New Romance Release Preview : Nix’s Top Picks of this weeks new books

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Top Picks is a weekly meme that I do here at Scorching Book Reviews.

In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week. I have been lazy of late with not going past Tuesday – that has changed and I now look for books up to Sunday.

They are all books on my TR pile and only books I am interested in spending money on. I do not ask people to recommend books or highlight releases for author promo. I research each book before it I put it on here to look for reviews, series connections and author bio.

I feel I have to point out that books in a series are only going to be featured on here if I have started the series or am interested in doing so.

I don’t read NA. I do not read reverse harem. I also do not read Pandemic romance.

I also don’t recommend books from authors who have engaged in awful behaviour or have bigotted views – I chose not to give them my money so you won’t find them on here. If I make a mistake and feature an author who is an awful person, tell me in the comments and the book will be removed.

I have made the decision to add amazon links and links to twitter profiles on this post however they are not affiliant links as I CBA with amazon.

A Lady's Guide to Mischief and Mayhem by [Manda Collins]

Status on the TR list : This sounds fabulous and the cover it is wonderful.

Amazon UK Price : £5.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $6.56

Amazon US Link : HERE

An intrepid female reporter matches wits with a serious, sexy detective in award-winning author Manda Collins’ fun and flirty historical rom-com, perfect for readers of Evie Dunmore, Julia Quinn, and Tessa Dare!

England, 1865: As one of England’s most notorious newspaper columnists, Lady Katherine Bascomb believes knowledge is power. And she’s determined to inform and educate the ladies of London on the nefarious – and deadly – criminals who are praying on the fairer sex. But when her reporting leads to the arrest of a notorious killer, Katherine flees to a country house party to escape her newfound notoriety – only to witness a murder on her very first night! And when the lead detective accuses Katherine of inflaming – rather than informing – the public with her column, she vows to prove him wrong.

Detective Inspector Andrew Eversham’s refusal to compromise his investigations nearly cost him his own career, and he blames Katherine. When he discovers she’s the key witness in a new crime, he’s determined to prevent the beautiful widow from once again wreaking havoc on his case. Yet as Katherine proves surprisingly insightful and Andrew impresses Katherine with his lethal competency, both are forced to admit the fire between them is more flirtatious than furious. But to explore the passion between them, they’ll need to catch a killer . . .

When a Liger Mates (A Lion's Pride Book 10) by [Eve  Langlais]

Status on the TR list : This is pure silly, sexy, fun. I adore this series for it’s ridiculous plots and how much it makes me laugh.

Amazon UK Price : £2.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $3.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Lawrence is in trouble. That’s nothing new. What is unexpected is how he accidentally ends up mated to a human.


To make matters worse for this tomcat, Charlotte has no idea what he is, and when he finally shows her his majestic liger shape? She is less than impressed and dares to ask if he’s up to date on his shots. As if her lack of respect isn’t enough, she doesn’t believe they can have a happily ever after.
How to make her understand she’s the only woman with the power to make him purr?

Learned Behaviors: A Single Dad Romance (Higher Education Book 1) by [Jayce Ellis]

Status on the TR list : I have read Jayce Ellis books before and this one looks so sweet! On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £4.70

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $4.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Two single dads meet at the office, where it’s hate at first sight in this new series from acclaimed author Jayce Ellis.

Sending his daughter off to college is the proudest day of single dad JaQuan Reynolds’s life. Everything took a back seat to raising her—including his career. He has no idea what comes next, but his newfound freedom is quickly curtailed by a crash deadline at work and the uptight, hovering presence of consultant Matthew Donaldson. He’s surly and insufferably sexy, and Jaq’s ready to check him out and write him off—right up until a work assignment forces them together.

Every day. From now until Thanksgiving.

Work and fatherhood have been Matt’s whole world for years now, ever since his marriage ended. His eldest son is getting hitched over Thanksgiving weekend, and he’s not going to let a work deadline get in the way of celebrating with his family—not this time. The hours aren’t a problem, but the executive assistant on the project might be. Jaq’s sexy voice makes Matt yearn for things he let go of a long time ago.

Lust isn’t on the schedule, and neither is longing. But as the weeks go by, Matt and Jaq are forced to reevaluate their plans…and discover that even the most tight-knit of families can make room for one more.

More Than We Bargained For: A Small Town Romance (Timber Falls Book 4) by [Fiona West]

Status on the TR list : I have read Jayce Ellis books before and this one looks so sweet! On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £0.00 on KU or 77P

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : 0.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Starla Moore despises a mystery, and there’s no bigger mystery than Sawyer Devereaux. He comes into the library on Thursdays like clockwork, but rarely talks to anyone else. Not that she despises him; after all, he’s easy on the eyes, quick-witted, and that Southern accent makes her swoon. But in the midst of a divorce, her only romance is the bookish kind. Worst of all, crashing with her bestie won’t be an option soon, especially since her final fling with her husband had one very specific unintended consequence…

Regaining consciousness with his head in the cute librarian’s lap was a rude awakening; Sawyer thought his health problems were under control. Sans driver’s license, there’s no way he can live in his little cabin alone…or keep up with the anonymous book donations he’s been leaving to make Starla smile. When he finds out she’s struggling financially, he proposes a trade: his housing for her driving. Surely he can keep his feelings a secret for a few more months…

He’s given up on his dreams; she’s just figuring hers out. When the rumors start, will it push these two misfits together…or drive one of them out of Timber Falls for good?

More Than We Bargained For is the fourth book in the Timber Falls romantic comedy series. If you like town meeting rants, neighborly concerns that become something more, and water fights that heat things up instead of cooling them down, buy this book now. This book contains no open-door sex scenes, no cheating, and a happily ever after.

Kissing Lessons (Kissing Creek Book 1) by [Stefanie London]

Status on the TR list : I like Stefanie London and this sounds as cute as a button. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £3.82

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $3.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Welcome to Kissing Creek, where everything has a romance-themed pun for a name and love is lurking around every corner…

Audrey Miller doesn’t believe in happily-ever-after, so she is definitely living in the wrong town. But she’s never getting out of Kissing Creek, because playing pseudo-mom for her younger siblings doesn’t leave time for much else. She’ll do anything to make sure they don’t end up stuck like she is, working as a barista in a college town, serving Pink Passion mochas with Chocolate Smooch donuts.

Then Ronan Walsh, a new young professor and walking cliché, right down to the elbow patches on his blazer, steps in for a coffee and into her life. She knows his type—intelligent and charming, yet sweet as a cinnamon roll, the sort of man she’s inevitably attracted to but is always out of her league. So why does someone like him have any interest in a worker bee with no future?

Her bland-as-oatmeal existence has nothing to offer, but Ronan’s temporary teaching position is only a stepping stone on his way to somewhere else. He isn’t here to put down roots, Audrey’s roots are firmly planted—neither of them is looking for love. And maybe that’s just perfect.

But in a small town called Kissing Creek, sometimes love can be impossible to avoid…

Queen Takes Rose (Wicked Villains Book 6) by [Katee Robert]

Status on the TR list : Right. I have mixed opinions on this series. I have read some good books in this series and some that have not been for me. This is on the list but I will be reading reviews.

Amazon UK Price : £4.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $4.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Once upon a time I made a deal with the devil. It turns out I like playing in the dark. Over the years, I’ve become someone I’m proud of, someone dangerous.

I’ll never be as dangerous as Malone, though. She’s one of the most feared leaders in Carver City, and her reputation is more than earned. Years ago, we had a single night together and she’s ignored me ever since.

Imagine my surprise to discover she’s scheduled me for the final two weeks of my contract. Maybe I should be afraid. Everyone else fears Malone. Instead, all I feel is anticipation. It’s time to balance the scales, once and for all.

The villains aren’t the only ones in Carver City a person should be wary of crossing.

Sometimes the prettiest flower hides the deadliest poison…

Content warning: This book contains the death of a comatose parent.

Marrying Mr. Darcy: A romantic comedy (Love Manor Romantic Comedy Book 2) by [Kate O'Keeffe]

Status on the TR list : I am ridiculous but I will read any P&P retelling. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : Free on KU or 80p

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : Free or 99c

Amazon US Link : HERE

Is it a truth universally acknowledged, that a girl can humiliate herself on reality TV and still get her fairy tale ending? 

Emma Brady is in shock. She fell in love with Sebastian Huntington-Ross on national television, showing everyone that opposites can most definitely attract. Now, he’s asked her to marry him and live happily ever after in his fancy English manor. It’s a fairy tale ending.

Or is it?

The problem is the TV audience wanted Sebastian to marry someone else. And in choosing Emma to be his bride, Sebastian could lose everything his aristocratic family has held dear for generations. Not to mention Sebastian’s granny, who goes out of her way to make Emma feel like she doesn’t belong.

With enough hurdles to keep an Olympian jumping, can Emma and Sebastian find a way to stay together? Or will the pressures pulling them apart cancel their trip down the aisle?

Marrying Mr. Darcy is the sequel to Dating Mr. Darcy. It’s a fun, feel-good rom com for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk, Bridget Jones’s Diary and all things Jane Austen.

Operation: Holiday Matchmakers by [Alexis Stanton]

Status on the TR list : This sounds like a HallMark Christmas movie … I am in!

Amazon UK Price : £3.13

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $3.99

Amazon US Link : HERE

Two rival matchmakers meet their matches…

Sophie Mattis has earned her title as the best matchmaker in Corazon Grande through hard work and an unbeatable Formula for finding her clients love. Given the village’s reputation as the most romantic town in California, that’s no small boast. Sure, Sophie’s own heart has been broken in the past, but by sticking to her tried-and-true system, her clients get the love she can’t find for herself. Life in her new home would be pretty good, except for laid-back, irritatingly attractive local hero Evan Reid, her rival with a foolproof matchmaking system of his own.

When the townspeople approach Sophie and Evan with a huge matchmaking challenge, neither can resist the chance to shine and prove their method is superior. Trouble is, in order to show the value of romance to the town’s two resident grumps, Evan and Sophie must bury the hatchet and work together to make magic happen during Corazon Grande’s all-important holiday season.

As the matchmakers race against the clock in their task, their heated rivalry turns into undeniable chemistry, throwing everything off course. Will old wounds and unexpected new feelings stop them from accepting the greatest gift of all—love?

The Snow Song: The spellbinding fable and magical love story, perfect for Christmas 2020! by [Sally Gardner]

Status on the TR list : How pretty is this? I haven’t heard anything about it but it has some plaudits. I think I need to read some reviews though as the price is pretty steep.

Amazon UK Price : £7.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : ???

Amazon US Link : HERE

Women imprisoned by superstition, chained by guilt.
Perched on a mountain in a land of ancient forests is a village, rife with secrets. Cut off from the outside world it is run by the elders, men to whom tradition is all.

Edith lives alone with her alcoholic father who is forcing her to marry the village butcher. But she is in love with a shepherd who promised to return to her.

As the village becomes isolated in a sea of snow, Edith loses her power of speech. And it is this enchantment that will have far-reaching consequences, not only for Edith but for the whole village.

‘A gorgeous love story … with more than a touch of magical realism’ Independent

Unwrapped: The Twelve Nights of Christmas (Snowkissed and Seduced!) / Best Man Under the Mistletoe / A White Wedding Christmas by [Sarah Morgan, Jules Bennett, Andrea Laurence]

Status on the TR list : Sarah Morgan writes books I love .. this anthology is on the list.

Amazon UK Price : £5.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

No Peeking!

When chambermaid Evie Anderson secretly sleeps over at the hotel where she works, she is woken by an outrageously sensual kiss. Evie feels her body come alive…until she realises her seducer is Rio Zaccarelli, her attractive new boss! Their scorching chemistry leads to twelve nights of endless pleasure. But will it last once the decorations come down?

Chelsea Hunt blames Gabe Walsh for her being the talk of the town, but since they are both planning the Christmas wedding of their best friends, Gabe has many opportunities to show her just what a good guy he really is. And apparently he’s pretty convincing, because she soon winds up in his bed! But is this just a holiday fling or the real thing?

Wedding planner Natalie Sharpe doesn’t believe in love. But when a Christmas wedding reunites her with Colin Russell, her teenage crush and star of all her fantasies—Natalie is tempted by a fling! But working with him on the wedding is more temptation than she can take. Will one long, hot kiss lead this reluctant bride down her own wedding aisle?

Taking On The Billionaire (Mills & Boon Desire) (Redhawk Reunion, Book 1) by [Robin Covington]

Status on the TR list : I always enjoy Mills and Boon by Robin Covington. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £5.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : $5.25

Amazon US Link : HERE

Will her secrets destroy them both?

Investigator Tess Lynch once helped Adam Redhawk find his Cherokee family. Now the self-made tech billionaire needs her to find his company’s saboteur. But as passion builds between them, the private eye pursues a plan of her own—to get even for the way Adam’s father ruined hers. Until an unexpected pregnancy changes everything…

The Wife He Needs (Mills & Boon Desire) (Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws, Book 1) by [Brenda Jackson]

Status on the TR list : I do enjoy a Mills and Book by Brenda Jackson. On the list.

Amazon UK Price : £2.99

Amazon UK Link : HERE

Amazon US Price : ?

Amazon US Link : HERE

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan

The arrangement is simple: two weeks in Spain then a marriage of convenience. Until Garth Outlaw’s potential bride doesn’t show and pilot Regan Fairchild ends up sharing his bed. But Garth has vowed never to love again. Can Regan convince him the wife he needs and the woman he desires are one and the same?

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