Naughty Novmber Event Day Eight : An Explicit Excerpt from Joely Sue Burkhart and a Giftcard/eBook Giveaway

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A Zombie Category Romance – Because even zombies deserve a happily ever after.

Rich, gorgeous and powerful, renowned world-wide restaurateur Yiorgos Michelopoulos has it all. Except for the Midwestern ma-and-pa diner that somehow keeps winning the coveted fifth star over his own top-notch restaurants. The stubborn owner refuses to sell and beats him year after year. Infuriated, Yiorgos accepts the man’s risky bet, never knowing the secret to Remy’s success. Until it’s too late.

When he slips on the ring he won along with the diner, Yiorgos activates a curse that spreads decay through his body like a cancer. Only someone of Remy’s blood can stop his zombie transformation, but the man died soon after losing his restaurant. Luckily, he did have one lone daughter. The plump, frumpy kitchen witch ought to be easy pickings for a playboy like Yiorgos Michelopoulos. But one taste of her Death By Chocolate cake might just be the death of him.

Devastated by the loss of her father, the family signet ring and their restaurant, Clare Remy’s only hope for supporting her mother is to earn a teaching spot at the Wizard Council’s Academy. Without the family signet ring, she must retain her virginity or lose her power entirely.

Which makes the gorgeous Greek a very dangerous man.

She rubbed her face and hair on him, teasing until he gripped the back of her head in warning.  Peeking up at him to watch his reaction, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him.

His head tipped back against the chair, the planes of his face shifting in the shadows.  Harsh and remote, his expression remained locked under his formidable control, but his eyes blazed with the same heat that filled her.  Glittering obsidian caught and reflected the jagged fire from the ring.

She pushed deeper, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could.  Her jaws ached, her lips stretching to accommodate him.  She couldn’t take his full length into her mouth, so she kept her fingers wrapped around the base and tightened her mouth as she slowly pulled back.

“Harder.”  The raw graveled tone of his voice made her squirm.  “I’m not going to break.”

Squeezing harder as he’d ordered, she took him deep again.  Then she sucked as hard as she could, keeping her mouth and lips tight as she pulled back.

His other hand fisted in her hair.  “God, yes.”   

This time when she took him deep, he tightened his grip, holding her steady while he thrust ever so slightly.  He pushed against the natural constriction of her throat.  Not enough to make her gag, but almost.  Almost too deep.  Almost too big.  He hovered on the edge of too much, making her totter there with him, unable to breathe or move.

Until he lets me.

She closed her eyes and held that feeling of ultimate surrender as tightly as she gripped his cock in her mouth.

He set a slow rhythm, each time pushing slightly deeper.  The ache spread from her mouth down her entire body until she was throbbing with need.  Need for him to touch her and ease that pressure before she exploded.

She tried to tell him with low garbled moans that didn’t sound like words.  Red starbursts flared in her mind and she suddenly tasted him.  He pulsed in her mouth, his body shuddering beneath her, his hands clamped on her head.  The hairs on her arms and the nape of her neck rose, electrified by the power flowing from him.

Power that sank into her.

Her body was like Remy’s that first night, greedily soaking in magic after years of drought.  Only she didn’t know how she could possibly hold this much power.  Her skin burned, her bones dissolving into dust beneath the release of his pleasure.

Until the cold cotton of the sheet pressed against her back, she didn’t even realize he’d picked her up, let alone carried her to bed.  She blinked, trying to focus on him and make her mouth work.  Did you feel that massive release of power?  Is it always like that? Because I’m not sure that I’ll actually survive.

“The ring lit up like a beacon.”  He did something with her hands but she was still too drugged on power to figure out what.  “Did you see it?”


Grinning down at her, he stood and began removing the rest of his clothing.  “That good, huh?  You should be very afraid now, Clare.  You’ve taken the edge off so I can play for a very long time.  How many times do you think I can make you come before I finally slide into your luscious body?”

Still reeling from his release, she couldn’t answer.  Simple caresses shattered her.  What would real intimacy do to her?  What was the magic going to do when she climaxed the first time?

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, drawing her gaze back to him.

Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, he stared at her so fervently she could almost feel the passing of his gaze like ghostly fingers.  Her breasts swelled, her nipples hard and aching.  Which only reminded her of how much she ached to feel his touch.  She trembled at the thought, her legs parting automatically.

“Yes,” he ground out in that hard, growling voice that sent her nerves singing.  “Show me everything, Clare.  Show me where you want me to touch you first.”

She drew her knees up and lifted her backside, thinking to remove her panties for him, but her hands didn’t move.  Startled, she twisted up to see that he’d used his tie to bind her to the headboard.  She wrapped her fingers around the silk and tugged experimentally.

Tied.  Bound.  Helpless.

He let out a wicked chuckle that made her gaze leap back to him.  Eyes blazing like black coals, he stepped out of his pants and stalked toward the bed with deliberate slowness—so she’d have plenty of 
time to think about what he was going to do when he arrived.

She tugged harder, enjoying the way it made her feel.  Trapped, penned, with danger approaching.  

He’s the best kind of danger.

Joely Sue Burkhart is a writer for Samhain Publishing and Carina Press.
She can be found at her websiteFacebook Twitter

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