Hot Cover Monday : The Playboy Next Door by Sandra A Sigfusson

Posted November 18, 2019 by Nix in meme / 0 Comments

Welp, I have never heard of the book before today but the cover sure makes an impression….

He brings new meaning to love thy neighbor.

Add one handsome player with a cocky attitude to one beautiful new neighbor with a chip on her shoulder. Mix carefully. She has a trigger switch that could be set off without a warning.

Learning quickly that his new conquest isn’t going to fall for his charms so easily, Brandon needs to formulate a plan A, a plan B and possibly a Plan C to tame his gorgeous new neighbor.

Brandon secretly resorts to calling her Spitfire because sparks of ire flare every time he opens his mouth in Rachel’s presence. She hates everything he stands for, regardless of how attracted she is to him. He’s wrong for her on so many levels.

But Brandon doesn’t give up on Rachel easily. He’s steadfast in his desire to lower her defenses and ease his way into her good graces. After a few false starts, he manages to soothe the savage inside of her, however, breaking down Rachel’s wall defining friends and lovers is an entirely different ballgame.

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