GuestPost : Vivian Arend, Kit Rocha and Lauren Dane introduce us to the tender moments in their Marked anthology

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MARKED: Three stories of passion, possession, and ink

Stories can take us from our everyday world into the future, or to places in the current here and now that we’ve never before been. They can show us heat, and passion, and in the case of an anthology, provide more than one trip to a fabulous happily-ever-after.

Kit Rocha, Lauren Dane and Vivian Arend welcome you to MARKED. Three brand new stories we’re thrilled to share with you.

We’re stopping off at some our favorite blogs with some steamy excerpts. Each of us has pulled a snippet from our novella following a chosen theme, to give you a taste of what you’ll find in MARKED. The theme for this post?



Beyond Temptation

Kit Rocha returns to Sector Four in BEYOND TEMPTATION. A promise to a dying friend backfires when Noah Lennox finds that the girl he was supposed to rescue is all grown up–and wearing O’Kane ink. He wants to protect her from the secrets of their past, but she wants him. And an O’Kane woman always gets what she wants.


Emma wrapped her hands around his upper arms. “Do you want to be good enough for me?”

His fist tightened, edging her head back. His parted lips brushed her chin, her jaw. “That’s a question I’ve never let myself ask.”

She’d experienced mind-bending pleasure, fallen into the spaces between naked, eager partners with zeal and joy. But none of it had ever made her tremble to her core, not like Noah’s lips skating a path down her throat. “Then you must have known the answer would be yes.”

“And damn me for it,” he groaned, lifting his head to meet her gaze. “I’ll hurt you. I won’t want or mean to, but I’ll do it. Mark my words, Emma.”

“Shh.” It would be worth it to show him–what belonging felt like, what home was, everything she hadn’t been able to say as a shy nineteen-year-old with a desperate crush. “I know what this is, Noah. What it isn’t. Just kiss me.”


Rocky Ride

Take a ROCKY RIDE with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Vivian Arend as she leads you back to the Six Pack Ranch. Anna Coleman might be the law around Rocky Mountain House, but bad boy Mitch Thompson knows that under the stiff RCMP uniform is a woman with a passion for speed and pleasure that matches his own, and he’s not giving up until she’s his.


Control. He wanted it. Needed it, and yet right there with Anna looking up at him with sorrow in her eyes, it was clear that there were so many things he had no influence over.

Anna kissed him again, softer this time, brushing away some of his frustrations. Bringing him back to the things that were good, and that he could control.

The stars were out by the time he turned down the long driveway leading into the trees and his home.

He parked the bike, hauling off his helmet and loving how she right away stepped back into his personal space. “I didn’t ask if you wanted me to take you home.”

Anna shook her head, following him inside and hanging up her borrowed helmet. “This is exactly where I wanted to end up.”


All That Remains

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Dane takes you into a brand new world in ALL THAT REMAINS. Summer Killian falls fast and hard when Charlie arrives in Paradise Village. But the heat turns all the way up when she learns Charlie is also with Hatch – the man she loved three years before. While she’s not sure she’s cut out for a triad, neither man is going to give her up.


“I think you should dance with us.” Hatch held out a hand and she took it. Charlie took the other and they led her out to the middle where a dance floor had been corded off.

Hatch let go and Charlie twirled her into a circle and then into his arms as they swayed. He smelled really good and she kissed his neck, just at the line of his beard.

He dipped her and she looked up at Hatch, who wore a smile that flattered her, sped her heart. He wanted her, that much was naked on his face.

When Charlie brought her upright, he spun her again, straight into Hatch’s arms.

He slid his hands down her arms and tangled his fingers with hers, bringing her hands to his mouth to kiss them. His cock was hard against her belly when he pulled her close again.

She slid her arms around his neck and Charlie moved behind her, his hands at her waist.

She gave over to them, let them handle her, move her how they wanted, embracing the sweet intoxication of it as she did.


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