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On February 29, a day that comes just once every four years, Jack Carter announces that, “What happens on Leap Day stays on Leap Day.” His wife Sarah knows he’s up to something, and when he explains that today is a day to take risks and get a little crazy, she grasps what it is: he wants to watch her with another man.

Jack had the fantasy first; and at first, Sarah didn’t understand it. Hell, neither did Jack. All he knew was that the thought of his wife in the arms of another man was exciting; the build-up, the flirtation, the act, even his nauseous jealousy always got him hard. Sarah didn’t deny her own arousal, especially when her coworker, David, began taking the role of imagined lover. He was fit, hot, and most importantly, he was attracted to her.

Neither Jack nor Sarah ever thought they’d take the plunge from reality to fantasy. It was too risky. Too crazy. With February 29 just beginning, will it be the day they finally make the leap?

All better?” Jack asked when Sarah returned.
Their meal had arrived. Oysters and shot glasses of chilled vodka were arranged on a tiered platter of crushed ice. Jack had already squeezed lemon onto the oysters and was salivating for his first shot.
“That looks good.” Sarah slid back into the booth and kissed him on the cheek. Then she sank under it.
Jack glanced down at her, blinking. She saw the what-the-fuck-are-you-doing question in his eyes. Before he could get it off his tongue, Sarah unzipped his trousers, reached in, and wrapped her fingers around him. After that, he was done. Protest gone.
Sarah couldn’t believe she was doing this. Waves of heat rolled across her body as she pumped Jack’s cock, working the leaking precum into the supple skin. She tightened her fingers, saw him swoon. Feeding off the naughty power in her hands, she shivered and closed her lips around the now-glistening head.
Jack groaned, tipping his head back into the cushion of the booth. Sarah watched him carefully. He was their eyes, their look out. Relaxed like that, she felt secure—as secure as she could feel under a table in an empty restaurant with a cock in her hand.
Her tongue’s first pass swirled a sinuous S, surveying the contrast of soft skin over taut flesh. She stretched her lips around him and let him fill her mouth, collapsing the moist walls of her cheeks against it as she sucked. He felt huge—he always did at first, especially after it had been a while. And it had been too long.
She withdrew at the same agonizing pace, leaving it wet and glistening. With a pop, she was off him, smiling. Encouraged by his heavy-lidded approval, she returned. This time faster. As much as she loved torturing Jack with her blowjobs, her racing heart didn’t let her forget where they were.
Jack splayed his fingers across the linen and hooked his thumbs around the lip of the table. He forced deep breaths through his nose. She recognized this tactic. He was concentrating on the flare of his nostrils to keep a quick climax at bay. She redoubled her efforts, knowing what the sight of her bobbing head did to those efforts. She could hear his grip tighten on the table. The booth crunched as he shifted his hips forward and opened his legs a little more.
Sarah peeked up at him, watching his chest rise and fall in quick, shallow breaths. She slid and swirled her mouth faster. Her body was on fire. Any moment, they could be caught. Any moment… The fingers of her free hand worked beneath her skirt and panties.
Sarah groaned, the low sound sending a hum along Jack’s length. He jerked in his seat, sending the cap of his cock into Sarah’s throat. She gagged, but quickly relaxed her oscillating muscles. She had been with Jack long enough to know how to deal with his size, and while she didn’t love deep-throating, she knew it was the fastest way to get him off.
Another way shimmied into her thoughts. She pulled off, holding his cock against her face as she looked up at him. “Is this what you want me to do tonight? With David?” She felt him throb in her pumping hand. “’Cause that’s who I’m imagining.”
Without another word, she fell on him again, swallowing him back into her throat. What had been a white lie turned into truth. She shut her eyes and suddenly it was David looming above her, legs splayed, cock hard and ready. Her fingers circled her clit. Her body swelled and contracted as her own release began to build. She moved her thumb against her clit and pushed two fingers into her sex as David’s imagined cock surged inside her throat.
This was wrong—yet it wasn’t wrong enough. She wanted to feel all that girth in her pussy, not her mouth. She wanted to feel it deep. Hot. Filling her until she burst.
Jack’s sharp inhalation ripped through the air as Sarah’s throat and cheeks caved around his cock. His orgasm quaked from root to shaft to crown. Jack’s cum was quick to follow.
She rose from beneath the table, sucking in fresh air. The confined space had been sweltering, the linens trapping heat like a pressure cooker. She grabbed the first thing she saw and downed it: a shot of chilled vodka that burned her throat. She wiped her brow and glanced at her husband. He stared at her with a bemused expression that made her feel bashful. Instead, she squared her shoulders, picked up an oyster, and said, “To Leap Day.”


Kenny Wright is just a guy who writes what he likes to read: steamy, explicit erotica that’s just crazy enough to be true. Narrative, characterization, build-up, and tension are what make something sexy—the way the body parts fit together are just nice-to-haves (albeit really nice-to-haves). That’s what he strives to write in every story, short and long. Oh, and being a guy, he believes in a world where men read and appreciate erotica, and hopes to contribute it word by word.

Husband to his beautiful wife, father to his rambunctious daughter, and food slave to his needy cat, he squeezes writing in when he probably should be sleeping. Kenny welcomes comments from readers. Here are the relevant links:

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