Naughty November Event Day 16 : Explicit Excerpt from Mandy M. Roth and a Giveaway

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Held prisoner in remote testing facility in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest, subjected to torture and abuse, Wilson Rousseau has long since given up hope of being rescued. Days blend together until he can’t help but long for death. Saved from his isolated hell by a female’s distress call, he feels an instant connection to her.

Kimberly thought she was taking a trip to South America to study indigenous plant life. She had no idea she was playing into the hands of a mad man whose goal is to create a genetically altered army of super soldiers. When she finds herself locked in a cell with Wilson, a man who would give his life to save hers, there is an instant attraction. But the dark secrets surrounding their imprisonment may change their lives forever. Can they find a way to beat the odds and be together or will the mad man win?

 “Should I strip naked now or do you want to—”

Pink splashed over her cheeks and upper neck driving him mad with lust. “Umm, I’ll turn around.” She spun around so fast that her gown opened in the back, revealing an apple shaped ass.

Wilson bit back a moan as he seized hold of his clothed cock just in time to lose control and come. Humiliated, he faced the shower nozzles and turned the cold water on full blast, not caring that he was still dressed. He stood there, freezing for several minutes until his dick finally decided to play dead. It didn’t help that Kim’s scent clung to the air around him.

A soft, sultry giggle sounded behind him. “I was going to ask if you wanted some soap but I think my first question should be if you’d like to take your clothes off.”

“Dammit,” he whispered as his cock flared to life with thoughts of Kim begging him to take his clothes off for other reasons. “Uh, yeah.” Peeling his wet, ripped T-shirt from his body, Wilson chucked it onto the floor next to him as he watched the dirty water run down the drain in the floor. He started to undo his pants and stopped when Kim tapped his shoulder.

“Soap.” She held a bar out to him.

“I really must smell bad.” He winked as he put his hand over hers to take the soap. The minute their skin touched heat flared up his arm. Kim jerked her hand away from his, obviously feeling it too. Her emerald eyes widened a second before she backed away from him quickly. “Kim?”

“I’ll wait over there and then I’ll take my turn.”

The very idea of Kim being naked and wet near him did little to help Wilson’s lust. He swallowed hard and focused on the wall. It didn’t help. He pulled his pants from his body. They were now water soaked and still full of caked dirt, blood and things he didn’t want to focus too hard on. As he bent to kick them away his sore, unused muscles acted up. He groaned, wincing slightly.

“Here,” Kim said, suddenly close enough that water was splashing her as well as him. She took the soap from him and began working up lather. She touched his back lightly at first, scrubbing away the filth they’d left him in for months.

Wilson stood, frozen in place, his backside facing her, unsure what to do or say. He normally had a joke for about every occasion. He seemed to lack one for this. Never did he expect to be locked in a cell with the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and then to be standing naked under a stream of water being washed by her.

His cock twitched to life and he jerked, trying his best to shield it from her view. He suppressed a moan as Kim moved in behind him, rubbing his back as she washed it tenderly.

Yeah, just my luck to end up in a hell hole only to have an angel show up and give me her version of a sponge bath.

Kim let out a soft laugh. “Minus the sponge, of course.”

Wilson stiffened, positive he’d not said that out loud.  

She moved to washing his stiff shoulders, pressing harder, causing the tension to ebb from them. She washed his upper arms and he couldn’t help but flex under the weight of her touch. Kim tugged lightly on him.

“Turn and rinse.”

He did and realized he was now facing her, completely nude. Since he was a shifter, he never really had issues with running around buck naked but he also retained enough of his human side to be modest at the moment.

She nodded weakly before turning and retrieving the shampoo, giving him a fabulous view of her bare backside in the process. He gritted his teeth, cleaning his cock and taking extra time to stroke it while his hands were lathered up.

Not helping here. Flashing that perfect ass at me is a little like shooting me yourself.

Kim stood fast, jerking the bottle of shampoo to her chest. She glanced back at him with something akin to pain in her green eyes. “I wasn’t thinking. I just—”

Cursing himself silently for forgetting she could read his thoughts, Wilson shook his head and offered a slight smile. He eyed the bottle of shampoo and her hair. Krauss was right, Kim did have beautiful hair. Hell, she had beautiful everything. “You wash mine and I’ll wash yours? Deal?”

She nodded and closed the distance between them. “Okay, but next time we take a shower together, I want candles, romantic music and wine. Ooo, and bubbles. Understood?”

Wilson admired her ability to joke under pressure. Not many could. “Can I bring my rubber ducky?”

“But of course.” She poured a dollop of shampoo into her hands and moved close enough for Wilson to wrap his arms around her.

Unable to help himself. He did just that. Kim didn’t complain. No. She stepped closer, leaving his erection grinding against her lower abdomen. She washed his hair slowly, pulling on his head and forcing him to bend slightly so she could reach him completely. The entire event was more erotic and intimate than anything he’d done before and yet it was still innocent.

Wilson took a deep breath and took a tiny step backwards.

Kim came with him. He reached up and took hold of her wrists. “Kim.”

Don’t make me move away from you, please. I’m terrified and you make me forget everything but you.

He watched her closely, noting her mouth hadn’t moved yet he was positive he’d heard her voice in his head. “Mmm, how about I rinse and return the favor?”

He turned their bodies, planting Kim under the stream of water and adjusting the temperature so it was warmer for her. She drew in a deep breath and laughed as she clung to him. Bubbles ran off his shoulders and down her body. She wrinkled her nose as he shook his head, sending water everywhere. 

Unable to help himself, Wilson walked their bodies back, pressing her against the wall and planting his hands firmly on each side of her head. He bent his head and kissed the tip of her nose. It was quick but enough to let him know he wanted so much more than a peck.

Mandy M. Roth grew up fascinated by creatures that go bump in the night. From the very beginning, she showed signs of creativity. At age five, she had her first piece of artwork published. Writing came into play early in her life as well. Over the years, the two mediums merged and led her to work in marketing. Combining her creativity with her passion for horror has left her banging on the keyboard into the wee hours of the night. Mandy lives with her husband and three children on the shores of Lake Erie, where she is currently starting work on her Master’s Degree. She was nominated for Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Erotic.

Mandy has topped the Amazon bestselling charts more than once and has a loyal and steady following. She does cover art under the brush name Natalie Winters and is very involved with helping authors learn to market their books. In 2009 she and fellow author Michelle M. Pillow started their own self-publishing endeavor named The Raven Books. It spawned from the name of a nightclub in Mandy’s wildly popular Daughter of Darkness Series. In July 2010 they opened The Raven Books to third party distribution and by Dec 2011 had sold WELL over 150,000 ebooks.

Mandy writes for The Raven Books, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Harlequin Spice, Pocket Books and Random House/Virgin/Black Lace. To learn more about Mandy, please visit

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