A Nix Erotica Review – Educating Ansley by Cat Johnson (2.5 Stars)

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Educating Ansley by Cat Johnson
Published by CreateSpace on 2012-01-11
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 156
Format: eBook

Gossip Girl meets the Dukes of Hazard--that's Educating Ansley...

Connecticut's rich and beautiful summer at mansions in the Hamptons not on a ranch in Colorado, but that's exactly where society girl Ansley Craig's been banished by her grandmother just for having a little too much fun at a graduation party.

She expects to find cows and boredom at the Kane ranch. What she doesn't count on are the Kane brothers. Ansley may have the college degree, but Jeremy and Ryan are two cowboys who can teach her a few things she didn't learn in school.

Ansley is a girl who knows what she wants….she wants anal sex. After being caught in a compromising position by the police, her Grandmother sends her out to the country to learn some manners. Upon landing in said town, she heads to the nearest bar where she proceeds to get drunk. The beautiful city girl fascinates the lovely bartender, Jeremy. When she throws herself at him, he can’t say no to her offer of oral sex and they end up in very hot position on the bar. When he realises that Ansley is to be staying at his ranch for the summer, he takes a giant step back, afraid his Grandmother (who is best friends with her grandmother) will blow a fuse. Unfortunately, for him Ansley has other ideas and, after meeting his other lovely brother Ryan, decides what she really wants is the both of them. Can the brothers hold out on giving this very insistent, and very naughty, city girl what she wants?

This book features two VERY hot cowboys. Jeremy is the hard-working, gruff cowboy who doesn’t have as much fun as he should. Ryan is the loveable rogue, who is the one that was undoubtedly going to crack under the immense pressure that Ansley puts them under to succumb to her charms (Masturbation where they can hear her? what man could resist that?). I enjoyed both characters. I ended up feeling very sorry for Ansley. She was so misguided about what constituted sex that I wanted to shake her and make her sit through some sex ed lessons. She was so insistent that she wanted the brothers together she hacked me off a little bit; she was an incredibly selfish and manipulative lover. She knew they wanted her so did everything in her power to get them to come to her on her terms. I was glad that they decided to call her on it with the way they taught her what intimacy entails. I felt that the ending was very quick but this is a novella so it was to be expected.

I read this book because I love Cat’s work. I really don’t know how to rate this book as it was undoubtedly very hot, but touched on a subject that is a little bit icky to me with brothers sharing in a ménage situation. A friend asked me why I had an issue, stating “as long as they don’t cross swords it’s not incest”, and I really can’t explain it! I will say that, in this book, it made the characters a little uncomfortable, which didn’t make me warm to the idea. Will I read from this line again? Undoubtedly! There was all I could have asked for in the sex department with piggin string, cherries and a massively hot masturbation scene. It was just the brother’s thing that threw me….if this doesn’t bother you then read this book!


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