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Too Far Gone by HelenKay Dimon
Series: Hanover Brothers #4
Published by Penguin on 2014-12-02
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 208
Format: eBook

The Hanover brothers inherited quite a legacy from their con-artist father, including a secret they never imagined…

FBI Agent Walker Reeves came to Sweetwater, Oregon looking to settle a vendetta. His career is in shambles after years spent tracking down the Hanover brothers. He hopes to tie them to the schemes of their father Charlie—the same man who ruined Walker’s life. Unfortunately, Walker’s desire for revenge blinds him to the one chance at happiness he’ll ever get…

Even knowing that her friends would worry, art store-owner Mallory Able took a risk sleeping with Walker. She succumbed to his craving for control in the bedroom, but when reality got too tough for Walker, he bolted and left her in ruins. Now he’s returned. If Walker wants her back, he’s going to have to do some smooth talking both in and out the bedroom. And this time Mallory is in charge…

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OK, I need to be better at checking stuff like this, but this is the 4th book in the series and no, I haven’t read the previous ones. Did it affect my enjoyment of the book? I have no idea. I picked up the story easily enough but I can’t help feeling I would have hated Walker more if I’d have known more about his exploits in the previous books. I recommend that you pick up the others first; I will be doing!

This sounds like the story of a man trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his lady-love and win her back. I always love a good grovelling story but, I’ll be honest, Walker isn’t all that good at grovelling and Mallory isn’t all that good at being mad. What this story actually is about is a deeply damaged man trying to move on and find where he fits in the world now all his reasons to be angry are being eroded away, one at a time. He doesn’t have the skills to deal with love in any shape or form (from either Mallory or his brothers) but he knows he wants to try. Well maybe he wants to try with Mallory anyway. He doesn’t get it right all the time but when he does he melted my heart.

Honestly, I’m going to leave this review here because I know that I missed things by not reading the previous books. What I loved about this book (apart from Walker and his quest to get Mallory) was the interactions between the characters. I like the way HelenKay Dimon writes relationships; a lot of page time goes into building characters up and making us love them. It slows the pace some what but, for me, it’s worth it. In this one there was a lot of relationships to read about and love and it gave it a very sweet tone. I will be reading the first three in the series on the basis of how much I enjoyed this one. I just wish I’d have realised that it was the last in a series before I requested but that is my own stupid fault.

Overall, this is a book I recommend but I would read in order. I enjoyed it as a stand alone but I know that I would have loved it more if I had read the previous books. I possibly will add to this review after I have read the others in the series.



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