Naughty November Event Day 22 : An Explicit Excerpt from Eliza Gayle and a Giveaway

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Eva’s desperate denial only means one thing…she has a lot to learn.

Eve Blake has been working at Altered Ego, a studio specializing in fetish photography, for three months when a custom order comes in for a plus-sized redhead. Ready for an adventure, she volunteers for the job. Chase, her boss, reluctantly accepts. Maybe pretending to be a sexual slave for Chase’s camera will get her one step closer to the two men she thinks can satisfy even her darkest needs.


Chase can’t believe he’s agreed to this deal. The cardinal rule in any business is not to get involved with your employees and that includes your sexy receptionist. He and his partner Murphy learned that lesson the hard way. Now Chase has a hunch the first time they touch their rope to Eve’s creamy flesh, there will be no turning back. They’ll have to have her.

One shoot leads to another and Eve finds herself at a playground at midnight. When the scene takes a dark turn, Eve sinks deeper into sensation at the hands of two masters who push for her ultimate surrender. Will she reach the limit of how far she can go, or will the ties that bind form bonds of love?

 “Why do you trust us?”

Trust? The word hadn’t even entered her consciousness yet.“I don’t know. What do you want from me, Chase? It’s hard to think straight. All I can think about is Murphy biting my neck again. Or you filling me with your cock. Someone, hurting me.”

Chase froze, lowering his camera. “What did you say?”

Eve racked her brain. What had she said? Chase unhooked the camera from around his neck. He walked around the side of the bed and set the camera down on the table.

“Why do you need this, Eve? If you can tell me that, then I promise to give you everything you want and more.”


“Tell me. Don’t think about it. Don’t ask me questions. Tell me.” He wrapped his hand around a breast and stroked across a nipple. Automatically her hands jerked, but they were tied securely to the bed.

“I’m scared, Chase.”

“Scared of what?” He bent to her, his mouth hovering dangerously close to a tight nipple. “You may not know why, but you can trust us. You can’t hold back. You have to give to us everything you need. We demand it. I demand it.”

A tear pooled at the corner of her eye before slowly sliding down the side of her cheek. Chase noticed and shifted his position, his face leaning into hers. He licked at the solitary tear

“Please, Chase. I have to come. It hurts so much.”

“I thought you wanted to hurt,” he teased. Strong fingers blazed a heated trail to her saturated pussy and delved between the folds. He pushed two inside her, thrusting deep before slowly dragging them back out. Eve watched, mesmerized as he brought those glistening fingers to his mouth. Her thighs clenched painfully while he licked every drop of her arousal from his skin

“She’s ready.” In the blink of an eye, Murphy returned to the bed, already naked. His cock jutted from his hips, long, thick, and weeping at the slit. She was more than willing to go through with this, yet she couldn’t stop the flutter of nerves in her stomach if she tried. He tore at the condom he carried and tossed the foil to the ground. Two seconds later he was sheathed and prodding her entrance with the tip of his shaft. Rubbing it up and down her slit, teasing her.

She groaned, and Chase swallowed her cry with his mouth. Slow and easy he pushed his tongue between her lips and devoured her mouth. Their tongues tangled while Murphy remained at her entrance, only rubbing her. She was certain she was going to combust or explode into a thousand pieces before they ever stopped withholding.

The kiss deepened, and Chase moved his hands everywhere. He grabbed her shoulders; he scratched his nails lightly down her chest and across her tits. The exquisite pleasure of his touch combined with the faint streak of pain he added to his movements flooded her already overloaded mind. His hands wrapped around her waist, and she arched in his direction eager for him to scratch at her back if he wanted. Instead he traveled upward and grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled. Another sharp sting of pain, this one more intense, coursed through her, giving her a thrill she couldn’t get enough of.

It was in that instant Murphy surged inside her to the hilt. She cried out at the next mind-blowing combination of pain and pleasure as her body stretched to accommodate him.

This is what she needed.

To be taken. To be tied and helpless to whatever they wanted. Not what she wanted. To be forced to endure, to accept, to enjoy everything they wanted her to.

“Good God…Eve!” Murphy’s fingers dug into her hips and pressed her into the mattress. Eve suffered such intense arousal it had become more than she could bear, and even Murphy’s in and out strokes weren’t enough.

Chase freed her mouth to explore the sensitive skin of her already aching nipples. The occasional lick was nothing in comparison to the near-constant pressure from his teeth.

Please touch me. She thought the words but that was as far as they got. One flick to her clit and she’d trip and fall over the edge she teetered on. Instead they touched, licked, bit, and fucked everywhere else, ensuring she didn’t come until they were good and ready.


After penning several sequels to her favorite movies in her youth, with a more romantic slant of course, Eliza temporarily put away her dream of writing for service in the Marine Corps. After the service she was waylaid with college, marriage, the corporate world and having babies.

From the moment she read her first erotic romance novel a few years ago, she knew she had found her niche and realized that her dream was passing her by. So after years of thinking about writing she finally grabbed her laptop and wrote. Eliza lives in the gorgeous Northwest and spends her days dividing her time between writing erotic romance, her job as a marketing manager and raising her two daughters with her husband of twenty years.

She likes her stories hot and spicy whether they be contemporary, fantasy or paranormal and will write in whatever genre her imagination has conjured that day.


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