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Scott and Leo are rotating Goal-keepers for the Intimidators. Sharing a job and a flat, the guys have been best friends for the last 8 years. Sometime along the way they decided that they liked sharing women too. It’s been some months since they set their sights on the delectable Kelly, owner of the local restaurant they both like to frequent, but since that day the lust has been growing into something far more. What used to be pure sexual attraction has evolved over time and now they have started to formulate plans to make her theirs.

Kelly has had an unwanted attraction for the two hockey players ever since she first laid eyes on them. She has become used to their weekly visits to the bar after practice, even looks forward to the banter that they all share. Little does she know that they are simply preparing her for their advances, warming her up to the idea of wanting the two of them. What Leo and Scott don’t realise is that they are pushing her in a direction in which she feels uncomfortable. Wanting two men makes her feel like a slut (a fact which she repeats to Scott, much to his displeasure) and she won’t let herself give into her feelings and approach them. All the best intentions in the world won’t stand up to the sheer force of will exuded by the two Hockey players when they have their eyes on the prize. When they decide that the time is right to make Kelly theirs, she is helpless to resist. When all of their fantasies come true after just one night with Kelly, the guys realise that they are in it for the long haul. The question remains, when she’s had time to think, how will Kelly feel about their tryst in the cold light of day? Will she continue to worry of what everyone else thinks about them? Or will she realise that it’s no one else’s business but theirs?

I was given this book as an ARC by the author, but I have to admit I’d probably have bought it because it was right up my street! Hot heroes? Check! Hot sex? Check? Sports stars? Check! All in all, there wasn’t a lot not love! The heroes were yummy! Leo is the chatty, possessive, domineering one that tends to talk without thinking, Scott is the quiet, intense one who is the one who has the ability to charm his way out of a paper bag….all in all it was quite an irresistible duo.  I liked the way they had made up their minds, had decided to work as a pack, to take down their prey. I also loved that the contrasting personalities of the two of them made for one of hell of an unstoppable force. If one screwed up, the other one managed to pick up the pieces. The bond between the two of them was the core of the tale; I don’t think that, if they hadn’t both picked Kelly, either would have gone for her individually.
Kelly was an interesting character. On the one hand, I understood her reservations on beginning a relationship with two guys, on the other, I wanted to smack her in the head repeatedly. She was completely spot on with her doubts; people would consider a bit of a slapper and, if the press got hold of it, it would be her character that was assassinated rather than theirs. However, her constant changing of opinion on whether or not she could go through with the relationship was a bit tiring and I admired the men’s tenacity on trying to get her on-board. I knew she’d sense eventually, I just thought that she treated the men a little badly because of her nerves. Aside from her relationship with the boys I admired her character. She is a strong business woman who has worked very hard to achieve her dreams; I understood her unwillingness to risk all that for a roll in the hay with eye candy. Unfortunately, this meant that she had her eyes shut to the possibility of a future with two very devoted men.

Now, onto the important bits, the sex J The sex was awesome. There was shower sex, sex with apple pie, sex on restaurant tables……it was steamy. I like the way this author writes sex; enough detail to get your pulse racing but with enough left out that your imagination has to fill in a few blanks (my mind may have taken a slightly perverse turn at the freedom……:D) This was a very good example of ménage erotic romance.

Overall this was a very sexy little ménage story. With two alpha heroes determined to get their mate, it was only a matter of time before she caved. With lots and lots of hot sex, I well recommend this to fans of erotic romance and ménage.

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