LGBT Day 8 : It’s Oh-So-Good Being Bad by SA McAuley (Incl. Giveaway)

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I’ve been thinking about evil a lot lately.

While part of this obsession can be blamed on the work-in-progress status of the fourth book in The Borders War series, the seemingly never-ending battle of good vs evil is a theme I personally love to read about.

Especially when it comes to the really, really bad dudes.

Most of us can conjure a list pretty easily of the villains in literature and movies who have impacted us the most. When I was kid, that list was a terrifying mix of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, the Red Bull from The Last Unicorn, and ET (friendly alien my ass, I still cringe when I run across that movie on TV).

Yep, you’re free to laugh now about that third one. But let me attempt to sway you.

The widely accepted and most used definition of a villain is a character who is evil and advances the storyline of the plot through some type of hellish terror.Maleficent and the Red Bull fit this first definition pretty soundly.

But the second, less used, definition of a villain is a character who causes harm, trouble, or damage. Sounds rather innocuous when compared to that first one, right? But, this second idea brings up a whole host of new ways to explore villainhood in fiction.

And believe me, from the number of times ET has made an appearance in my
nightmares, he fits the whole harm, trouble AND damage persona in an eerie and frightening way. It’s all in the way we perceive the characters we read about every day.

While the widely accepted definition of a villain is a fun archetype and guarantees as showdown of some kind proving the worth of the hero, it’s the lesser talked about role of villains that proves more interesting. When we expand our thoughts on what makes a great villain, suddenly a whole new world of dangerous deviousness is opened up.

So in celebration of non-traditional evildoers in LGBT lit, here are two of my favorite villains from m/m novels:

Director Con Dreyfuss (the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price) – The enigmatic and sometimes hippy-ish Director of the Federal Psychic Monitoring Program (or FPMP). Does he take lives or save them? Does he really care about Vic or is he just using him? Is he the cause of all the harm/trouble/damage that seems to follow him or a victim of it? Is he a villain or isn’t he? It’s this guessing game that makes him the most intriguing side character in the PsyCop books.

Tor (Bareback by Chris Owen) – Tor is not only one-half of the main character couple in this western romance, he’s also a character very few people will ever forget after reading this heart-rending story. Talk to someone, anyone, who has read Bareback and you’re sure to get one of two reactions to his name: curse-laden profanity and a rant bordering on violence, or a resigned sigh of acceptance, sadness and forgiveness. I tend to fall into the former category. Either way, though, Tor is one of the most divisive characters in all of m/m romance. Hands down.

Who are your favorite villains? Comment below to win an ebook from my back catalogue!! xx

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16 responses to “LGBT Day 8 : It’s Oh-So-Good Being Bad by SA McAuley (Incl. Giveaway)

  1. Lisa G

    My favorite villan is Hans Gruber from the Die Hard movie. Alan Rickman was terrific – come to think of it he was also a great Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood.

  2. Barbra

    I’ll have to re-read Bareback-I read it years ago and don’t really remember much. 🙂

  3. I’d have to agree with Maleficent but…

    Hannibal Lecter… in the books and Silence of the Lambs movie he was frighteningly evil.

  4. Trix

    I always think of Damon Trebuchet from the horrendous short-lived hockey soap MVP…the characters were so annoying that I *wanted* him to thwart them. Plus, everybody on that show played like they were demoralized, and Peter Miller (as Damon) was the only one who seemed willing to commit to the ridiculousness.

  5. Jbst

    Cruella DeVille in 101 Dalmations with Glenn Close. Entertaining and her outfits were fun to see.
    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

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