Naughty Delivery – Lucy Felthouse

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Sonia and Ben are a couple who have decided to add some spice into their bedroom games. They have ordered some little toy’s from an internet website and they can’t wait for it to arrive. Unfortunately, what turns up on their door isn’t the mild toys that they expected, it’s something much more kinky! Will they put the Spanking paddle and restraints to use? Or will they simply return the items and continue waiting?

This was an uber short at 8 pages, but it was a very fun read. It introduced the idea of BDSM in a very soft core way. It is perfect for people to dip into the waters of this genre (although I will warn you that just because you have read this little quickie, doesn’t mean you are ready for full on whips and chains!) I liked that the relationship is already built, I like that we are on a little piece of their relationship journey with them. This couple have never tried something so kinky, but somehow it feels good. The sex scenes are fantastically smutty, no detail is too graphic for this writer and I do enjoy the plethora of emotional/physical detail Lucy Felthouse goes into; it certainly does cause a certain amount of heat to develop under the collar!

An uber short read about how a mistake at a sorting office, leads to a couples first foray into BDSM. This book is about really good sex, I read it cos that’s the stuff I like to read about ๐Ÿ™‚

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