LGBT Event 2015 : Megan Derr gives her Poly recommendations & offers two $25 Less Than Three Press GC Prizes

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Hola and a big smushy WELCOME to our LGBT event which is here for the month of May. We have reviews, Guest Posts, Top Ten List and lots and lots of prizes all with a LGBT theme. The posts will be indexed on the side and I do hope you hop through … I have been so lucky this year!

Today, is our first post and I am lucky enough to have the wonderful Megan Derr, author & publisher from Less Than Three Press here to give us her poly -recommendations and give away TWO $25 gift cards to Less Than Three press to buy some books with 🙂  I recommend that you flick through the links and see if any of them take your fancy, if you follow me on GR you’ll see I’ve added about 6 of the books below after checking them out on there! Enjoy 🙂

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Alright, I am back again with more lists ^__^ Much love to Scorching Reviews for having me. I had a hard time settling on what to do for the lists, there are so many options. But I have poly on the brain because my book The Harem Master comes out on May 13th, and I’m already working on behind the scenes stuff for Intertwined, the poly-themed collection Less Than Three Press has coming out in November, so I thought it would be fitting if one of these lists is of favorite poly stories. Poly is one of my favorite things to read and write, so let me tell you how very difficult it was to put a top ten together.

Room at the Top by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow – one of my favorite writing duos, I was beyond excited when they wrote a threesome. I reread this book all the freaking time, I love it to death, the way everything develops and they come together never gets old or boring.

Saving Liam by Sasha L. Miller – this comes with twincest (twin incubi, even) so be aware, but as always Sasha makes it work. We first met because we were fans of each other’s work and this is one of my fav books by her. And the secondary couple is just as awesome as the main threesome. If you like a slow burn, this is a good one. It was hard to choose b/c I also like The Ambassadors and Living Words.

Playing by the Rules by J. Hepburn – I’m cheating slightly with this one b/c it’s not actually out yet, but it’s extremely rare to find a lesbian threesome, at least in my experience. J. Hepburn writes some of my fav lesbian stories, and I think of all his works this one is my absolute favorite.

Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry – This book is just plain fun. You’ve got f/f, m/f, m/m, and all permutations thereof. The author could have gone hardcore, solemn and serious book, but instead it’s a cute, sweet, fun, and sexy romp.

Tooth & Claw trilogy by L.A. Witt – I like this one because they do not have an easy time of it. Bad choices, people out to get them, every reason to hate each other and fall apart, but they pull through and are stronger than ever.

In Darkness Bound by Christine Price – This book has an unusual setting, something you see more often in horror than in romance. I like the way she writes it, love the characters, love how everything plays out (and the second book is also awesome, though it’s not a threesome)

Bullriders by Lorne Rodman – I first read this one forever ago. Interesting b/c it’s incest in a contemporary setting, and it’s an actual issue, which you don’t see often. Haven’t reread in a while, I will have to fix that. But if you like modern westerns, this is a good one.

Bound by Law by S.E. Jakes – I’m a sucker for law enforcement books, and I really like the dynamics in this one with past lover and current lover colliding and all the problems they have to deal with and sort out. But it also never gets so heavy you feel weighed down and tired.

Sleeping Stone by Alexa Snow – I try not to repeat authors, but I had to make an exception. Another oldie, but I always like how the boyfriend and the ex came to support each other and how it all built to a threesome. Haven’t read it in forever, but I remember it pretty well, which is something given how quickly I go through books anymore.

Where the Heart Is by Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban – friends to lovers times three! Always good times, especially since it has the classic snowbound in a cabin setting. You can’t beat the classics :3 But you can improve upon them by way of threesome, hell yes.

Honorable mentions to The Possession of Eugene Lawrence Davis and Alexey Dyed in Red, which don’t come out until later this year (being the publisher has major perks) but which I adore like burning and was really sad could not be included on the actual list.

And continuing with the theme of ‘inspired by books I have coming out soon’ (it’s poly as well, I told you I had a thing) and because I remain addicted to fantasy and like to share it above and beyond all things, this next list is shifters. I think paranormal is a love/hate genre, so I apologize to everybody who just groaned and cursed my name.

Sumeria’s Sons series by Lexi Ander – Lexi’s books are always a lot of fun, I have reviewers who email me to say SEND THE NEXT ONE THE SECOND YOU HAVE IT OR ELSE. Her world-building is always one of my favs, and her characters are <3 <3 <3 This one is also threesome, though it takes a few books to get there. Twin Flames is the first one.

Good Bones by Kim Fielding – another fun series, I fell in love with this one because it’s a fun take on werewolves, it doesn’t have all the insta-mate stuff, and I love the way the MC first sees his love interest. It’s so the opposite of romantic it sticks in the mind.

A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe – I have this one in ebook and print, I reread it every once in a while. Werewolves and actual shapeshifters who can take any form at all, and I have a small weakness for ‘I’ll help in exchange for sex’ b/c that’s fraught with peril and always interesting when it works.

Midnight in Berlin by J.L. Merrow – another excellent spin on werewolves, I remember when I read this I couldn’t put it down, which definitely screwed up all the work I was supposed to be getting done. Merrow generally sticks to contemporary, but if she wants to go back to werewolves sometime that would be awesome.

Second Skin by Genna Donaghy – I maaaay be cheating with this one b/c they don’t shift into animals, it’s a more sci-fi spin than that. But I really really really love this book, I want there to be a sequel so bad, I can’t even tell you. The MC is all kinds of love, so different from the type of guy you normally see leading a book like this. And his love interest is all the hearts. Sadly I forgot until I went to pull the link that it’s not in print anymore, but I think the author plans to fix that, so stay tuned. It’s worth the wait.

Beneath the Neon Moon by Theda Black – I grabbed this book on a whim one day, I think either it was on sale or something just caught my attention, and I really really loved the shit out of it. Cool premise, very well written, I just love the shit out of both characters and how the whole thing played out

Heart’s Home by H.B. Pattskyn – historical shifters, which I don’t see often, and this was really well done. I haven’t read it in a bit, but compiling this list definitely makes me want to so that is probably where my evening is going to go.

Axel’s Pup by Kim Dare – I have stalked Kim Dare for years. Even when I’m otherwise burned out on BDSM stuff I enjoy her work. Stroke of Twelve remains my absolute favorite, but it’s hard to find a good slow burn and she def nailed it. I also like her wolves, the whole society she’s built and how they’re treated. I really look forward to more of this series.

The Beast Within by Terra Laurent – I’m eternally sad no more books in this verse seem to be forthcoming, but I’ve read this one more than once and keep it on my kindle. It’s just plain hella fucking cool, not something I’ve ever really seen done before. And as mentioned before, I’m a sucker for law enforcement type stuff, you don’t even know.

Crocodylus Acutus by J. Rocci – not a werewolf, which is always a treat in shifter land. Added bonus, this is a freebie story. It’s cute and fun and awesome, if you need a book to improve a shitty day this is a damned good one to pick.

I am also going to give away two $25.00 giftcards to LT3. Winners will be randomly chosen at the end of the month from commenters, so be sure to leave a way to contact you ^__^ Winners will have twenty-four hours to reply, after which a new winner will be chosen.

And that is all I have to harass you with today, lovely people. I hope the weekend is treating you well and that you have an awesome week.


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About the Author

Writing and reading are my life. I’m pretty equal opportunity, there is very little I do not like to read. But, I think it’s safe to say that romance and fantasy are my primary stomping grounds :3 I love writing slash, it works for me in a way that writing other things never did. Past that, I’m all over the board – fantasy, supernatural, contemporary, space operas, you name it.

Outside of those primary obsessions, I love cooking, baking, reading, movies & TV. I also enjoy harassing my five cats. I live in a beach town so I never again have to put up with snow.

If you need/want to reach me, email is your best bet (doesn’t matter which), but I’ll respond anywhere as long as I see it. I can be slow to reply to emails, fair warning. I get a lot of them and stuff gets buried fast. But I will eventually reply, and by all means harass me if I do not reply quickly enough.

Lord Demir has spent his life trying to appease a brutal, selfish king, and keep the concubines under his care alive—and now he is on the verge of losing everything. The council wants to abolish the harems, there are no heirs to the throne, and the foreigners control the Steward. One wrong move will tip tensions into civil war.

Crown Prince Ihsan returns to find his home in turmoil, and the royal court so full of vipers it’s impossible to say which of them will strike first. Removing his father from the throne, one way or another, should be a simple matter. Staying alive and proving himself a worthy king will be far more difficult.

Crown Princess Euren has spent the last five years in hiding so that she could not be used against her father or Ihsan. But she is the daughter of a soldier, never meant to wear a crown, never trained to fight battles where words are the weapon of choice. If she hopes to keep herself and her loved ones alive, she’ll have to learn fast.

Note: This story contains explicit content. Features gay, bisexual, lesbian, and poly relationships.

23 responses to “LGBT Event 2015 : Megan Derr gives her Poly recommendations & offers two $25 Less Than Three Press GC Prizes

  1. Shirley Ann Speakman

    I enjoyed the post and thank you for links and also the great recommendations. I’m busy adding to my wish list!!

  2. Melanie

    There are quite a few on here that I hadn’t heard about before, looks like I’m going to have some reading in my future! Thanks for the recs.

  3. Ardent Ereader

    Great post Megan, I always enjoy a great poly MM romance and discovered several I haven’t read yet on your list. Adding them now to my TBR list!! ardent(dot)ereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Carolyn

    Awesome post, Megan! I love that these are recs in two specific areas that I would love to read more of. I feel like good poly stories are hard to find, for me at least. I’m always looking for more fantasy recs because it’s the one area I don’t naturally gravitate to even though I love the ones I read. It’s a mental blind spot that unless I already like the author (or get a rec), I don’t seek it out. Thank you for increasing my wishlist and the giveaway!

  5. Sula

    Some of my favourite books on your list, as well as some new ones for me to add to mine. I wonder if you have read the second book to Jane Davitt’s Room at the Top, which is Room at the Edge? Oh I love paranormal and particularly love Lexi Ander’s books and I am quite fond of the Lost Shifters series 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway chance, slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  6. Angela

    Great list 🙂
    I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for the giveaway and please count me in.

  7. Tina B

    I have only read Bound to be a Groom, but I LOVED it! 😀
    Thank you for sharing. Wonderful list!

  8. Dreamseeker

    Thanks for all the great rec’s and love Ms. Derr’s books!

  9. Raelynn

    I’ve been using this list & loving it, to the surprise of no one!! (Plus I’ve read a few, like Saving Liam and of course the lovely upcoming Harem Master. <33)

    (raelynnmarie at live dotsandcoms)

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