LGBT Day 24 : Guest Review from Bryan James of Hunting For Sport

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Purchased from: Amazon
Price: $2.99
Page Count: 351 pages
Contains: Graphic sex and mild bondage and dominance themes
Index: The chapters are indexed to make for easy selection and the ability to jump to nearly each one however the chapters are not labeled as related to content but instead labeled generically.
Hunting For Sport is one of the few books that I had decided to purchase after reading the sample chapter through Amazon.  Other samples had been not interesting, poorly executed, and/or not tantalizing but this book stood out among them for me.

Hunter Phillips is a rich man used to getting his way for some time but he hasn’t found a lasting relationship but instead has mostly had temporary relationships with athletes who he says have mostly been bisexual and experimental in nature.  

Hunter describes himself as a rich man who ‘invented something the internet couldn’t live without’ and then invested his money wisely, one of his ventures being a sports team where he hand picks talent.

The book begins with Hunter having cajoled a news reporter, Drew a man with his own past of blackmail, out of his clothes for an interview that had its own confrontational and possibly blackmail intentions but as we find out Drew has another curiosity of gay sex.  It isn’t long before Drew’s curiosity is made clear and Hunter takes the lead with some graphically descried foreplay.  

Much like Drew being teased along, just as you think the sex is about to begin the action is interrupted by an unannounced and unexpected knock at the front door.  Hunter leaves his prey gagged (dangerous in real life) and stimulated for his new arrival who we find is the secondary character and main love interest of the book.

Dylan Page is the personally troubled, star pitcher of Hunter’s baseball team who in his hours of need comes to Hunter for help and the one man Hunter hasn’t yet convinced to have sex.  Dylan is looking for bonding time by watching the entire Halloween series but Hunter must return to his ‘interview’.  

‘The interview’ continues into a thorough, slightly kinky sex scene that should leave a reader sticky.  After this guaranteed casual experience the novel continues to several more casual encounters including reuniting with Logan the QB from high school that had been Hunter’s first dominant experience.  

Everything though is a casual experience because the ultimate goal is of course healing Dylan Page’s heart.  But just what type of relationship will it be?  The reader will have to find out.

I enjoyed this book for its length and depth of story with a compassionate but dominant man as the narrator.  Also, the author managed to include small moments of reflection and beauty I haven’t found often in other works of this nature.  In other novels and short stories the author gets caught in the act of sex and/or dominance itself sometimes going on a tirade about its meaning to the characters  or else has a narrator who is a deeply trouble character prone to self-destructive behaviors.  

While this book does it in part explore those themes with its secondary characters it also keeps the sex as an adventure and casual experience.  There are some technical sports related facts in this book that may or may not be correct but honestly I don’t know enough about sports to tell and I didn’t want to know.

Overall I would say it is a solid read with experiences that may not be every reader’s desire but can satisfy those who may read it and share those interests.


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