#LGBT Day 20 : Swinging Both Ways: Writing LGBT Erotic Romance by Leigh Ellwood

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I’ll apologize right now if you got the impression from the blog’s title that I am here today to talk about bisexuality in erotic romance. Well, maybe in a way I am because I do have a few titles that feature bisexual characters. My first erotic romance, Truth or Dare (https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-truthordare-402-149.html) stars a bisexual hero, and sharing becomes a theme in several of the stories set in that series universe. I am, however, getting a bit off topic.

When it comes to writing erotica and romance, you could say I’m omnisexual. I have M/M stories, F/F stories, M/F stories, and a few ménages of varying combinations. I write characters who are comfortable in their sexuality – be they homosexual, het, or bi – and I write people who are fascinated by alternative passions. I face many challenges as a writer, and if I had to choose the largest one, I’d say finding a true identity.

Why is this? Well, when you think of a specific genre of romance, you may immediately identify that genre with certain authors. I think of gay erotica and romance, names like James Buchanan, Josh Lanyon, and Mychael Black come to mind. With lesbian romance, I think of KT Grant, Radclyffe, and Paisley Smith. I sometimes wonder, how do readers identify me?

For one, I hope the word association is positive!

When I begin to craft a story, often I’ll have in mind the pairing I want to highlight. It’s challenging to explain, but sometimes a certain story works best for me if it features a M/M pairing. The first M/M story I wrote, Jack of Hearts, involved reincarnation and the challenge of a hero connecting with the soul of his true love in another body – a man’s. In my story Undercover Passions (https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-undercoverpassions-1053795-140.html), I had intended to write an M/F story but the more I crafted the heroine I discovered she preferred women. The story seemed to work better for me as an F/F romance. I like to think readers sense when a couple clicks in a story, regardless of the gender pairing.

My latest work is a gay science fiction story called Bittersweet. The main couple, Kelly and Tobin, have been featured in a previous story, Taste This (https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-bittersweet-1078932-144.html) and they needed a happily ever after, hence the follow-up book. There’s also another character vying for Kelly’s attention who may be worthy of a book himself. This would mean another M/M story for the catalog, which makes it somewhat easier to plan.

If you’re interested in gay space opera, I hope you’ll check out Bittersweet. You can read alone or after Taste This, and check out an excerpt at my site at http://www.leighellwood.com. I also love to hear from readers on Twitter @LeighEllwood.

About Bittersweet

After years of imprisonment on his home planet, the disgraced Tobin – former captain of the starship Jiu’Kr – is called upon to undertake a mission to save his people. Their salvation, to his great joy, lies on Earth.

Kelly Landry has tried to be productive since he and Tobin parted. He finds solace in his bakery, Taste This, and in helping those in need. He’s not ready to pursue another relationship, much to the disappointment of would-be suitor Brad Summers, because a part of him wants to believe his sexy alien lover will return.

When Tobin does come back for him, however, it’s not the romantic reunion Kelly expected. Tobin is a risk taker…will his actions keep him and Kelly apart for good?

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  1. Love m/m science fiction or space opera, just wish there was more of it out there. Adding this to the cart now… 🙂

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