Guest Post & Giveaway : Eden Bradley Introduces Dangerously Inked

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Eden Bradley & her musical muse for DANGEROUSLY INKED

~Part of the Midnight Ink Box Set~

Thank you to Nix for having me here to talk about my part in the MIDNIGHT INK Box Set.

My story DANGEROUSLY INKED is a spin-off from my upcoming series from Berkley Heat, my Dangerous Romance Series, which kicks off with DANGEROUSLY BOUND in April. I didn’t expect Finn, a secondary character in that book, to demand his own story, but he’s a Dom, and you know how that goes—I couldn’t resist. So when the Smutekteers came up with the idea to do a series set in a tattoo shop (Midnight Ink) in New Orleans, and I was already writing a series set there (one of my favorite cities in the world, by the way), things just fell into place. Even more when we decided to invite some of our favorite author friends to join us!


The Smutketeers have done a continuity series before (WASTELAND), and we knew how much fun it could be working together in the same world, with some crossover for our characters. The main crossover character in these books is Sassy, Midnight Ink’s shop manager. She’s a tough chick with a heart of gold who will kick anyone’s ass, but is just as likely to hug you. She’s the comic relief and the person you want at your back when things get rough. And she’s such a true character to be working in a tattoo shop. I’ve logged a lot of hours in tattoo shops over the years—have quite a bit of ink myself—so this whole idea was one that was very close to my heart. And one thing I’ve learned is that music can really set the tone for the shop. It can be the muse that drives the artists to create.

As an author, music is definitely an important part of my creative mojo—something I’d lost for a few years. I had to write in total silence…until I wrote DANGEROUSLY BOUND. Suddenly my ability to write to music, to be driven by it, to feel that joy and those creative surges just ripple through me, giving me goose bumps sometimes, was back…such an amazing feeling! And it’s continued through the next few books I’ve done. I picked the playlist for DANGEROUSLY INKED when I started writing it, but it shifted a bit as I went. At one point I was playing two new songs I’d discovered over and over on endless loop literally for hours. I know it sounds weird—lol!—but we writers are a strange bunch. Those two songs are by indie artist Trixie Whitley: ‘A Thousand Thieves’ and ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’— such powerful, emotional, soulful songs! I’m totally in love with her music-you should check her out.

Meanwhile, here’s the rest of my basic playlist for DANGEROUSLY INKED, the songs that drove this story, that I danced to in my chair even as I typed away.

Alex Clare~Relax My Beloved

Portishead~Glory Box

Intwine~Get Outa My Head

Godsmack~Voodoo (the namesake for my adorable new Boston Terrier puppy!)

The The~ Kingdom of Rain

Lana Del Rey~Bel Air

Superstring~If You Want it

Red Hot Chili Peppers~Breaking the Girl

MS MR~Dark Doo Wop


Lana Del Rey~Burning Desire

Intwine~Cruel Man

The Naked and Famous~The Sun

The Beatles~Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Shinedown~Burning Bright

Alex Clare~Too Close

Tracy Bonham~Mother, Mother

Lana Del Rey~Cola


Goldfrapp~Let It Take You


I’ll give away a prize package of my e-books BREAKING SKYE (a BDSM novella), SUMMER SOLSTICE (an erotic ménage novella), and ROGUE, (a kinky vampire novella), to one winner—just talk to me about your favorite song, the one you have to listen to over and over, that touches you or makes you cry or makes you so happy you *have* to dance! I’ll pick a winner tomorrow night (US time), and will announce here in the comments, so be sure to check back!


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10 responses to “Guest Post & Giveaway : Eden Bradley Introduces Dangerously Inked

  1. Barrie

    Everytime I hear “I can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash on the radio, I turn the song up and smile and betlt it out! 🙂

  2. Sue Sattler

    I’m Sexy and I Know it! Whenever that song comes on my three grandkids and I turn it up and dance like crazy. When it comes on in the car we go a little crazy, we get some pretty funny looks, but we don’t care, we’re having fun! 😀

  3. Christine LaCombe

    I cant seem to stop singing Paramore’s new song “Still Into You”!! I hear it one time on the radio and that’s it, the tune stays in my head for the rest of the day, lol 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Amy R

    I just bought the Midnight Ink set last week. I just found a song I love over the weekend Say Something by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguelira, I am also really enjoying Zedd’s cd Clarity.

  5. barbara

    Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night puts a smile on my face every. single. time! And the video just makes me giggle. Totally fun, cute song. Thanks for the giveaway!

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