LGBT Fiction Event Day 16 : Reesa Herberth introduces the playlist to her work & offers a giveaway

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Hey everyone, I’m Reesa Herberth. Thanks to Nix for having me!

I decided to do a collection of songs that represented the main characters and feel in the Ylendrian Empire space opera universe, and I’ve created a playlist (below) so you can take a whirl through my personal soundtracks for the books.

First, from the Rainbow Award-winning space opera caper, The Slipstream Con, we’ve got our three main characters:

Kellen Frey – A Good Idea at the Time | OK Go: This is the perfect song for a man not known for his restraint. See also: lusting after the married bounty hunters chasing him across the ‘verse.

Tal Serafine-Reyes – Backfire | MuteMath: See Tal make plans. See Tal worry. See Tal accidentally fall in love with the thief he and his wife are supposed to be turning in for a bounty. Look at Tal squirm! Poor Tal.

Vanya Serafine-Reyes – Nocturnals | Peter Gabriel: Vanya’s past isn’t so much shadowy as ink black. Lucky for Kellen, she finds him more charming than she’d like.

Or, if you want to know the horribly catchy Romanian pop song that I’ll forever associate with the jungles and beach clubs featured in The Balance of Silence, wonder no more!

The Balance of Silence – Dragoste din tei (Yes. It’s the NumaNuma song.)

And what about something from Peripheral People, our upcoming psychic-cop thriller, where our two mismatched partners try to out-think a killer no one can find?

PsyAc Agent West Tavera – Here It Goes Again | OK Go: West meets every challenge with seemingly boundless energy… not to mention a desire to annoy his partner as much as possible.

Inspector Corwin Menivie – Shake It Out | Florence + the Machine: Corwin’s about as reserved as you can get, even when he doesn’t mean to be. This song sticks with me for him because as much as he’d sometimes like to step outside the lines, he’s more afraid of losing his boundaries than he is of being stuck inside them.

Bonus Track – Everyone likes a bonus track, right? I’ve stuck with main themes and characters, except for this little gem, from the soundtrack to my most recent release, In Discretion. It’s the story of awkwardly reunited lovers, a space station at the wrong end of the Empire, and the secrets meant to die there. Not to mention what happens when almost everyone on board is turned into a ravenous rage monster. Whoops? (I secretly imagine this revamped and done as a full Broadway chorus production. Like Les Mis, but in spaaaaaace. And with not!zombies doing the choreography.)

The People of Station 43 – Monster | Kris Allen


I hope you enjoy the playlist, and you’ll drop me a comment if you have any questions. Anyone who comments on this entry before next Monday, April 21, 2014, will be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of any Ylendrian Empire story, in the electronic format of their choice. Be sure to include your email address in the comment, so I can contact you if you win!

About the Author
Reesa Herberth is the co-author (with Michelle Moore) of the Ylendrian Empire series. She can often be found tweeting, blogging, and messing around on Facebook when she should be writing. Likewise, she is easily distracted by the sound of new email, and encourages you to contact her at


For the Grand Prize Giveaway, I (Nix) will be giving away ten of my top LGBT books. These books will be gifted via All Romance as the books are available to readers on all the types of eReaders (you just need to sign up for a free account to access the books and you can send them directly). If you have any of the books and you win the prize, speak to me and I’ll see what else I can do. All of the posts have prizes atatched and a list of these can be found here

The books are (and there are substitutions available for people who have copies)…

  • With a Kiss by Kim Dare (MM)
  • Hot Head by Damien Suede (MM)
  • By the Book by Scarlett Parrish (MM)
  • The Dom With a Safeword by Cari Silverwood (FFM)
  • Starfish and Coffee by Kele Moon (MM)
  • How Sweet it is – Melissa Brayden (FF)
  • Fatal Shadows – Josh Lanyon (MM)
  • Faith and Fidelity – Tere Michaels (MM)
  • How to Love – Kelly Jamieson (FMM)
  • Cut and Run – Abigail Roux (MM)

Recently added

  • Paperback Tread Marks & Trademarks by SA McAuley

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10 responses to “LGBT Fiction Event Day 16 : Reesa Herberth introduces the playlist to her work & offers a giveaway

  1. Amy R

    I am going to have to check out Kris Allen, video #4 is fun and I’ve seen it before, love #6 (have cd), and song #2 was pretty good.

    • Thanks! I may be biased (okay, I AM), but I think the books are a lot of fun, and I can’t write without music. Everything I’ve ever worked on has a soundtrack on my iPod.

  2. Antonia

    The books sounds great. Thanks for sharing the playlist with us!

  3. Melanie

    Playlists are always a lot of fun, it’s sort of a sneak peek at what the author might have intended for the reader to be feeling at any given point in the story. Thanks for sharing!

    • I love them. I have one for everything big I’ve ever written. Sometimes the songs are a literal track for the action, and other times it’s just a brush of what I felt when I heard the song, but I do love putting them together.

      Thanks for commenting!

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