My Christmas Traditions – (Includes Giveaway of winners choice of eBook)

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I love Christmas. Well, maybe not this year, but ususally.

I have so many traditions around this time of Year and I thought it would be a fun post to write.

  1. The “Friends” Xmas Dinner

family celebrating christmas dinner while taking selfie
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No, the above isn’t me but this is what we do.

A lot of the pubs and resteraunts offer a xmas set meal. Myself and DH always get together with our group of friends and go for dinner. Its always full of too much food, too much wine and lots of laughter.

2. xmas eve night out

people in concert
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I know; it’s probably not a great idea to start off xmas day with a hangover yet I do it … every year!

3. Pass the parcel xmas present opening

girl looking excited from her christmas gift
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Again, not me in the picture.

This is a tradition actually imported from my Husbands family but its very cute so we’ve kept it.

Each person opens their present with everyone else watching. There is an order … it’s all very civilised! Not only does it mean that everyone gets to see what everyone else got but the clean up time after is next to nothing as it is done with the opening.

4. Cheese and Wine night

cheese and wine on brown wooden chopping board
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After boxing day, me, my husband and our old housemates have cheese and wine night. We have a giant cheese-board, red wine and we watch crappy christmas films. It is glorious.

I love it.

Even if I end up with the worst heartburn known to man the next day.

There are a few more but these are the most consistant. Do you have any festive traditions??

Tell me in the comments your festive tradition for a chance to win a eBook of your choice up to $10 (International Giveaway as well)

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7 responses to “My Christmas Traditions – (Includes Giveaway of winners choice of eBook)

  1. Elaine G

    Great traditions. Since I was a kid we have opened one gift on Christmas Eve. I still do that to this day.

  2. Sandy

    My usual favorite Christmas tradition is the annual cookie exchange I’ve hosted for over 10yrs. It’s a casual event – brunch, mimosas, and lots of cookies with highly coveted prizes. We’re all planning for next year!

  3. Agata Weronika

    while I don’t celebrate xmas, I take new year’s eve *very* seriously* and ring in the new year either surrounded with friends at a party or by reading a romance novel I specifically selected as ny first book of the year 🙂

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