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Hi readers!!

We are still in a transitional period here at Scorching Book Reviews, WordPress quirks appearing often to confuse me immensely! I would like to thank you all for your infinite patience and ask you to stick with me whilst I format old posts and make them easy for you to find.

As you know, the old ways of following us are gone, Blogger refusing to allow people who make the change from blogger to WordPress to divert traffic to make it easier for you lovelies to continue to be updated with our new posts. I’ve been testing many methods of following us personally and I’ve come up with the ways I think will work:

  1. BlogLovin‘. The button to follow us is on the sidebar and you can chose the frequency of emails to be alerted of new posts. I do the daily email for the 80+ blogs I follow and it works well. It alerts you to new posts rather than you have to search them out yourself but will combine all blogs you follow into one email (I have some loooong emails).
  2. Networked Blogs. The button is on the sidebar again but you have to go to Networked blogs to see a feed of new posts rather than them send you anything.
  3. Twitter/Facebook – Both buttons are on the sidebar. All posts are publicized on both networks but you may have to search through timelines for the links.
  4. Email – Just fill in your email into the box and activate through the email that this generates. The only problem is that it defaults to giving you an email per post which can become a bit spammy when I post throughout the day. To change this, create a wordpress account and change the feed to daily digest by clicking the days you wish to be alerted to new posts. You only have to do this once and it will be set for any WordPress blogs you chose to follow.

Well, there you go! With so many blogs leaving Blogger in the Book Community, there is bound to be a period of messing about for both bloggers and readers. Trust me, it will all be worth it in the end; my site is already much more accessible to everyone which I love!

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2 responses to “Following Us….

  1. Mzcue

    We”ll hang in there with you. It’s like road work. Eventually it happens no matter where you live, and it’s a pain in the neck, but we benefit in the long run. This new site looks great, for me it’s lightning fast, and definitely worth the wait.

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