A PNR review : Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey (4 Stars)

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Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey
Series: The Devil's Bargain #1
Published by HarperCollins on 2011-05-31
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 384
Format: eBook

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Temptation and seduction are the tricks of the Devil's trade, and when offered the chance to regain his wings by playing guardian angel, he's hell-bent on doing things his way...

Faith McFarland is in need of a miracle. So desperate to save her sick child, she's willing to make a deal with the Devil: steal a ring worn by Finn Payne, the bad-boy rockstar who long ago sold his soul for rock 'n roll. Temptation and seduction become necessary evils, yet Faith's salvation means Finn's damnation...because the ring is all that stands between him and Hell. Falling in love was never part of the bargain, but now that they've tasted heaven in each other's arms, can they convince the Devil to give up his due?

Faith is in need of some divine intervention.

Her little boy, Nathan, is dying of an aggressive form of cancer, and the progression sounds heartbreaking. Unfortunately, the intervention that she receives is less than holy.

Sammy Devine (AKA the Devil) receives a heartfelt plea from his brother Gabriel. Gabriel wants him to save his soul by helping out Faith. Unfortunately, Sammy can’t see beyond the betrayal he feels at being cast out after being tempted by the flesh of Lilith. Sammy agrees to help out Faith, but on his terms. He has a soul to collect, and its taking longer for this soul to reach him than he originally thought.

Finn sold his soul to the devil when he was a teenager. Desperate and destitute, he made a deal for the Ring of Chaos. The ring is the ultimate muse and makes him the world famous rock star he is today. The only problem is the ring will eventually drive the wearer insane, as it did previous wearers such as Van Gogh. Sammy decides that he doesn’t want to wait for the ring anymore and makes a pact with Faith; if she can seduce Finn and steal the ring, Nathan will be healed in exchange for her soul. Faith swallows her pride, and he dignity, and accepts the bargain.

It turns out to be easier to seduce the lonely Rock Star than she expected and she escapes with her treasure. Unfortunately, Finn isn’t keen on leaving behind his fortune just yet, and chases her down.  A battle of wills commences that ignites a passion that seems completely at odds with their situation. Will Faith be able to live with herself by being the cause of Finn’s downfall? Moreover, will Finn be able to live with himself if he allows her 4 year old to die for the sake of fame and fortune?

Wow, this book was not what I was expecting! I was expecting something light and fluffy, but what I got what a truly dark and heart breaking read. Faith is in untenable situation. Does she want to make a devils bargain? Hell no! She knows that the Devil never makes things simple, that he will look for ways to renege on their deal, but what choice does she have? Her baby boy is dying and his death will not be quick and easy. She makes a choice to “whore” herself out to save her child, and she hates herself every second of it. She can’t help but feel attracted to the delectable Rock star, but she can’t let herself feel pity for the situation in which she puts him. Finn is used to the life he lives. He has women throwing himself at him at every corner, more money than he can spend and a legion of adoring fans. He knows that it will one day end, knows that the Devil will not allow him to live to a ripe old age, but he refuses to allow that day to come anytime soon.

When Faith steals his ring he does everything, and I mean everything, that he can to convince her to give it him back (it has to be given to him, not stolen). He knows that to relinquish the ring means certain death. He also knows that whatever the Devil say is twisted to suit his means; can he convince Faith not to trust her soul to such a manipulative creature. It comes down to a choice for the pair of them; Nathan’s life or Finn’s.  When they start to feel something towards each other it makes it twice as hard; how can they cause each other pain if they claim to care? I felt so sorry for the pair of them; I completely understood both of their points of view. My opinion was swayed more in the favour of Faith winning the ring (especially when Nathan basically tells her he accepts he will die and I cried!), but I knew that neither outcome would make me happy because I loved them together. It was not a good situation!!

Our third player was the most compelling of the story and that was Mr Sammy B Devine himself. I have never read the Nicky Styx novels, although after this I will be looking them up, but from what I can tell, Mr Divine has been changed by the events of those tales. The Devil has fallen in love with a woman he can never have. Shockingly (and I was surprised at this!) I could actually understand why he was as nasty as he was! He always had the capability to be a bit of a bint, but the betrayal he feels because his father banished him to hell for his first offense, is immense. That, plus a serious case of unrequited love, makes for a very grumpy Devil! I loved him…and his grumpiness!! I willed him not to collect either debt, and leave our two lovebirds alone, but I knew in my heart of hearts that that was unlikely.  A twist in the tale gave me a glimmer of hope, made me feel that the Devil could be swayed from his plan, but I couldn’t imagine that it would be enough for the Prince of Darkness to make a decision that was against his devilish nature.

In part’s, this book was a little slow because it was so emotionally heavy, but the overall story, and the fabulously written characters, kept me reading and I finished it one sitting. I loved the tragic love story between Faith and Finn, and I couldn’t see an outcome that would satisfy me. Sammy B Devine was my favourite character. He was a grumpy old Angel, but underneath all the hurt and anger, is a lonely man that has been cast out by his family and rejected by the only woman he has ever loved. A tearjerker with the occasional laugh, this is a twisty, emotional tale that kept me on the edge of my seat. I will be reading more of this series!

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