LGBT Fiction Event Day 21: Andrew J.Peters introduces his new series and hosts a competition!

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Many thanks to Nix for this opportunity to introduce myself to fans of Scorching Book Reviews!

I’m a new-ish author, and this chance to connect with potential readers means a lot to me.

I write a paranormal series for Vagabondage Press called Werecat. The first installment The Rearing came out in June 2013, and the second The Glaring was just released in March. I also have a young adult novel The Seventh Pleiade with Bold Strokes Books. That came out this past November. It’s the story of a young gay prince who becomes a hero during the last days of Atlantis.

That’s three books that all came out in the past year. It’s all been happening very fast, and in a majorly exciting way. 🙂

The invitation to participate in SBR’s LGBT Event caught my interest right away. I’ve been involved in the LGBT community since the early 90s when I came out as gay. I’ve always been a writer, but the bigger part of my career so far has been as an LGBT activist. I was one of the founders of a not-for-profit that promotes safety and well-being for suburban LGBT teens.

Of my projects, I suspect that my Werecat series is likely of greater interest to SBR’s adult-oriented readership. It’s about a lost and alienated college senior named Jacks who goes to Montréal for spring break, hooks up with a handsome drifter and takes a free fall into the violent and erotic world of feline shifters. I wanted the story to be atmospheric, fast-paced, and pretty humid. Each installment is a quick e-novelette of 70-100 pages each. We expect that the third book will come out in fall 2014. After that, there very well may be more.

There’s not too much that’s autobiographical about Werecat, other than my enthusiasm for cats, so writing the story involved lots of research. Cat mysticism goes back centuries so there was tons of material for me to draw on to create the werecat world and mythology.


I thought it would be fun to post a quiz to see how much fans of Scorching Book Reviews know about cats and werecats. Post a comment with your answers below, and whoever gets the most questions right will get a copy of The Rearing (Werecat, Book 1). Good luck!

  1. Which of the following ancient civilizations worshipped a feline deity?
  1. The Olmecs
  2. The Egyptians
  3. The Mayans
  4. All of the above
  1. The oldest evidence of a cat buried with her owner was found where?
  1. Cyprus
  2. China
  3. Egypt
  4. Machu Picchu
  1. Domestic cats are most closely related to which of the following big cats?
  1. Lions
  2. Jaguars
  3. Cougars
  4. Lynx
  1. What is the correct term for a group of cats?
  1. A clowder
  2. A glaring
  3. A murder
  4. Both a and b
  1. What young adult fantasy series includes a werecat character?
  1. Harry Potter
  2. Twilight
  3. Eragon
  4. Mortal Instruments

About the author:

Andrew J. Peters likes retold stories with a subversive twist. He is the author of the young adult fantasy The Seventh Pleiade, about the legend of Atlantis, and the paranormal series Werecat. A former Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow, Andrew has written short fiction for many publications. He lives in New York City with his husband and their cat Chloë.

For more about Andrew, visit:

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  • By the Book by Scarlett Parrish (MM)
  • The Dom With a Safeword by Cari Silverwood (FFM)
  • Starfish and Coffee by Kele Moon (MM)
  • How Sweet it is – Melissa Brayden (FF)
  • Fatal Shadows – Josh Lanyon (MM)
  • Faith and Fidelity – Tere Michaels (MM)
  • How to Love – Kelly Jamieson (FMM)
  • Cut and Run – Abigail Roux (MM)

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4 responses to “LGBT Fiction Event Day 21: Andrew J.Peters introduces his new series and hosts a competition!

  1. Thanks Trix and Amy for stopping by!

    The correct answers are: (1) d; (2) a; (3) c; (4) d; and (5) c

    Cyprus is the place where the oldest domestic cat was found buried with her owner. Domestic cats branched off from cougars most recently. A group of cats can be called a clowder or a glaring. And Eragon is the series that features a werecat.

    So, Trix got the most answers right and is the winner! Leave your e-mail address and preferred format, and I’ll send you a copy of Werecat, Book 1.

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