Hour of The Lion – Cherise Sinclair

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Hour of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair
Series: The Wild Hunt Legacy #1
Published by CreateSpace on 2012-10-16
Genres: BDSM, menage
Pages: 398
Format: eBook

Victoria is walking past a house late at night when she hears a scream. The army officer within her refuses to let her walk past the house without helping the person so obviously in distress. Once inside she can’t help but wish she had kept on walking, as she is thrust, head first, into a world that she didn’t know existed. A young man is locked in a cage whilst being tortured and keeps shifting into a big cat. An elderly woman lies dying on the floor. Worst of all is the two goons who thrust her into the cage with the terrified cat, in the hope of turning her into a new shifter via big cat bite. Rescuing the cat isn’t easy, especially after being mauled and cattle prodded, but Vicky is determined to succeed. It quickly  becomes clear that the poor teenager is too far-gone, but before he dies, he makes Vicky his “gift” and asks her to find his Grandfather and explain how he died. Vicky has a soft heart, and therefore finds herself in a very small town, searching for an elderly shifter to tell him how his Grandson has died.

Alec is the Sheriff of Cold Creek. He happens upon Vicky moving into the neighbourhood, and can’t help but be enticed. As a human, she shouldn’t appeal to him but for some reason he can’t leave the little woman alone. He has been the Sheriff of Cold Creek for years; a shifter in charge of the police is the only the way to protect the humans from the numerous types of shifters that inhabit the town.  Protecting is in his nature, as he is also protector for his territory that is run by his “litter-mate” Calum. Calum is informed of the human’s entrance into the town,  but he never imagined she would end up working at his bar. Like his brother, he can’t seem to fathom why he is so drawn to her. Shifters aren’t attracted to humans because they can’t mate with them.  It’s clear that these three are the exception to the rule, as both men can tell that she is equally attracted to them in return.  Will the pack allow their leader to form an attachment with a human? In addition, will Vicky be able to accept the furry ones enough to jump into bed with them? They each need to make fast decisions because the men who put Vicky in that cage want to put her back in it, and they aren’t the type to take no for an answer.

I love Cherise Sinclair’s books and, although this one was no different, it was a massive leap from her other books. The sex was nowhere near as frequent and was erotic rather than straight up kinky. The writing seemed slightly different too, but I have noticed her style evolving over the last few books. I loved it and thought it was more along the lines of the Starlight Rite, rather than Shadowlands.

As per usual, I loved Sinclair’s heroine. Vicky was emotionally and physically strong, affectionate and incredibly protective of the boys and Calum’s daughter.  She went to Cold Creek with dual interests; she needed to tell the story of Lachlan’s death and decide whether the Government should be informed about the existence of shifters. I admired her determination to protect everyone involved, although I was a little concerned for my beautiful Alec. Alec was AMAZING. He was funny, dominant, sexy and one hell of a smooth talker. I loved the way that he was so protective of all around him, even to the point of some seriously violent encounters with the people that hunt Vicky. Calum was an Alpha. I find that some Alpha characters can be written as distant characters that only warm up when they want something, and this best describes Calum. When he wants to get into Vicky’s pants, he certainly changes into this smooth talking, dominant cat. I loved all of the characters. I also really enjoyed the relationship building between Vicky and the secondary characters; she had to see these shifters as people she loved before she could switch loyalties to them.

Usually, I have a problem with ménage where the men don’t touch. I have even more of a problem with a ménage where the hero’s are brothers. Yet, in this tale, it didn’t feel so wrong. In the context of this world, male shifters are plentiful but female are not. It is usual that a female will take more than one mate. Yes, it is that mate word again, seems you can’t open a book without it at the moment. I have to admit that something inside of me goes a little melty when an alpha character starts all “mine” over a female, so it isn’t a problem for me. Anyhow, in this book it wasn’t really a true ménage. Calum and Alec never had a burning desire to share, they just knew they would. It didn’t bother them at all, which in turn made me not care so much. As they were so close to their animal natures throughout the tale, it didn’t feel so incestuous for some reason (my reasoning with this is non-existent…it just didn’t). I liked that they had separate relationships throughout the tale, first Alec and Vicky got it together, then Calum and Vicky got it together and then, finally, they all got it together.  Because sex was part of the shifter nature, it was just a natural progression. Speaking of animal nature, there is a part of the book where there is a sex ritual for the sake of repopulating the community. It was utterly sexy and also utterly sweet …I really enjoyed how that all played out but I was a bit surprised at the direction that Sinclair chose to take it, as it could have been FAR kinkier.

Anyhow, this was a book far more reminiscent of the Starlight Rite than the Shadowlands, and I loved it. With a fantastic heroine, two yummy heroes and a whole host of fun side characters (I’ve already asked for a certain bear and wolfie to get books :D) this slick paranormal romance came at me out of nowhere and knocked my socks off. Sexy, fast paced and funny, I think this is a story that will appeal to the masses without alienating any long-term fans like me. A must read for me!



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