Iron Dominance – Cari Silverwood

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Claire is a Frankenstruct, a being that’s made up of cloned parts. A law has been passed that declares that Frankenstruct’s aren’t humans therefore have no rights. They can be treated as slaves, abused or simply made to the jobs which humans would say no to. Claire is forced to be the evil lieutenant Inkline’s master assassin. Her latest assignment is to murder an influential powerful politician, but an aircraft disaster en route means that the plan is stopped. A sole survivor amongst the wreckage she is taken into custody as a Rogue Frankenstruct. Her captor has no intentions of killing her for what she is, but if he found out what she did, his attitude could change.

Theo Kevonis cannot believe that the beautiful creature that he has pulled out of the crash is a Frankenstruct. He has never felt at ease with the sub-human way they are treated, but this one stirs things in him that he can’t quite explain. He has no choice but to take her into custody, but this doesn’t mean that she has to be treated like a prisoner. After interrogating her about her purpose on an enemy aircraft, he asks permission to court her.

Not able to deny the attraction that she feels towards his commanding presence, she willingly agrees. Still a prisoner, but less of an unwilling one, Claire embarks on a journey of love and lust at the tutelage of the lovely Theo. He shows her the pleasure in surrender, the ecstasy in his control and how it feels to be treated as an equal. She cannot help but fall in love with him, but when her evil master seemingly arises from the dead, will she finally tell him the truth about who she is and save him? Or will she protect the innocent image that he has of her, in a bid to keep him close, and risk his safety?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I apologise if I gush, I’ve just never read anything quite like this book. It was steam-punk, alternative reality bondage at its best and I adored every second of it. Claire was the kind of strong woman that I love in BDSM books; she was a strong, independent woman who chose to give over her surrender to Theo. She didn’t need it, but it felt good when she did. Never being taken care of and having a life filled with persecution and hardship has taken its toll and he makes her feel cherished. She doesn’t tell him her true purpose at the start of the book as she feels it will get her executed for being a traitor and then she can’t tell him because she starts to fall in love with him. I screamed at the pages a few times because, the longer she held off explaining her past, the more damage her confession would do. His love for her was so pure (in a kinky way :D) that I couldn’t bear to see her break him. She is so protective over the people that show her any affection that my heart broke a little for her; she was mistreated so much in her past that any person who showed her any small kindness was grabbed hold of with both hands. I loved that she was this bundle of vulnerabilities encased in steel and I couldn’t wait to see how Theo would deal with her.


Cross the above two images and you get close to the fetish
corset that Theo buys Claire!

Theo is an amazing character. Not only is he a truly lovely man who is compassionate and protective, he is a really hot Dom. I got the feeling that he was a Dom through and through, but only got to play at the role sexually nd was never allowed to fully embrace it. The excitement and gusto that he embraced Claire’s acceptance of his sexual needs was so cute (I know, not a word to be used with a Dom). He immediately starts buying her gifts, some of which made me drool. There is a fetish corset that is mentioned that I *need* to own, but it seems to come straight of the mind of Cari Silverwood. He wants to spoil her, he wants her to feel loved but in the back of his mind is the knowledge that she is still lying to him. I admired him because he was willing to try to coax her truths out her; he believed enough in himself, and her, to think that they were nothing that would affect their relationship. He is such a powerful man that he made me quiver a bit; I couldn’t imagine anyone saying no to him. He also a severely kinky imagination that exists only in the imagination of literary Dom characters; I want a naked, bondage picnic! And the scene with the St Andrews Cross facing the clouds was one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever read; serious pulse racing and hot flashes were a result of that particular flash of genius! I knew he would be finding out her secret, I just hoped that he was man enough to work past it!

With sex scenes that will make your palms sweat and your pulse race, this is a book that will make any BDSM fan happy. With a seriously sexy Dom, with a very vivid imagination and an unlimited supply of fetish wear, and a female with no qualms about her sexuality, this is a book that will make you hot. With an undercurrent of suspense that kept the pages turning, this book checked all my boxes and made this a recommended must read!

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  1. Thank you Nix! So glad you loved my book. As you know our books are like babies to us authors 🙂

    That leather corset is being tucked into the spot in my head reserved for 'things to put in a book' So adorable and erotic.

  2. Awesome review Nix! Bought it on the strength of it…weeeellll…that and her last book! Three Days of Dominance. Must away and bury my nose in said perusal…many thanks, Pearl 😉

  3. Pam/Clisson

    Nix- Spot on review, I loved the book as well…though the suspension scene was my favorite and I was quite taken with the jacket w/ straps and buckles..

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