#LGBT Day 21 : Creating Bisexual Heroines in Erotic Romance by Adriana Kraft

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For readers who don’t know us, my husband and I co-author erotic romance under our pen name, Adriana Kraft. We now have thirty novels and novellas published, and most of them feature bisexual heroines. Sometimes these heroines form true polyamorous relationships, perhaps with two other persons, or maybe with three others. In other stories, our heroine forms a primary relationship with a hero, and they work out a solution that might be described as recreational sex, or perhaps friends with benefits, through which the bisexual woman continues to give expression to the full range of her sexuality.

It’s important to recognize that in real life, there are a wide range of expressions of bisexuality, as well as a variety of kinds of bisexuality, about which we blogged at this LINK several years ago. Many bisexuals (perhaps most, but data is elusive) simply form monogamous relationships, whether same sex or opposite sex, and feel no need to simultaneously have a sexual connection of the other kind. If we wrote those stories, they might not look much different than a traditional romance between a man and a woman, or a lesbian romance, both of which we also sometimes write. Most likely we elect to write bisexuals who prefer simultaneous expression of same and opposite sex intimacy because that gives us so many more options for erotic scenes and combinations. We enjoy that variety, and we’re thinking maybe readers do, too.

What, then, do we think are the elements that create an ideal erotic romance bisexual heroine?

She’s normal. For openers, she’s like ordinary persons you meet every day. She could be your next door neighbor, your banker, your broker, an actress, a teacher, an accountant, a counselor. We’ve written all of these. She’s not especially exotic or notable, and often she won’t stand out in a crowd. She does everything you do in a normal day – rushes to get that first cup of coffee, tolerates things she doesn’t like at work, does dishes and laundry and probably cooks, occasionally drinks more than she should, makes good and bad decisions – and, oh yes, she falls in love.

She’s adventurous. This doesn’t mean she’s unafraid – she may be terrified of some of the changes and choices she’s facing. But ultimately she faces those fears and claims what is true and good for herself, in spite of her fears. Some of our heroines have been living het lives and are only beginning to be aware they have another side to their sexuality. Sometimes they have to flaunt convention, and sometimes this means losing relationships that were once important.

She’s real. She has depth of character. We can believe in her, we care about her, and we want her to succeed and find happiness. Whatever she struggles with, we can identify. Trust, betrayal, loss, grief, trauma, love, rage, fear – these experiences touch all our lives, and we recognize them when we see them touch her.

She’s curious. She’s a life-long learner, eager to embrace and try new things, someone who stays open to surprise. Sometimes she fights it, but she’s more likely to open doors than close them, more likely to test out a path she’s never taken than ignore it.

She’s fun loving. There are probably romance heroines out there who are quite serious and who struggle to find anything resembling a funny-bone in their makeup – but we’re probably not going to write them. Life is too much fun to be navigated with only stalwart purpose and steadfast seriousness. In our personal life, we laugh a lot, we tease each other, and we gravitate towards people with a strong sense of humor. We’re going to write bisexual heroines we’d love to have as friends, and they’re going 
to take time to enjoy this crazy, funny, amazing life we’re privileged to experience.

She’s on a sexual journey. Some of our heroines have already identified as bisexual, some are just embarking on a discovery of their bisexual side. All, however, are searching for relationships that draw them further toward who they are becoming, relationships that not only welcome their sexuality but pull them towards its fullest expression – passionately, erotically, sometimes flamboyantly, but always true to her sexual journey.

Ripening Passion ~ a Baby Boomer Bisexual Heroine

One of my favorite of our heroines is Claire Johnson – a baby boomer who is courageous, defies convention and fights for what she believes.

Claire Johnson’s dedication to sex—the cornerstone of her career—led her to found the Center for Sexuality and Sex Practices. Now in her fifties, she knows the Center must keep pace with the rapidly growing Baby Boomer market, so she agrees to go back on camera for a series on sex and aging. But work with her nemesis?

Former English Professor Max Wilson has championed the cause of the Center ever since his deceased wife sought the Center’s help to rekindle the nearly extinguished sexual flames of their relationship. He loves working on camera and welcomes the challenge to perform with the svelte but feisty temptress.

Sparks fly immediately on and off camera. Can either Claire or Max transform those sparks into a fire of sexual desire for their viewers? And if they succeed, what will happen when the movie’s over?

Four blue ribbons from Romance Junkies:  RIPENING PASSION is a sensual and spicy romance that will knock your socks off! Adriana Kraft excels at keeping the momentum going, and she knows how to inject sensuality into any character’s story.  Erotica fans won’t want to miss this one! Hot! Hot! Hot! ~ Wendy


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We’re a married couple writing Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More under the pen name Adriana Kraft. We now have thirty erotic romance books published at Extasy Books, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Love You Divine, Logical Lust and Torquere. Pairings include straight m/f, lesbian, bisexual, ménage and polyamory, with both contemporary and paranormal settings. 

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