New Romance Preview Post : Top Picks of the weeks new romance eBooks (Week 28th Feb – 7th March 2021)

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Top Picks is a weekly meme that I do here at Scorching Book Reviews.

In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week. I have been lazy of late with not going past Tuesday – that has changed and I now look for books up to Sunday.

They are all books on my TR pile and only books I am interested in spending money on. I do not ask people to recommend books or highlight releases for author promo. I research each book before it I put it on here to look for reviews, series connections and author bio.

I feel I have to point out that books in a series are only going to be featured on here if I have started the series or am interested in doing so.

I don’t read NA. I do not read reverse harem. I also do not read Pandemic romance.

I also don’t recommend books from authors who have engaged in awful behaviour or have bigotted views – I chose not to give them my money so you won’t find them on here. If I make a mistake and feature an author who is an awful person, tell me in the comments and the book will be removed.

I have made the decision to add amazon links and links to twitter profiles on this post however they are not affiliant links as I CBA with amazon.

Sweetheart (The Busy Bean) by [Sarah Mayberry, Heart Eyes Press]

Status on the TR list : I have enjoyed a few Sarah Mayberry romances and this one does look fun. I am concerned around the CW (what does that mean? Does this character self harm or have suicidal ideologies? I need more details – this is not a great CW) I will have a look at this book.

Amazon UK Price : £2.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$3.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

The first Busy Bean novel is an achy breaky romance with a fun heroine and gorgeous writing! – Sarina Bowen

I just wanted to get my hands on his beans

Four years ago, I had a ridiculous crush on my sister’s boyfriend. But when they moved away together, I put Beck out of my mind and my heart. But now he’s back, and roasting the best coffee in Vermont. I need to convince him to supply the Busy Bean. And I need more of those kisses we accidentally shared outside the coffee shop. He still makes my heart race faster than a triple shot of espresso. 

She should be off limits, but instead she’s pushing mine

Her sister burned my life to the ground, so Haley Elliot is the last woman I should bring into my bed. Although our business relationship is giving way to something more than a fine grind. Neither of us can help ourselves. And what’s worse, I think I’m falling for her.

But it’s a small town, and ours is a big secret. And when her sister blows back into town, suddenly the coffee isn’t the only thing brewing…

Content note: this fun and sexy romance contains a secondary character with mental health challenges. While that story is merely a small part of the book, we mention it out of an abundance of caution.

The Wedding Game by [Meghan Quinn]

Status on the TR list : I have never read a book from this author however this looks fun. Lots of good reviews – On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £3.29

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$4.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn’s latest bauble is the charming story of a crafting queen battling a jaded divorce lawyer on a wedding reality show.

Luna Rossi is a veritable crafting genius—she can bedazzle and bead so hard her Etsy site is one of the hottest in the world. So it’s only natural that Luna would convince her brother and his husband-to-be to compete on The Wedding Game, a “do-it-yourself” TV show, for the title of Top DIY Wedding Expert.

As a jaded divorce lawyer, Alec Baxter scoffs at weddings and romance. But when his recently engaged brother begs him to participate in The Wedding Game, Alec grudgingly picks up a glue gun and prepares for some family bonding.

Both fierce competitors, Luna and Alec clash on national TV as harsh words and glitter fly with abandon. But as they bicker over color swatches and mood boards, they find themselves fighting something else: their growing mutual attraction. While Luna is torn between family loyalty and her own feelings, Alec wonders if he might have been wrong about love and marriage all along…

Accidentally Engaged by [Farah Heron]

Status on the TR list : I really enjoy Farah Heron’s work and this looks cute … I love a fake relationship story. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £4.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$5.87

Amazon US Link : HERE

Is this fake engagement foolproof . . . or half-baked?

When it comes to bread, Reena Manji knows exactly what she’s doing. She treats her sourdough starters like (somewhat unruly) children. But when it comes to Reena’s actual family – and their constant meddling in her life – well, that recipe always ends in disaster.

Now Reena’s parents have found her yet another potential Good Muslim Husband. This one has the body of Captain America, a delicious British accent and lives right across the hall. He’s the perfect, mouth-watering temptation . . . and completely ruined by the unwelcome side dish of parental interference.

Reena refuses to marry anyone who works for her father. She won’t be attracted to Nadim’s sweet charm or gorgeous lopsided smile. That is, until the baking opportunity of a lifetime presents itself: a couples’ cooking competition with the prize of her dreams. Reena will do anything to win – even asking Nadim to pretend they’re engaged. But when it comes to love, baking your bread doesn’t always mean you get to eat it too.

Yes & I Love You (Say Everything Book 1) by [Roni Loren]

Status on the TR list : I am a fan of Roni Loren – her books are always a great combo of hot and angsty. On the price watch list.

Amazon UK Price : £7.59

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$9.49

Amazon US Link : HERE

A beautifully emotional and unforgettably steamy new contemporary romance from New York Times and USA Today bestseller Roni Loren

Everyone knows Miz Poppy, the vibrant reviewer whose commentary brightens the New Orleans nightlife. But no one knows Hollyn Tate, the real face behind the media star…or the anxiety that keeps her isolated. All her life, Hollyn’s tried to hide her true self behind an online façade, but when her boss tells her she needs to reveal the truth to the world or lose her job, she’s forced to rely on an unexpected source to help face her fears.

Enter Jasper Deares: actor, newly minted fake boyfriend, and way, way out of her league. Hollyn thinks Jasper must be joking when he offers private lessons to help overcome her fears. Getting up on a stage? Hello, worst nightmare. But Jasper’s infectious charm has her saying yes despite herself. They’re only supposed to be playing a few improv games, but as the lessons run longer and the lines grow blurrier, Hollyn can’t help but wonder if she’s acting at all…or if a relationship with Jasper might help give her the confidence she needs to say yes to every imperfect part of herself.

“Will leave readers breathless… A must-read.”—Publishers Weekly STARRED Review for The One You Fight For

Marriage and Murder (Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries Book 2) by [Penny Reid]

Status on the TR list : I really enjoy Cletus and Jen so I will be reading this book.

Amazon UK Price : £6.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$6.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

The Devil is in the details . . .

Cletus Byron Winston wishes to marry Jennifer Anne Donner-Sylvester (aka The Banana Cake Queen) posthaste! He’s spent the last year wanting nothing more than for the celebrations to be brief, libations flowing, and BYOB (bring your own blueberries). His future mother-in-law has other plans, plans his intended has been willing to indulge, much to Cletus’s chagrin. Therefore, so must he. To a point. But truth be told, he wouldn’t mind if the meddlesome matriarch disappeared, at least until the nuptials are over.

On the night of Cletus and Jenn’s long-awaited engagement party, just when the surly schemer is of a mind to take matters into his own hands, a shocking event upends everyone’s best laid plans and sends the small hamlet of Green Valley into complete disarray. The final months leading up to Cletus and Jenn’s matrimonial bliss are plagued with chaos and uncertainty. Will Cletus and Jenn finally make it to the altar? Or will murder and mayhem derail their happily-ever-after?
And most importantly, who done it?

‘Marriage and Murder’ is the second book in the cozy mystery series Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries. It is best read after Winston Brothers #3, ‘Beard Science’ (which can be read as a standalone) and Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries #1, ‘Engagement and Espionage.

Forever Never by [Lucy Score]

Status on the TR list : I am currently working my way through Lucy Score’s extensive backlist on KU and enjoying the hell out of doing so – apparently this book is hot too so … I’m in!

Amazon UK Price : Free on KU or £2.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$3.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

You don’t fall for your brother’s high school sweetheart, your boss’s daughter, or your ex-wife’s best friend. Especially when they’re all the same woman.

Under Brick Callan’s mile-wide chest beats a loyal heart with a few cracks in it. He’s the steadfast, overprotective type. Especially when it comes to the one woman he can never have. It’s a long, complicated history punctuated by fights, friendship, family, and an attraction that strains his iron willpower.

When Remi Ford returns to Mackinac Island in the dead of winter with a secret, Brick makes it his mission to find out what put the shadows in those green eyes. Even if it means breaking down the walls he’s built between them. Even if it means falling for the one girl he’ll never get over.

The free-spirited artist just needs to lay low for a few weeks so she can figure a way out of this nightmare. She’s definitely not staying. Not when the man who broke her teenage heart into splinters keeps showing up at her parents’ dinner table. Remi doesn’t need broody, bearded Brick riding to her rescue…again. Not when it will put them both in danger, costing them much more than their hearts.

Author’s Note: Frenemies-to-lovers. Opposites attract. Slow burn. Girl in danger. Glorious, glorious banter. Fighting as foreplay. Small-town shenanigans. Big, grumpy, pining, overprotective hero. Wild-child, trouble-finding heroine who keeps on pushing the hero’s buttons. Steam Level: Lava. Suspense: Nail-biting. Feels: Big time.

All Consuming: A tale of searing passion and rekindled love you won't want to miss! (Brotherhood By Fire) by [Jaci Burton]

Status on the TR list : I haven’t read a Jaci Burton book I haven’t loved … and look at that cover again. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £3.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$4.70

Amazon US Link : HERE

Can they rekindle the passion that once burned between them?

When firefighter Kal Donovan transfers to the Tactical Rescue Team, he’s determined to give work all his attention. This proves more difficult when he encounters his first love, Hannah Clark, at their high school reunion. She’s still smart, funny, and beautiful but, now divorced with a son, she has zero interest in exploring an old romance.

Hannah’s focus after the disastrous end of her marriage, is getting her hair salon up and running, and making sure her son is happy. Kal is part of her past and she intends to look only forward.

However, as they spend time together, Hannah realizes that her feelings for Kal aren’t nostalgia, but red-hot attraction. He’s intent on showing her what it’s like to be cared for, romanced, and consumed with passion – and Hannah loves it. As Kal vows not to lose her a second time, does she have the courage to risk her heart again?

Want more sexy romance? Look for the first two sizzling Brotherhood by Fire novels and the delightful Boots and Bouquets series. Don’t miss the Play-By-Play series which began with The Perfect Play. And check out Jaci’s gorgeously romantic Hope series beginning with Hope Flames.

Sweeping Ashley (Grim Dating Book 2) by [Eve Langlais]

Status on the TR list : I confess, I haven’t read book one but I have loved each book I’ve read from this author – on the list.

Amazon UK Price : £2.79

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$3.29

Amazon US Link : HERE

Sometimes love is messy.

In exchange for some witchy powers, Ashley promised the Devil her firstborn, but when the time comes to pay her due, she has nothing to give.

With Lucifer insisting that she fulfill the terms of her contract, Ashley turns to Grim Dating for help. There’s only one problem—they’re having a hard time finding her perfect match.

Which is where Derrick comes in.

He’s the company’s problem solver; however, even he has no idea how to get a prim and proper witch to let loose. Frustration leads to him kissing her, but he never meant to seduce her.

…or fall in love.

However, his witch isn’t interested in more than a one-night stand. And when an angel gets involved, the reaper realizes he’d best do a better job of sweeping Ashley off her feet.

Or risk losing her forever.

***For more Hell books featuring Lucifer’s meddling, check out The Welcome to Hell series.

Whitehall Baby: A Surprise Pregnancy, Fake Relationship Romantic Comedy Perfect for Chick Lit Fans by [Laura Barnard]

Status on the TR list : I rarely pick up a book with the tropes listed after the title on amazon however I am a sucker for an accidental preganacy story. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : Free KU or £3.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$4.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

One night changes everything…

She’s an aspiring fashionista with her eyes on her career.

He’s a government official who’s married to his country.

From the moment Charlotte Bellswain and Arthur Ellison meet, their chemistry is off the charts.

Everything about them is wrong, but neither of them can resist one stolen night together.

Even if the consequences are life changing.

He warns her he’ll let her down. More than once. And that the eyes of the country are on them both.

That doesn’t stop her hoping that he might just change his ways and grow a heart.

Can a creative soul and an analytical mind put aside their differences and navigate this pregnancy together? They need to make their minds up as time is running out…

Lord Satyr (Lords of the Masquerade Book 2) by [Jade Lee]

Status on the TR list : A former rake and a STEM heroine? Yup, I’m all in … on the list.

Amazon UK Price : £0.77

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$0.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Welcome to book 2 in the fabulous new series Lords of the Masquerade by USA Today Bestselling Author Jade Lee.

Lord Satyr

Lord Sayres has a reputation for frivolity when what he wants is something substantial. He’s looking for a business endeavor free from his past entanglements. Something fresh and completely new for a world that has seen and done everything.

Lady Gwen

Masquerades are not Lady Gwen’s typical entertainment. She’s a bluestocking with a love of botany. When her husband-hunting plans go awry, she amuses herself by analyzing the flowers with a man who looks as depressed as she feels. When they stumble upon a business idea, she’s torn between clinging to the life she’s always known and joining forces with a known flirt. Could their unlikely partnership solve both their problems?

A Special Magic

Everything hinges on presenting their product in the most intriguing way and what better plan than to make Gwen society’s newest darling? Where she leads, everyone else will follow. But how can an awkward bluestocking transform into a beauty?

It requires a special kind of magic from a lord who knows how to bring out the best in a woman. And all it will cost is his heart.

Float Plan by [Trish Doller]

Status on the TR list : This is on a LOT of lists – I know that there is a really big CW for suicide. I will read it but I need some reviews.

Amazon UK Price : £5.83

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$10.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Heartbroken by the loss of her fiancé, adventurous Anna finds a second chance at love with an Irish sailor in this riveting, emotional romance.

After a reminder goes off for the Caribbean sailing trip Anna was supposed to take with her fiancé, she impulsively goes to sea in the sailboat he left her, intending to complete the voyage alone.

But after a treacherous night’s sail, she realizes she can’t do it by herself and hires Keane, a professional sailor, to help. Much like Anna, Keane is struggling with a very different future than the one he had planned. As romance rises with the tide, they discover that it’s never too late to chart a new course.

In Trish Doller’s unforgettable Float Plan, starting over doesn’t mean letting go of your past, it means making room for your future.

“The perfect escape. Fresh, funny, and romantic. I wish I could sail away with this book.” – Meg Cabot, New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries and Little Bridge series

A New Foundation (Mills & Boon True Love) (Bainbridge House, Book 1) by [Rochelle Alers]

Status on the TR list : I do enjoy an Rochelle Alers romance … I anticpiate angst in this one.

Amazon UK Price : £2.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price :$4.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

He’s the man with the plans
But she’s calling the shots

After escaping an abusive marriage, Sonya Rios-Martin is determined to live an independent life. The generous job offer from Taylor Williamson is more than the architectural historian hoped. And so is her attraction to model-turned-project engineer Taylor. Balancing work and dating the boss is tricky. A loving relationship, like a lasting home, starts with a strong foundation – so watch for the cracks.

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