LGBT Event May 2015 : Calendar and lineup

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For the last three years I have hosted an LGBT event here on the blog during the month of May. On the event, we invite everyone to discuss LGBT fiction and why they read it. Some of my favorite blog guest posts have been posted during this event and I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with this time round. We are lucky enough to have authors who read and write the genre participating in what looks to be an epic month; I can’t decide which post I am looking forward to more.

On every single day, there will be an LGBT themed post and on quite a few there will be prizes. As I am doing a post later in the month, I leave my thoughts on the genre until then. I hope this event can tempt you to try some new authors and maybe some new genres … it does me every single year!

The posts this month include musings from….


1st May – Opening Post

2nd May – Megan Derr

3rd May – Kate Canterbury

4th May – Samantha Ann King

5th May – JK Pendragon

6th May – Karen Stivali

7th May – Misa Buckley

8th May – Lexxie Couper

9th May – Avril Ashton

10th May – J Leigh Bailey

11th May – Tibby Armstrong

12th May – Cari Z

13th May – Marie Laundry

14th May – Lily Harlem

15th May – Alyssa Cole

16th May – Nix Guest Post

17th May – Review Post

18th May – Laura Kaye

19th May – Kiera Andrews

20th May – Olivia Brynn

21st May – Shona Husk

22nd May – Review Post

23rd May – Kenzie Cade

24th May – Ray Van Fox

25th May – Shae Connor

26th May – Annabeth Albert

27th May – Jen Burke

28th May – Nikka Michaels

29th May – Lucy Felthouse

30th May – KJ Charles

31st May – Closing Credits

2 responses to “LGBT Event May 2015 : Calendar and lineup

  1. Barbra

    I’ve read m/m for several years but you have a lot of authors in the line-up that are new to me. I’m looking forward to this month. 🙂

  2. Shirley Ann Speakman

    I love M/M books they are all I read now I’m looking forward to reading all the posts and of course expanding my wish list!!

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