LGBT Event : Olivia Brynn introduces Flipped, her MM Novella (Incl. Giveaway)

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Hola and a big smushy WELCOME to our LGBTQ event which is here for the month of May. We have reviews, Guest Posts, Top Ten List and lots and lots of prizes all with a LGBT theme. The posts will be indexed on the side and I do hope you hop through … I have been so lucky this year!

Today, we have a relative newbie to the LGBT scene in Olivia Brynn. She’s sharing an excerpt from her MM novella Flipped. She is also giving away a copy of it to one lucky commenter

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Alanna Coca AKA Olivia BrynnHello, and thank you Scorching Book Reviews for having me! I’m afraid I’m late in posting this because I’m completely brain dead after a week in Dallas for the RT Convention.

I don’t have any super writerly knowledge about writing LGBTQ characters, I’ve only published one M/M romance, so I’m not nearly as adept as most of the other guest bloggers this month. What I do write a lot of is contemporary romance. And while it’s pretty easy to build a world for a contemporary setting, an author also has to take care not to date his/her book.

For example: In one of my early books, my hero was a lawyer, and he carried around a PDA. (That’s a Personal Digital Assistant for you youn’uns.) By the time I got my rights back from one publisher, and sent it to another, no one used PDAs anymore. Same with cell phones that another book’s hero “snapped shut in frustration”. Things like that date a book.

One phrase that dates a backlist book of mine is “Commitment Ceremony”. I had a gay couple as secondary characters planning theirs, and when I wrote this book waaay back in 2009, I never could have imagined that we’d go from a handful of states with marriage equality to being on the cusp of a nationwide US Supreme Court decision on Marriage Equality. So now my commitment ceremony scene is completely dated.

And wow, how awesome is that?

AngelsI was born and raised in a smallish city in Wyoming. Now, Wyoming is pretty well known for its conservative views. My hometown, Laramie, was put on the map back in 1996 when a young gay man named Matthew Shepard was murdered. As ashamed as I was—I avoided telling folks where I came from due to backlash—the image of the home made angels blocking the WBC protesters during his funeral was something that soothed my soul.

Now, since October of 2014, gay couples can marry in Wyoming. And just last week, while I was enjoying the Romance Times Convention in Dallas, my hometown of Laramie’s City Council passed the state’s first broad LGBT protection ordinance. Council members voted to prohibit discrimination in the city limits against persons based on sexual orientation and gender identity in matters of housing, employment, and access to public facilities .

I actually let out an audible whoop of delight when I got that news. I know we have a long way to go, but we’ve really come so far.

I’m imagining a day when I can write a book about love between two men, and not have to mention any civil rights struggles these characters would have to face. I’d love to relegate the word homophobia to the same historic terms file as the old flip phone or PDA.

Okay, now, if you’re still with me after all that, I’ll share a bit of my friends-to-lovers contemporary novella FLIPPED. These guys are flipping an old house together. They have been friends for years, but after a night on the town, they realize that there might be something more…

Flipped by Olivia Brynn 200x300

Once dark, the entire old house seemed to settle in, curl up like a cat in front of a fireplace. Carter stood in the kitchen, staring at the closed door that stood between him and his best friend. He wouldn’t let the thought of walking downstairs and taking Mario into his arms form in his mind. Not going to happen.

So why wouldn’t his feet move?

He relaxed his jaw to breathe through his mouth. His eyes started to water from staring at the dark door, but he seemed glued in place.

Go to bed, Carter. The sooner you get to sleep, the sooner you can put this weirdness behind you. He repeated the order a few times before he took a step backward. Just as he did, the door opened.

Mario entered the kitchen, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. He kept hold of the doorknob. Even from across the room—lit only by the neighbor’s back porch light shining through their uncovered windows—there was no mistaking the desire oozing out of every pore.

Carter squeezed his eyes shut. He could not imagine shit like this about his best friend. When he opened his eyes, the man stood close enough to touch.

“I’m sorry, Car. God, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be up here.” His words blended together in one long syllable. A clear sign of Mario’s anxiety. Some people talked louder when agitated; Mario talked faster. “I don’t want to fuck things up between us. You’re my best friend. You can tell me to leave. Just say the word and I’ll go downstairs, and we’ll forget I ever opened that door. We can blame the liquor. Or, God, please tell me—” Mario took another step until his breath washed over Carter’s heated skin. “Tell me it’s okay. Tell me you want this too, and let me kiss you.” Mario’s voice had never sounded so damn sexy. The rumble went straight to Carter’s balls.

Carter couldn’t speak, the alarms going off now drowned by the desire pumping through his veins. He reached up, hooked Mario around the neck, and brought their foreheads together.

“I want this.”

FLIPPED is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and any other etailer you prefer. You can find Buy links and read Chapter One in its entirety on my website.

I’m giving away a copy of Flipped to one randomly drawn commenter, and if you’d like a signed cover flat, just email me your mailing address at and I’ll drop one in the mail for you.

Thanks, Nix for letting me join you this month!

About the Author

Olivia Brynn is the very saucy alter ego of romance author Alanna Coca. Olivia was the one who lured Alanna into trouble as a child. She also would have been the one to get her mouth washed out with soap.

Since controlling Olivia wasn’t as easy as she thought, Alanna decided to set her alter ego free with Olivia’s first book, For a Price, a story about one woman’s journey to sell her virginity. Other books followed, earning five-star reviews and bestselling status. Alanna realized what fun Olivia had writing sexy romances without censor.

Olivia writes contemporary erotic romance near a window where the view of the Rocky Mountains beckons her.

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Carter Hope would do just about anything for his best friend. When Mario gets the bright idea to buy a POS house together to flip, Carter swears he’s out of his mind.

Unfortunately, Mario Gutierrez is hard to resist. After one weird conversation at a bar, and one meaningful look across their empty beer bottles, Carter isn’t sure he’s not the one flipping for his friend. They’re both tops, so to make this work, one will have to give in and roll over. Carter will have to come to terms with his past before he can look to a future with his best friend


8 responses to “LGBT Event : Olivia Brynn introduces Flipped, her MM Novella (Incl. Giveaway)

  1. Angela

    I enjoyed reading your post . I really like the blurb and excerpt of this book.

    You said this is your first m/m book so i was wondering why you wanted to write a m/m book and if you plan another one in the (near) future?
    I love m/m books so i wouldn’t mind a new author in this genre 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway and please count me in.

    • Hi Angela! I wanted to write an m/m book because I love reading them. I’m a big fan of men 🙂 And yes, I’ve got several m/m books in my “works in progress” file, I’d love to finish at least one of them by year’s end. Thanks for joining in!

  2. Sula

    Hi Olivia, I also have a naughty alter ego I used to call her my evil twin when I was younger (especially if people did not know me) and my brothers backed me up. I am glad yours helped you express your creative writing skills . I am afraid when I read PDA I though of the acronym for ‘Public Displays of Affection’ 😉

    Thank you for a chance to win a copy of your book Flipped and with regards sending a cover flat does that apply to international readers as well as US, as I know postage can be expensive when sending items abroad?

    • Hello, Sula!

      See? PDA doesn’t even mean what it used to back when I wrote that lol! When I was growing up, “thongs” were something completely different too.

      I can sure send you a cover flat, it’s just an envelope, it shouldn’t be too expensive. Email me your address and I’ll do my best!

      Thanks for joining us!

  3. Shirley Ann Speakman

    Thank you for the post and the Giveaway. I enjoyed the excerpt and I’m adding the book to my wish list.


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