disappoint her. But Emma surprised him, digging her nails deeply into his shoulders as she burst into climax first. The clenching of her sex brought him to a quick finish and he sagged against her, gasping. She kissed him and then pushed him away with a smile so she could fix her clothing.


She giggled. “You look like you just saw a talking dog.”

“I just never…”

“Shocked you, didn’t I?” Emma looked very pleased with herself. Nate nodded, and she went on, “I’m just full of surprises. Buy me a drink sometime and maybe I’ll share some of my secrets.”

Nate had never heard a better offer.


To discover just what happened to transform Emma from shy to sultry, check out my new novel, Emma’s Escape.


Kirsten McCurran lives in the suburbs with her husband, young children and a dog named Jake. She lives out her vivid fantasy life through her writing. Kirsten is most interested in exploring the fantasies and inner sexual lives of women like her. Inspiration comes from her own sexy desires and stories her friends tell her. Those friends don’t know they’re feeding Kirsten’s dirty imagination, but she’s always been able to turn the most innocent situation into an idea for a hot story. Kirsten is the author of nearly 20 ebooks, including Because He’s Watching, the Eve’s Swinging Friends series, Substitute Wife, The Coach’s Wife, Sydney’s Sin, Truth or Treat and the Her Other Husband series. Follow her on Twitter: @kirstenmccurran.


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Emma’s life changed in a moment. She was engaged, she had a good job, her future was all set—and then her fiancé shattered everything. “This isn’t working,” he said.

When she heard those 3 little words, Emma began to question everything and she fled her perfect little life to regroup with her sister in California. But Becca wasn’t there, and Emma was left sitting on the beach wondering what to do next. At that moment she saw a group of gorgeous guys, who thoughtfully offered to take her in and help her through her grief.

Emma knew it wasn’t a good idea to go off with a bunch of guys she barely knew, but life was supposed to be an adventure, right? Maybe it was time for her to start living it like one! With her new friends, Emma discovers a sensuality she never knew was inside her and finds that the limits of her old life were meaningless.

After a week with these guys, Emma will never be the same!

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  1. Michelle A

    Lol the quiet shy characters will always surprise you. Enjoyed the excerpt. Another new author I will be checking out.

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    this is a new author for me, but dang, that was one hot excerpt. thanks for the giveaway.
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