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First Officer Cole Langston reluctantly finds himself hailed a hero after successfully landing the plane he was co piloting after the Captain had a heart attack, who’s life he also saved.  However he finds quite quickly that fame has some perks, especially when it comes to the ladies!  However when Cole meets Olivia, who he believes to be the one, the fame works against him.
Olivia falls for Cole hard. He’s good looking, the perfect gentleman & he’s the first person that seems to get her & how much her art means to her.  All in all he seems too good to be true, which with Olivia’s trust issues from previous relationships, leads her to doubt his feelings for her & amp up their relationship.
Is their love strong enough to overcome these issues?
Review (Contains spoilers)
Honestly guys, I’m really torn about this book!  In some ways I totally loved it & in others it really frustrated me. The frustration I felt was mainly to do with the actions of the characters themselves so I have to conclude that to make me feel so strongly about them it’s an amazingly well written book!
Cole is a guy that instantly would grab any girls attention.  He would seem to be in many ways the perfect man.  He’s smart, good looking, gives his time to charities, and certainly knows how to play the field, until Olivia comes along.  She knocks him for six, after he gets knocked out defending her honour.
Olivia is a woman in her late twenties, living with her parents, struggling against her artistic nature to do what she believes to be right  & best for her family – getting a degree in Business while working to fund her education at the airport where she meets Cole.
Sparks fly between the two of them & they quickly fall in love.  Cole unlocks Olivia’s artistic nature & gives her the faith in herself to live her dreams.  Everything seems to be going smoothly until Olivia’s doubts & Cole’s inability to tell her the whole truth get in the way.
It’s at this point that I have to deviate from my initial belief that Cole is the perfect man.  He is at times really rather arrogant & uncompromising, laying the blame for the failings in parts of the relationship on Olivia, when in reality if he had just told her the truth in the first place instead of trying to protect her, there wouldn’t have been a problem.  That and the fact that he didn’t break off his casual relationships with the other women in his life until after he & Olivia had slept together for the first time frankly annoyed the hell out of me!  Not that by any means Olivia was perfect, she feels a little whiny in parts & me being the big meanie I am wanted to slap her! Thankfully her friend does it for me, metaphorically at least.
On the whole though I did find myself rooting for them & wanting them to get together in the end.  Olivia was someone that I feel most ladies out there can relate to, with most of having similar feelings & doubts about those we’re in a relationship with. 

On the whole a really good read!  Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? I would certainly recommend you give it a try & i’ll be looking for other titles of Marie’s

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  1. I loved this book and had the same "on the fence" feelings about Cole and wanted to slap Olivia at some moments too 🙂
    Great review!

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