Nix Contemporary Review – Be My Baby by Meg Benjamin (5 Stars)

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Be My Baby by Meg Benjamin
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2009-12-08
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 358
Format: eBook

If Jessamyn Carroll had only herself to consider, staying in Pennsylvania after her husband’s death would have been a no-brainer. Her vindictive in-laws’ efforts to get their hooks into her infant son, however, force her to flee to a new home. Konigsburg, Texas.

Peace…at least for now. She’s even found a way to make some extra money, looking after sexy accountant Lars Toleffson’s precocious two-year-old daughter. She finds it easy—too easy—to let his protective presence lull her into thinking she and her son are safe at last.

Lars, still wounded from enduring a nasty divorce from his cheating ex-wife, tries to fight his attraction to the mysterious, beautiful widow. But when an intruder breaks into her place, and Jess comes clean about her past, all bets are off. Someone wants her baby—and wants Jess out of the picture. Permanently.

Now Jess has a live-in bodyguard, whether she wants him or not. Except she does want him—and he wants her. Yet negotiating a future together will have to overcome a lot of roadblocks: babies, puppies, the entire, meddling Toleffson family—and a kidnapper.

Warning: Contains Konigsburg craziness, creepy in-laws, a conniving two-year-old, a lovelorn accountant, a sleep-deprived Web developer, and lots of hot holiday sex.

FTC: I bought with my own pennies…the fact that I spent money on a book should tell you all you need to know.

This is a series that I have always loved but never reviewed. As I reread this one again this week I thought I’d pass on some love to it; the fan-girling might come across at some points but I can’t help it.

This book the third in the series. They can be read alone but I don’t know why you wouldn’t read the rest as they are just as good as this one… this one just happens to be my favorite!

Lars is on the back-end of a bad divorce. His former wife is the devil bitch from hell and because of this he is off women. Well, he is until he meets Jess. Finding a sitter for the delightful Daisy is difficult and the last thing he needs to be is attracted to her but sometimes things don’t go to plan. He manages to keep away until the weird things start to happen. Then he is thrown into close quarters with the woman haunting his dreams… of course his good intentions go through the windows!

Jess is on the run and now it looks like they’ve found her. The desire to run is overwhelming but somehow she ends up staying to be protected by the oh too tempting Lars. Both of them have complications, both of them don’t want to be attracted to each other and, as Keanu Reeves once said, any relationship which starts as a result of a stressful situation is doomed to fail. Doesn’t stop the sparks from flying though…

This book makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love that these two people, who have had truly bad experiences because of their previous relationships, have a second chance at love. I don’t think either of them truly gave up on love as they both have children they adore because of their past lives but neither go into this easily. There are cute moments, funny moments (Daisy’s fascination with Jess’s boobs makes me laugh) and some down-right swoony moments. The whole ethos of family and romance in these books makes them a comfort read to me. I love them and every-time I need a pick me up, I know I can find one in this series. Oh, there is sexy times too … I’m not sure I own a book without sex in it!

I love love this series. I love this book. If I owned it in paperback, the cover would have fell off by now and the pages would be all bent I’ve read it so many times.

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