Island Idyll – Jess Dee

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Whilst still recovering from an emotionally draining breakup, Sienna arrives at the Bandicoot Cove opening, hoping to put her life back on track. The man that she spent the last 8 years worshipping chose work over their relationship and dinted her self-confidence badly. Hopefully, the sun, sand and sea will make the world seem all shiny and new again, and then she can start to glue the pieces of her shattered heart back together again. Little does she know that sneaky matchmaker Kylie has a plan to douse Sienna’s worries under a flurry of red-hot sex with a hunky man. After hiring their old classmate Josh to do the ICT on the resort, Kylie knows that he is just the thing to make her best friend feel good about herself again. Josh was the school hunk when Sienna, Paige and Kylie were younger, but he seems to have grown into an even more delicious man. No red-blooded woman could resist that combination of charm, self-confidence and hunkiness, but Sienna tries to offer at least a little resistance J When Josh claims that he had more than a little crush on her too in high school, Sienna simply can’t resist the gorgeous man. When a surprise visitor in the shape of her ex Ben threatens to derail the entire fling, can Josh convince her that her relationship with Ben is dead in the water? When Ben comes up with a plan to let her compare them both in the most intimate way, at the same time, can she really turn them down the chance of a lifetime? And, when the sunlight comes, will she be in any better position to choose?
Another one that had me completely conflicted; what is this series doing to me? J Also, this review does have a spoiler warning but I only go as far as the blurb does….it feels wrong cos its 60% of the story!! Every woman has been in the position where she has been made to feel less because of a bad breakup; I empathised with Sienna immediately. Her attempts to bolster her self-confidence, with her random flirting (to prove she still had it), and to rid herself of her troubles by imagining them as stones she throws into the sea, made me smile. This was a woman who didn’t need to be fixed; she was doing fine putting herself back together again. I liked her immediately and this always bodes well for a tale. Josh is the type of character that I like in real life, never mind literacy. He’s a charming man, blessed with a silver tongue and a steady ooze of self-confidence; there really was never any doubt in my mind that Sienna was going to head his way. When they do start sleeping together (in the guise of a holiday fling), it really is sex that leaves you feeling a little naughty and breathless. Sienna like’s naughty sex, she likes the thought of being caught and trying things that others may find a little taboo. When she shows this side of herself to Josh, he thinks all his Christmases have come at once. I like that she felt comfortable enough in her own skin to show him what she wanted in bed, that she was confident enough to take what she wanted.  I liked that he embraced her kinky side and indulged in her; I really did like them as a couple!
When Ben turns up, I nearly threw my Kindle at a wall. How dare he show up out of the blue and screw up this lovely new relationship! I wanted him to get back on that plane and bugger off, leaving the path clear for Josh. However, I knew it was a tale that featured ménage, so I accepted where this was going with gritted teeth.  I wanted to hate Ben, wanted him to be no competition, but I knew that I couldn’t. He’s the one who gave Sienna into the confidence to ask for what she wanted. He’s also the one who is man enough to admit he’s made a mistake, and turn up asking for a second chance.  When he realises that someone has already started to fill his shoes, he makes a final play by suggesting the threesome. I had to admire the confidence he had in his relationship, I just didn’t want him to succeed in his plan to get her back. The ménage sex was drool-worthy. They were both so focused on her…it was yummy J

I don’t want to say anymore, I don’t want you to enjoy it any less. I have only revealed what is there in the blurb, but I loved the whole thing. Yes, it made me so mad I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t deny that I understood all the actions and feelings of the characters. I understood the conflict that Sienna was feeling at choosing between her fantasy man and the one who had treasured her for the last few years. I understood that Ben would do almost anything to get back the woman that he loved, even something like share her with Josh.  I just couldn’t figure out which way I wanted the tale to go. Did I want her chose the man that she lusted after for years? Or did I want her to choose the man that bar one mistake, has loved her for many years? Or did I want her to manage to convince them both they wanted to share…I was so confused!
This was a smoking hot tale of reality and fantasy colliding. Sienna had her fantasy man and her fiancée both willing to do their best to give her pleasure…what red-blooded woman wouldn’t be drawn to this story J

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