LGBT Fiction Event Day 26 : Mina Kelly hosts an interview with her characters from her MM story Inescapable (Incl. Giveaway)

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Notes for the interviewer:

Despite the Kuiper family’s insistence that the kidnapping of their son, Richard Kuiper VII, was a botched publicity stunt, there is still a strong feeling amongst the Interplanetary Bodies’ Security Force that a criminal act was committed. The initial internment for the apparent kidnapper, Jared Kel Tamajaq, supports this, as does the fact The Field still has an arrest warrant out to recover him after his jailbreak.

Jared Kel Tamajaq also has three outstanding warrants for genetic theft, one for smuggling genetic material, and seven for making indecent proposals to arresting officers and other members of the justice system. There are currently no arrest warrants for Richard Kuiper VII. We are investigating this anomaly.

Proceed with caution while interviewing these men. Back up will be made available to you if necessary.

Richard Kuiper VII: Seven?

Jared Kel Tamajaq: Seven sounds like a lot.

Richard: Seven is a lot.

Jared: No, I mean… I don’t think it’s seven. Not unless they’re counting that executioner and his wife, which I don’t think they should. I mean, proposals makes it sound like I was turned down. I don’t think it should count if the “arresting officers and other members of the justice system” accept.

Interplanetary Bodies’ Security Force Agent #55672: We’re not counting them.

Jared: Really? In that case, I’d like the record to state that at least some of those proposals were perfectly decent.

Richard: Oh, I’m sure.

Jared: I’d like to remind you that in our case, you propositioned me.

Richard: You weren’t arresting me, you were kidnapping me! I mean, for publicity purposes. Obviously we arranged all that in advance, agent. You can check The Field’s records.

Agent: We have.

Richard: Well then. Well.

Jared: How many member of your security force have you made “indecent proposals” to, anyway?

Richard: Again, I wasn’t under arrest. That makes a significant difference, to my mind. And they made proposals to me, thank you very much.

Jared: I’m just saying. You can be as jealous as you like, but you’ve had far more lovers than I have.

Richard: No, you’ve had lovers. I’ve had sex. It’s… different.

Jared: You’re the first person I’ve ever loved. Truly loved. You know that.

Richard: … yes. I know that.

Agent: As I was saying, The Field’s records-

Jared: So it doesn’t matter about my past.

Richard: Your past matters to me, because you matter to me. It seems like every bar we drink in, every space port we land in, every station we’re arrested in, I learn something I feel like I ought to already know about you. I don’t like being ignorant, Jared. You know that.

Jared: I’m sorry. I just… I’m a private person, and it doesn’t always occur to me to share things. I’ve told you the things I think are important, but sometimes… I don’t know, arrest warrants don’t seem important to me. But if they are to you, then I’ll tell you about them.

Richard: You don’t get to decide what I deem important. I want to know everything.

Agent: The records in question-

Jared: You don’t tell me everything.

Richard: Most of it’s already out there. Between my parents’ press releases and nosy paparazzi I don’t think there’s a single aspect of my life that’s a secret, from my first word to my first kiss. My genome is sequenced in the Field’s social history museum.

Jared: I’m not going to a museum to find out about you. I want to find out from you. From knowing you. From being with you. Not from looking you up in a library.

Richard: That’s not my point-

Jared: Well, it is mine. I mean, you leapt straight on those seven indecent proposals, but that’s just a statistic. If you want to know about them, ask me about them. I’ll tell; you about Lucy, on her first day on the job, or Miguel, who let me persuade him I was an Agent working undercover, or Yaya and Kolo, who propositioned me and hacked the digital recording so the higher ups wouldn’t find out.

Agent: Could I get those agents’ numbers? Especially the last two?

Richard: I don’t want details like that. At least, I think I don’t. Sorry, but I do get jealous, even if it makes no sense. Besides…

Jared: Besides?

Richard: It’s not… It’s just…

Agent: We don’t use names in the Security Force. I need the numbers of those officials, please.

Jared: It’s just what? What do you want to know?

Richard: What I actually want to know, if I’m being completely honest, is why it’s three counts of theft but only one of smuggling. What was the difference?

Jared: Ah, now that’s a story. It was about five years ago, and I’d been back to visit Mars…

Agent: I’d like to request that back up now, please.

When a theft goes wrong and Jared finds himself under arrest, his daring

escape results in an extra passenger. Richard Kuiper the Seventh does not appreciate being magnetically handcuffed to a common criminal, even if he does enjoy the chance to indulge his sexual appetites guilt free.

Hiding out with some old friends of Jared’s while they attempt to unlock the handcuffs, a bond grows between the two men that’s more than magnetic, but Jared’s initial mistrust comes back to haunt him. When the cuffs are removed Richard storms off, straight into a trap, and now Jared must decide what he’s willing to risk for a man he’s barely known for a week: his life, certainly, but his heart? He’s never risked that before.


To celebrate the release of Inescapable in paperback this month, I’m offering a signed copy to one of Scorching Reviews lucky readers. Giveaway closes May 1st, midnight.

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About the Author

Mina Kelly lives in one of England’s most historic cities. During the day she cooks from Roman recipes and swings medieval swords, trying to convince the tourists that history is more than just a pretty background to a photograph. From this she draws inspiration for her mixed up myths and flirtatious fairy tales, and has an especial fondness for things that go bump in the night.

She rarely uses Goodreads, due in most part to the really annoying facebook connect aspect, and would delete the whole thing if she didn’t appreciate that readers expect to be able to find her here. If you actually want to communicate with Mina Kelly, she would like to suggest her facebook pagetwitterLibraryThing account, or even her own blog.


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