LGBT Event May 2015 : Sign Up Sheet and Info

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The LGBT event on Scorching Book Reviews has been running for the last 3 years, promoting LGBT fiction with reviews, interviews and Guest Posts every day for a month. This year is no different and I’m looking for authors and bloggers to get involved and Guest Post on the blog. I really am open to whatever you want to write; I’ve had personal posts, Top Ten lists, book reviews and even character posts. This event is just a platform; it’s you guys that make it what it is with your amazing posts.

I love this event. In the past we have had some fantastic posts (one of last years is actually the most popular post on the blog since it moved to WP) and the whole purpose of it is to try to introduce people to genres and authors that they may never have thought of trying. I will not being doing a post this year but I will be compiling a reading list and reviewing only LGBT fiction (new and old) over the course of the month (the only post that will run as usual on the event will be the Top Picks).

Getting involved is easy; just fill in the form and I’ll get back to you with a date (if you have a particular date in mind, just put it on the form and I’ll see what I can do). If you want to get involved but don’t know how, get in touch and we’ll have a chat & see if we can find a solution together. If you want to do a giveaway, they do always go down well but I will be asking you to run them yourselves this time as the last event is still going in terms of prize drawing simply due to the sheer volume of competitions that were running (I am but one woman!).

So there you have it… if you write LGBT fiction, if you love LGBT fiction or if you are a person that is LGBT, and would like to discuss what you see in LGBT fiction, get in touch. There is room for everyone and I can’t wait to read what you post ๐Ÿ™‚


1st May โ€“ Opening Post

2nd May โ€“ Megan Derr Top Ten

3rd May โ€“ Kate Canterbury : Why LGBT Fiction Matters

4th May โ€“ Samantha Ann King

5th May โ€“ JK Pendragon: Top Ten Trans Fiction Post

6th May โ€“ Karen Stivali

7th May โ€“ Misa Buckley

8th May โ€“ Lexxie Couper

9th May – Avril Ashton

10th May – J Leigh Bailey

11th May – Tibby Armstrong

12th May โ€“ Cari Z

13th May – Marie Laundry

14th May – Lily Harlem

15th May – Alyssa Cole

16th May

17th May

18th May – Laura Kaye : Including a MM couple in an otherwise heterosexual series

19th May โ€“ Kiera Andrews

20th May – Olivia Brynn

21st May – Shona Husk

22nd May

23rd May

24th May – Rayvan Fox

25th May – Shae Connor

26th May โ€“ Annabeth Albert

27th May โ€“ Jen Burke Top Ten Post

28th May โ€“ Nikka Michaels : Why Homelessness is a big problem in LGBT youth

29th May โ€“ Lucy Felthouse

30th May โ€“ KJ Charles

31st May โ€“ Closing Credits

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