New Romance Book Releases 23rd-30th August 2020 : Nix’s Top Picks.

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Top Picks is a weekly meme that I do here at Scorching Book Reviews.

In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week. I have been lazy of late with not going past Tuesday – that has changed and I now look for books up to Sunday.

They are all books on my TR pile and only books I am interested in spending money on. I do not ask people to recommend books or highlight releases for author promo. I research each book before it I put it on here to look for reviews, series connections and author bio.

I feel I have to point out that books in a series are only going to be featured on here if I have started the series or am interested in doing so.

I don’t read NA. I do not read reverse harem. I also do not read Pandemic romance.

I also don’t recommend books from authors who have engaged in awful behaviour or have bigotted views – I chose not to give them my money so you won’t find them on here. If I make a mistake and feature an author who is an awful person, tell me in the comments and the book will be removed.

I have made the decision to add amazon links and links to twitter profiles on this post however they are not affiliant links as I CBA with amazon.

Emerald Blaze: A Hidden Legacy Novel by [Ilona Andrews]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £2.99

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : According to Amazon, I’ve had this pre-ordered since January… I adore this world and I can’t wait to see where we get to with Catalina’s story.

Ilona Andrews, #1 New York Times bestselling author, continues her spellbinding series set in the Hidden Legacy world where magic controls everything…except the hearts of those who wield it.

As Prime magic users, Catalina Baylor and her sisters have extraordinary powers—powers their ruthless grandmother would love to control. Catalina can earn her family some protection working as deputy to the Warden of Texas, overseeing breaches of magic law in the state, but that has risks as well. When House Baylor is under attack and monsters haunt her every step, Catalina is forced to rely on handsome, dangerous Alessandro Sagredo, the Prime who crushed her heart. 

The nightmare that Alessandro has fought since childhood has come roaring back to life, but now Catalina is under threat. Not even his lifelong quest for revenge will stop him from keeping her safe, even if every battle could be his last. Because Catalina won’t rest until she stops the use of the illicit, power-granting serum that’s tearing their world apart. 

Here to Stay by [Adriana Herrera]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £3.92

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I cannot wait to read this book – I have it pre-ordered. I have heard nothing but amazing reviews since ARC’s started to be sent out.

Award-winning, highly-acclaimed author Adriana Herrera delivers the sexy, modern enemies-to-lovers romance you’ve been waiting for.

Starting over is more about who you’re with than where you live…

Julia del Mar Ortiz is not having the best year.

She moved to Dallas with her boyfriend, who ended up ditching her and running back to New York after only a few weeks. Left with a massive—by NYC standards, anyway—apartment and a car lease in the scorching Texas heat, Julia is struggling…except that’s not completely true. Running the charitable foundation of one of the most iconic high fashion department stores in the world is serious #lifegoals.

It’s more than enough to make her want to stick it out down South.

The only monkey wrench in Julia’s plans is the blue-eyed, smart-mouthed consultant the store hired to take them public. Fellow New Yorker Rocco Quinn’s first order of business? Putting Julia’s job on the chopping block.

When Julia is tasked with making sure Rocco sees how valuable the programs she runs are, she’s caught between a rock and a very hard set of abs. Because Rocco Quinn is almost impossible to hate—and even harder to resist

Scandalous Secrets: A Novel (Jackson Falls) by [Synithia Williams]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £3.99

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I blooming LOVED book one (think it may be still on sale). High drama and fab writing – I recommend.

Can they do what’s right…without betraying their hearts?

Senatorial candidate Byron Robidoux always does the right thing. And, after years of focus and dedication, his life and campaign are going exactly to plan—until a blackmailer jeopardizes everything. No one is supposed to know that thirteen years ago, Byron told a lie to protect a college friend. And now that lie could destroy his career…and threaten the woman he never stopped loving.

Zoe Hammond hardly recognizes the refined and handsome politician Byron has become. The last time she saw him, he was the friend who saved her life by claiming to be the father of her unborn baby. For that, she’d do anything for him. Except Byron’s world of wealth, reputation and deceit isn’t a place where Zoe or her daughter belong. But when a menace from the past comes calling again, staying with Byron is best for them all. And, as the searing attraction between them builds, they soon realize some things are worth fighting for…especially love.

Better Than People by [Roan Parrish]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £4.70

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : Roan Parrish writes the most wonderful books; I adore each book I have read. I have heard that this is not high angst but it has dogs… I’m in!

It’s not long before their pet-centric arrangement sparks a person-centric desire…

Simon Burke has always preferred animals to people. When the countdown to adopting his own dog is unexpectedly put on hold, Simon turns to the PetShare app to find the fluffy TLC he’s been missing. Meeting a grumpy children’s book illustrator who needs a dog walker isn’t easy for the man whose persistent anxiety has colored his whole life, but Jack Matheson’s menagerie is just what Simon needs.

Four dogs, three cats and counting. Jack’s pack of rescue pets is the only company he needs. But when a bad fall leaves him with a broken leg, Jack is forced to admit he needs help. That the help comes in the form of the most beautiful man he’s ever seen is a complicated, glorious surprise.

Being with Jack—talking, walking, making out—is a game changer for Simon. And Simon’s company certainly…eases the pain of recovery for Jack. But making a real relationship work once Jack’s cast comes off will mean compromise, understanding and lots of love.

Carina Adores is home to highly romantic contemporary love stories where LGBTQ+ characters find their happily-ever-afters.

Like Lovers Do: A Girls Trip Novel by [Tracey Livesay]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £1.99

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I really really enjoyed book one of this series. I have pre-ordered this book.

Tracey Livesay continues her fun-filled Girls Trip series with this romance that will tug at your heartstrings.

Sometimes faking it can lead to the real thing…

Driven and focused, Dr. Nicole Allen is an accomplished surgeon. With a tough past, Nic’s gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations. But when she disciplines an intern—a powerful donor’s son—a prestigious fellowship she’s awaiting is placed in jeopardy. 

Coming from a successful family who runs a medical business empire, Benjamin Reed Van Mont is the black sheep, having chosen to start his own business instead. Though he’s not ready to settle down, he knows when the time comes it definitely won’t be with a workaholic doctor like his friend Nic—even if she’s had him re-examining his edict…more than once. 

When Ben’s status-climbing ex-girlfriend finds her way back into his orbit, Nic proposes a swap of services. She’ll spend the week with Ben on Martha’s Vineyard, pretending to be his girlfriend—but only if he’ll have his family intervene on her behalf so she won’t lose her fellowship. How hard can the charade be? 

But as they’re about to discover, they’ve sorely underestimated their true feelings for each other…

Can't Help Falling: A Novel (Forever Yours Book 2) by [Cara Bastone]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £3.99

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I absolutely adored book one of this series – it was as cute as a button. I have this on the list.

The more you resist,

the deeper you’ll fall

Serafine St. Romain doesn’t need her psychic powers to know she’s no longer in Tyler Leshuski’s good graces. True, she did tear him to pieces when he asked her out, accusing him of being shallow and selfish. Despite the energy crackling between them, the gorgeous sports writer is a no-strings, no-kids kind of guy. And Serafine, raised in the foster system, intends to be a foster parent herself. She won’t compromise that dream, even for a man as annoyingly appealing as Tyler.

In a simpler world, Tyler would already have gotten Serafine out of his system. For him, women equal fun. Not this kind of bone-deep, disconcerting desire. Life gets even more complicated when he becomes the guardian of his much younger sister. Suddenly, he’s way out of his depth. Serafine’s the only person who can connect with Kylie. He can’t jeopardize that for a fling.

But maybe…just maybe…he’s finally ready to risk everything on forever.

Her Aussie Holiday (Patterson's Bluff Book 2) by [Stefanie London]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £3.92

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I have not heard of this series however I have enjoyed this authors work before. Reviews seem to be good – I’ve got it on the watch list.

Cora Cabot’s life is falling apart. So when her Australian friend announces she’s secured an internship in the States, Cora has a brilliant idea: house swap! Small-town Australia sounds like the perfect getaway. Only, when she gets there, the house isn’t empty. Turns out her friend’s hot Australian brother is staying there, too—and he doesn’t look happy to see her.

The last thing Trent Walters needs is a roommate for the summer. Especially an American who immediately floods the house and single-handedly destroys the family project his sister created for their parents’ anniversary. Now, not only does Cora insist on helping fix the house, he needs her help re-creating the family scrapbook. And glitter is not his forte.

But between late nights cooking, pints at the local pub, and competitive matches of cricket on the beach, Cora starts to break through Trent’s defenses. Too bad Cora made a promise to return to working with her father at the end of the summer—a promise she can’t break—because this holiday is starting to feel like one she never wants to end.

Each book in the Patterson’s Bluff series is STANDALONE

Metal Monkey (Elemental Love Book 1) by [Brooklyn Knight, Kelly Martin, Rebekah Dodson]

Release date : Sunday 30th August

Price (UK £) – Kindle Unlimited book or £3.97

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list :

I will be honest, I have not heard of this author or this book but look how pretty! And the blurb was very interesting … on the list and I will be looking at the reviews.


Opposites aren’t supposed to attract – not in my culture; but when Riyah shows up at Four Moons, the draw towards her is magnetic. My father told me a woman would come, but he couldn’t have meant her. He was talking about Megumi-Chan, the woman who’s been bred to be on my arm. She’s a Dragon and I’m a Tiger – it’s a match made in the stars.

But Riyah…

I can’t stay away from her, no matter how hard I try. She’s a Monkey, no good can come of it; but the strength of these feelings has me wondering if love is strong enough to overcome culture and tradition.


I’ve been ruined by love. I’m off men and relationships. My best friend has convinced me that all I need to do is become the master of my emotions; so when I go to the Four Moons Mindfulness Retreat in Japan, Yukio’s enigmatic presence catches me completely off guard. He’s sensual and enigmatic.

He’s also double-minded and unstable.

I need to stay away from this man, if it’s the last thing I do. The only thing he’ll guarantee is heartache. Still, the attraction is unavoidable. His Tiger is on the loose, but this Monkey will escape its clutches, even if it means running away from my destiny.

You Lucky Dog by [Julia London]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £7.49

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : HOW cute is this cover??? I have read work from this author before but I think they have all been historicals (I think…). Anyhow, I love the sound of this book… it is far too pricey. I’ve added it to my eReader IQ list to watch the price.

An accidental dog swap unleashes an unexpected love match in this new romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Julia London.

Carly Kennedy’s life is in a spiral. She is drowning in work, her divorced parents are going through their midlife crises, and somehow Carly’s sister convinces her to foster Baxter–a basset hound rescue with a bad case of the blues. When Carly comes home late from work one day to discover that the dog walker has accidentally switched out Baxter for another perkier, friendlier basset hound, she has reached the end of her leash.

When Max Sheffington finds a depressed male basset hound in place of his cheerful Hazel, he is bewildered. But when cute, fiery Carly arrives on his doorstep, he is intrigued. He was expecting the dog walker, not a pretty woman with firm ideas about dog discipline. And Carly was not expecting a handsome, bespectacled man to be feeding her dog mac and cheese. Baxter is besotted with Hazel, and Carly realizes she may have found the key to her puppy’s happiness. For his sake, she starts to spend more time with Hazel and Max, until she begins to understand the appeal of falling for your polar opposite.

Rule of Three by [Scarlett Parrish]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £2.26

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I have read and enjoyed a LOT of Scarlett’s book … I am a fan of her writing. On the list to read.

Harper’s eyes meet Grant’s across a crowded bookshelf and ever the fast worker, she walks away with his phone number and the likelihood of a date.

Back home, her live-in boyfriend Jay is intrigued. His relationship with Harper doesn’t stick to the usual rules but he always recommends caution when inviting someone else to ‘play’

Jay and Grant’s first meeting could go better, though. They’re both nearly naked and Jay has to muster all the charm he can to bring Grant back into the fold.

Rules? Who needs them?

Dating Mr. Darcy: A romantic comedy (Love Manor Romantic Comedy Book 1) by [Kate O'Keeffe]

Release date : Tuesday 25th August 2020

Price (UK £) – Kindle Unlimited book or £0.82

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : Honestly, it has Darcy in the title … I think I have an obsession. I’ve checked the reviews and they are great … I’ve put it in my KU queue.

Is it a truth universally known that a girl must compete on reality TV to win Mr. Darcy’s heart?

Emma Brady is having doubts about how far she’ll go to promote her new activewear line. Sure, being on a reality show could be the big break her business so desperately needs, but is putting up with a Mr. Darcy wannabe worth it?

Sebastian Huntington-Ross is straight out of an Austen novel. But it’s hard to focus on his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, and wickedly sexy accent when all Emma can see is his pride, arrogance, and smug demeanor.

Sparks fly when Emma realizes Sebastian has his own agenda for being on the show. Will Emma hold fast and keep the aristocratic Sebastian at arm’s length? Or will she put her reservations aside when the lines between reality and “reality show” start to blur?

Dating Mr. Darcy is a laugh-out-loud feel-good rom com for fans of Bridget Jones’s Diary, Sophie Ranald, and Sophie Kinsella.

Drive Me Crazy (Food Truck Warriors #1)

Release date : Wednesday 26th August 2020

Price (UK £) – Kindle Unlimited book or £3.82

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I am a fan of foodie romance (I don’t know why…).

This summer, Tony Blake is looking for love, not a new employee for the food truck he owns with his brother. But his brother adores meddling, and hires Lucas anyway. Maybe if he’s lucky, Tony can have his cake and eat it too.

But while Lucas might be hotter than the steamy LA weather, to Tony’s disappointment, he’s not interested in more than a casual hookup. Old Tony would have loved the lack of strings, but New Tony wants so much more.

What he wants is Lucas next to him, revolutionizing their carnivore-friendly menu with his vegan point of view, and what he needs is Lucas underneath him in bed, turning his life inside out.

As the tiny, cramped kitchen heats up in the dog days of summer, Tony aims to drive Lucas crazy enough to fall ridiculously, stupendously, head-over-heels in love.

Drive Me Crazy is an 83,000 word gay romance, and the first book in the Food Truck Warriors series. Don’t read hungry!

Priya’s Ex: A Second Chance Romance (Five Friends With Chai Book 2) by [Sookh Kaur]

Release date : Thursday 27th August 2020

Price (UK £) – Kindle Unlimited book or £3.99

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I still have book one on the list to read … I will have to move it up!

I will never see Jaghr Bains again.

That was the promise I, Priya Sidhu, made to myself on the worst night of my life. When I ran way from home leaving everything behind. No more family, friends, boyfriend.

Seven years later, a water pipe bursts in my hair salon, and the business I’ve built with my blood, sweat and tears is a damaged mess. The only contractor I can afford is…

You guessed it. Jaghr. 

The man I had to walk away from.

He’s more gorgeous than I remembered. Broad shoulders, beautiful beard, sexy motorcycle. 

Being around him brings up unresolved heartache and so many what ifs. But he also reminds me of the past, my forever disappointed Punjabi parents, and the terrible night where everything went wrong. 

Do I risk opening myself up to all that or stay broken forever?

The Sugared Game (The Will Darling Adventures Book 2) by [KJ Charles]

Release date : Wednesday 26th August 2020

Price (UK £) – £3.20

Amazon Link : HERE

Status on the TR list : I love KJ Charles and her work. I confess, I have not yet read book one to this series but I will be doing.

It’s been two months since Will Darling saw Kim Secretan, and he doesn’t expect to see him again. What do a rough and ready soldier-turned-bookseller and a disgraced, shady aristocrat have to do with each other anyway?

But when Will encounters a face from the past in a disreputable nightclub, Kim turns up, as shifty, unreliable, and irresistible as ever. And before Will knows it, he’s been dragged back into Kim’s shadowy world of secrets, criminal conspiracies, and underhand dealings.

This time, though, things are underhanded even by Kim standards. This time, the danger is too close to home. And if Will and Kim can’t find common ground against unseen enemies, they risk losing everything.

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