Naughty November Event Day 19 : An Explicit Excerpt from Christina Thacher and an eSeries Giveaway

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Jenna uses The Aerie to exorcize some old trauma, but when the sexy blond Dom, Kai Johanssen, cuddles her after a scene, he breaks through her defenses in a way neither was expecting. She wants him to teach her how to submit sexually without pain, but can she keep the super-sexy surgeon from breaking her heart?

Kai needs to have a sub with him in order to hang with his friends, but when he gives in to the desire to play with Goth-girl Jenna, he discovers she’s different. He’s entranced by Jenna’s courage and flawless skin, but his usual casual way of playing with subs doesn’t feel right with her. The sex is the best he’s had, but he wants more than the occasional encounter at the club. He wants to date her… only neither of them knows what the protocol is for romance.

The Frozen Heart contains smoking-hot role play, sexy costumes, and BDSM equipment, but don’t be fooled: it’s really a love story.

When he was satisfied that Jenna was solidly in a pleasure zone, Kai got a flogger from the fake file cabinet.

“I’m going to use the flogger on you, but it won’t cause enough pain to send you into your previous subspace,” he explained.

Jenna’s lips parted and her breasts rose and fell with her elevated respiration. Kai trailed the flogger across the tops of her nipples, watching as the tobacco-brown suede strips caught briefly on the pebbled flesh. She quivered.

Kai circled her, keeping the flogger strands against her skin. Over her shoulders, along her hips, the swell of her gorgeous ass. She quivered again as the flogger tickled her ass cheeks.

He started on her back, flicking the flogger on one side and then the other, watching as her skin turned a pale rose. He paused and pressed against her backside. He reached around and fingered her pussy. 

Wet. She jerked her hips against his touch.

Kai brought his other hand, holding the flogger, around to her breasts. He used the part where all the strips were caught in the handle, rubbing it against her nipples. She grunted.

“I hurt. I want, I want—unh,” she gasped as his fingers curled into her cunt.

Kai grinned against her hair, then bent to nibble on her shoulder and the side of her neck.

“What do you want?” he demanded as harshly as he could manage.

“More. I want you…I want you to, to do more. Please,” she pleaded.

“You want to come, don’t you?”

“Yes!” she screamed as he pinched her clit.

Kai stepped back with a chuckle. “Not yet, Jenna.”

He checked the wrist restraints, which were loose enough.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered.

She shuffled her feet apart.

“Just a bit more,” he encouraged.

The new position stretched her arms but the cuffs weren’t restricting the blood flow.

Kai used a bit more force as he flogged her ass and the tops of her thighs. The blows might sting a bit, but he suspected they didn’t even register as pain.

Jenna dropped her head back and started to moan.

“Please God, let me come soon,” she muttered.

A sub begging to come? Priceless. Kai moved around to her front. He flogged her hips, then moved his aim closer and closer to her delicate pussy.

When he stopped, she groaned.

Kai pressed the button that lowered the bar her arms were chained to.  He undid the chain but reconnected the cuffs so her hands were behind her back. That would ease the strain on her shoulders. 
He couldn’t resist fondling all that gorgeous rosy flesh. He threw the flogger away and touched her everywhere. Every bit of her, every last inch.

“Well, Ms. Greene, I’m impressed with your ability to take dictation,” he said. “But there’s one last thing we have to do before I can offer you the job.”

“I’ll do anything, Sir. I really, really need this job.” She fixed him with a level and delightfully serious gaze.

Kai pressed Jenna over the top of the aircraft-carrier-sized desk, her breasts mashed against the cool wood. He kicked her feet apart, unzipped and sheathed his hot, hard cock in a rubber. He started to press into her. She was tight. It felt fantastic, like he could get stuck. He pulled back slowly, then rammed back in. The pleasure made him lightheaded. He reached around to work her clit.

“Yes, oh God, yes,” she was repeating with each thrust. Then he tweaked her clit and she screamed. He could feel her orgasm all the way to the small of his back but he managed not to come. He wanted her to peak again.

“C’mon, Ms. Greene, you can do better,” Kai encouraged her.

He pulled her torso off the desk enough to get his hands on her breasts. That allowed him to kiss her neck, sucking harder in rhythm with his fingertips plucking her nipples. He could feel the tension building in her body, a growing pressure from her head to her cunt.

She went completely rigid, then started to shake as she came again. Kai let himself go, gripping her hips and pounding his release into her. When he was done, he curved his body over hers, being careful not to press too hard against her hands. In fact, he needed to release her cuffs. He pulled back enough to do that, taking the cuffs completely off so he could massage her wrists. 


Christina Thacher is the pseudonym for a bankruptcy lawyer with a naughty imagination and some extra time sitting in the back of courtrooms. After reading a lot of steamy stories—thankful no one can tell what’s on her e-reader!—she suddenly realized no one can tell what she’s typing on her laptop, either. Several bankruptcy hearings later, Chris had written her first erotic novella.

Chris dreams up deliciously dominating men and the women who hold their own even in BDSM relationships. She admits she’s still waiting for her own romantic hero to arrive. After he shows up, though, he’ll have to share her with the men in her stories. They may be too good to be true, but that doesn’t stop her from loving them.

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