New Year, New Resolutions…

Posted January 4, 2014 by Nix in random musing / 0 Comments

So, this year all things are different. We are now WordPress and the “we” is only “me”. This means organisation is the key, so I have made a few resolutions….

  • I will review at least 3 books a week. May not seem like a lot but it is when you are doing everything else.
  • I will post something everyday and all posts will stick with the theme of the blog. Whether it be Hot-Cover Monday or Saturday Reads, these are things that I love to do so I will be posting them.
  • I will (slowly) reformat and index all the review posts (3 Star and above) that have been brought over from the old site. I am deleting all old guest posts, Top Picks etc…
  • I will review EVERYTHING I read. This may be a simple “it was brill” or a long-winded one… I have 300 books on the TR pile and I need to get it down.
  • I will look at all recommendations given to me (I have found many new authors from recommendations from readers)
  • I will keep doing the events as I love them… I have 3 to do this year!
  • I will only be taking part in Blog Tours of authors I am familiar with and can recommend.

Thank you for sticking with me readers, you all are lovely

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