Cowboy Book Review – Going Cowboy Crazy – Katie Lane

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When Faiths dying mother reveals that she is not actually her birth mother, the world she knew came tumbling down. After some investigating into her past, she sets off to a small town in Texas to hunt for the identical twin sister she never knew existed. Problems arise when she gets there, as the entire town mistakes her for their long lost sweetheart, Hope, and refuse to listen to her arguments on the matter. In their enthusiasm to make sure she stays this time, they rush her towards the gorgeous Slade, the town hero who has been pretending to be Hopes estranged boyfriend for years. When he gives her the welcome home kiss they all expect to see, she lights up in his arms and gives him a kiss to scorch his cowboy boots. Slade realises immediately that the little spitfire in his arms is definitely not Hope. Once she tells him her story, he realises that the coast is clear for him to try to seduce the woman who quite literally knocked his hat off.  Faith soon realises that, although Slade is happy to have her temporarily warming his bed, he doesn’t want her to remain a permanent fixture. She starts to have doubts about perusing any sort of relationship with him, not trusting her ability to keep things casual. He isn’t exactly the best catch on paper either; Commitment phobia + past relationship with identical twin sister = non-starter! But, as with all good romance stories, pesky feelings get in the way of the best of intentions. With these two fighting their feelings for each other, the town determined to shove them together and the real Hope on her way back with designs on Slade, how will this mess get sorted out?
The way I will describe this book is sweet and funny. The sex scenes were more sensuous than hot, the humour was a little slapstick and there was no deep heavy subplot to take anything away from the romance. It was like a RomCom in a book; Chick-lit is the best description for it. Slade is a lovely main character. He is the handsome, small town hero who everyone wants to see happy. He tried to make it work with Hope, but the sparks just didn’t fly. I liked that he saw the differences from the second he met Faith; I wouldn’t have believed in the romance if it were all about appearances, as she looks exactly like Hope! He fell for her personality and the way she kissed him; at no point did he deny that she was attractive, it just wasn’t his main motivation for wanting to sleep with her. Faith was an interesting character. At the start of the book, I wanted to smack her upside the head. She was so judgemental of the small town characters, just because they didn’t do things the way that she expected, that I immediately wanted to put down the book. I am glad I persevered; she does grow as a person as she learns to stop taking these people at face value and accepts that they have good hearts. I liked her relationship with Slade and willed it to develop; I understood her motivations for not wanting to get involved. He had a prior relationship with her sister (a bit icky), he had no intentions of ever leaving the small town that she had no intentions of getting stuck in and, most importantly, he didn’t want anything more than a quick lay. Slade was a bit of a dumbass through it all (his reasons for not getting permanently involved were a little pathetic), but it was clear that he had feelings for her; I melted when he stepped in for her against her birth parents. They constantly butted heads as hearts warred with heads; hurt feelings were aplenty in this book as they tried to work through the plentiful amount of personal issues that they each had. Overall, I routed for their HEA.
At no point does he actually ride a horse, but the
appearance works for me
Now, I don’t live in a small town in America but I can imagine that if I did, some of the stereotypical characters in this book would offend me slightly. They are well meaning, but seriously stupid in some ways. I took it for what it was, a funny book with side characters that were plot devices, rather than main events. I loved that they wouldn’t believe she wasn’t Hope, that they believed her Hollywood sex stories so easily and that they constantly butted their nose into Slade and Faiths relationship. When Hope appears, I thought she was a little bit of a bitch. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to reading her story, as some of the stunts she pulled were mean. She is supposed to be a thirty-year-old woman, but when it comes to the relationship between Slade and Faith, she behaves like a child. I’m hoping she redeems herself, as I really liked the writing style of this author.
A sweet read about the High School Hero finally getting the girl, just a slightly different version of the one he thought he’s end up with. With a fast-paced plot filled with zany characters and small town humour, I enjoyed this one from cover to cover.

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