Day Four of the Naughty November Event : An Explicit Excerpt from Karla Doyle plus GC giveaway

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A brutal mugging two years ago left Calli terrified to go out after dark, and incapable of real dating. Hanging out with a resentful Chihuahua every night hasn’t filled the void, and all the sex toys from the store she owns could never replace a flesh-and-blood man. An online Scrabble site promising anonymous, flirty fun sounds like just the ticket. A like-minded geek, that’s what she needs. Unbeknownst to her, the man on the other end of the game is anything but geeky.

  Tired of the party scene, Travis seeks a venue where he can meet a woman who is drawn to his mind, not his profession. Having women chase after his bad-boy musician persona has grown stale. After heating up the tiles online with Calli, he knows he must meet her in person. Touch her in person. And when he does, their chemistry is undeniable. She stimulates him, mind and body. But when he discovers her tragic past he realizes it will take more than words to win her heart…and her trust.

He pressed a kiss to the lace between her legs. When she leaned into it, he added some tongue. Then her hands were in his hair. Teasing wouldn’t cut it—not for either of them.

“Pretty panties, sweetheart, but they have to go.” A little tug on the sides and the lace impediment disappeared. “You smell so good.”

“That’s the garlic bread,” her head fell back when he licked through her folds, “or the pasta…cass…erole…”

The aroma of tonight’s meal had set his stomach to a high rumble the second he set foot in the apartment. Calli could cook, had spoiled him the past few days with her culinary skills, but at this moment, all he wanted to eat was her.

He dipped his tongue inside her, scooped her essence into his mouth. Calli’s taste went to work on him instantly. Her initial sweetness, the subtle spiciness that bloomed as she got more turned-on, drove him crazy. He’d been at perpetual half-mast since the first day he saw her. The slightest touch gave him a full-on woody. But this—licking her pussy, devouring her like a starving man with a buffet all to himself—turned him to steel. Having his face buried between her legs was like being high. Better. Maybe because every drop of blood in his body raced to his cock. Maybe it was something deeper. He didn’t care, just wanted more.

Above him, she moaned. Some undecipherable combination of words and gasps accompanying a tighter grip in his hair as she thrust her mound forward. Her thighs trembled against his chest. Fuck, he loved when she got this way. Needy, wanting, uninhibited.

He leaned into her, securing her between his body and the cupboards. “I fucking love eating you.” He suctioned his mouth over her clit, alternating between sucking and flicking until her whole body shook—then pulled back abruptly before she could finish. Jesus, her cry of frustration nearly made him lose it.

“Say it. Say what you want. Exactly what you want.”

Her head lolled forward, that glorious long hair dangling above his head, framing her flushed cheeks and eyes that’d gone dark with desire. “Make me come, Travis.”

His name again. His weakness with her—one of them, anyway. A growl rumbled deep in his chest. “How?”

“Put your fingers in me and…suck my clit. I want to—” She bit her lip, then let it slide between her teeth, plump and bruised.

“Tell me.” If she didn’t spit it out in about two seconds, he’d dive back in there and finish her off, but fuck, he wanted to hear her say the words. “Anything, sweetheart. Anything you want.”

“I want to…ride your face…while you…fuck me with your fingers.”

All he needed to hear. He bore into her, suckling, lapping, driving his tongue against her clit. She moaned again, louder. Clutched at his head, pulling him closer, grinding against his face. Riding him while she sped toward her climax. His cock ached. His balls tightened into hot, hard rocks. Forget easy or slow, he pushed three fingers inside her pussy.

Her sexy voice filled the kitchen, “Travis, oh god…”

He relented only when she semi-collapsed atop his head. The pounding of her heart echoed in his ear. Her scent—that roses, soap and sex combo—surrounded him. Stripped his last inch of gentlemanly patience.

He eased out from her hold, grabbed a condom from his pocket and pushed his jeans and boxers out of the way. “You lick your lips once more while staring at my cock and I’m going to need you on your knees.” Wicked woman, she did it again, only slower and more purposefully. Fine by him. He tossed the packet on the table. Shook his head when she grabbed a cushion from one of the chairs. “You won’t be down there long enough to need that.”

“In a hurry for dinner?”

“Only if you’re it.”

Sexy as hell in the open blouse and see-through bra, she knelt before him, her smiling face mere inches from his cock. Her hands skated up his legs, nails raking the insides of his thighs. Palms splayed across his groin, she put those made-for-blowjobs lips on the head of his cock and sucked him inside.

He groaned and leaned into her. Pushed inside her welcoming mouth. Touched the back of her throat, felt her nose press against his stomach. God yeah.

Her moan hummed around him. Her eyes were closed, as they always were when she sucked him. Not his, he had to watch. Take in every detail. Her eyelashes fluttering against pale skin, eyebrows drawn together in an intense little crease. Lips plump and shiny sliding up and down his cock. Cheeks hollowed from sucking him to perfection. So fucking beautiful.

Her hands drifted lower. One nail dragged over his balls, then back and forth along his perineum. Sparks shot from the source. Tightened his balls, sent more blood surging to his cock. Fuck, too good. Too close, too soon.


Karla grew up in a small, Ontario town on the north shore of Lake Erie. She trained and worked in the fashion industry, designing and making everything from swimwear to dog collars for most of her adult life. Karla has since traded her needle and thread for a word processor, and now spends her time writing sexy romances. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with family, friends and her pets, as well as reading and hitting the gym.

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