Naughty November Event Day Ten : An EXPLICIT excerpt from Kelli Maine plus double book giveaway

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There was something I didn’t know.

Something that would change everything.

The grand opening of Turtle Tear Resort is a time for celebration, but the man Rachael loves more than anything is suffering in silence.

Rocha Enterprises was Merrick’s life. Now, he’s been left with no choice but to sell off the business he built from the ground up, and Rachael’s hell-bent on finding out why.

I love you too much not to fight to get it back.

Even if you’ve given up.

“You’re hurting me, Rachael…You’re going to him…I can’t promise I’ll be here when you get back.

My heart bleeds as you stride away from me. Last night you told me you love me, now you’re walking away because I’m fighting for you.

Rachael can forgive and forget the past, but can Merrick overcome her betrayal?

Instantly, I regret opening the door. Riley and Jesse lay head-to foot on the bed, or more accurately, balls-to-balls, with Jesse’s legs scissored on top of Riley’s. Shannon is on top of them facing Riley with each of them inside her, one in front, the other in back. She’s riding them like a cowgirl on crack.

I want to run, but can’t tear my eyes away. None of them even noticed me come in. Shannon’s head’s thrown back while Riley plucks her stiff nipples, and Jess squeezes her hips while ramming himself into her.

 “Fuck, Jess,” Riley pants, “I can feel your cock sliding against mine. “It’s making me want to come.”

 “No!” Shannon cries, slamming her hands down on Riley’s chest. “Me first! I’m so close!”

 “I’ve got you, baby,” Jess says, reaching around to rub her clit.

 I should look away, leave. Why can’t I? God, I’m so fucking turned on. I have to find you and get you naked and inside me now.

 “Oh my God,” Shannon whimpers, leaning back and bracing herself on Jessie’s strong stomach.

“Oh, oh,” she grabs his wrist making him rub harder as both men thrust into her faster. “Too fucking much.” She sounds on the verge of tears, but drives herself into them like she can’t get enough. She needs this. “I want it so bad. God, right there, Jess. Fucking rub it.”

 Riley sits up and takes a nipple into his mouth, he pulls back and releases it with a scrape of his teeth on her flesh, and she spirals out of control.

 “Oh God, I’m coming. Shit, it’s so hard.” She groans and cries with her head tossed back, writhing and bucking on their cocks.

 Jesus, you’re tight,” Riley says through clenched teeth, then he lets go with one last thrust.

 Jesse still isn’t satisfied. He pulls Shannon off of Riley and bends her over on all fours.

 A soft cough from the hallway sends me spinning around on my heels. “I thought you only liked watching me get off,” you say, smirking.

 “I…um…” I drop my gaze to the floor. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for, my sex kitten.” You step toward me and lift my chin. “It’s hot. I was watching them too.” You take my hand and press my palm against your erection. “I want inside you, Rachael.”

 My knees go weak. “Bedroom. Quick.”

We dart down the hall to our room. You throw open the door and slam it behind us. Before I know what’s happening, you have me lifted with my back against the wall. Your arms hook under my knees, spreading me wide. My dress bunches around my waist.

I reach between us, pop the button on your pants and jerk your zipper down, releasing your hard length from your boxers. You groan and nip my neck. “I’m dripping wet. Take me hard, Merrick.” I grip your girth and use your crown to push my panties aside. The sensation of your silky head against my lips makes me gasp. “Don’t be gentle with me. I need it rough.”

You pin me to the wall, grasp the side of my panties and tear them off. “I can do rough.” You nip my neck again, harder this time and drive yourself inside me to the root.

“Uh! Yes, just like that.” I lick the side of your neck and nibble your ear while I shove your pants down past your hips.

You pull out and ram into me again, your balls smacking me in the ass. You do it over and over and I want to cry it feels so good.

I pull the top of my dress down and roll my nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

“That’s so,” you thrust hard, “fucking,” another thrust, “sexy.”

You bend your head and lick my nipples as I play with them. “I want to come harder than I ever have,” I whisper in your ear. “Make me come that hard.”

“I’ll make you come hard, baby. I’m going to try something. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

My head bangs against the wall as you pound me. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Your hands cup my ass cheeks. I feel you run a finger between us, spreading my wetness. Then your finger circles my puckered hole, and I clamp down on you. “Oh. I…”

You keep thrusting into me hard, licking and sucking my nipples. “Stop?”

“No. I’ll tell you.

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