Nix Review – Everything You Need To Know by HelenKay Dimon (4.5 Stars)

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Everything You Need to Know by HelenKay Dimon
Published by Harlequin on 2014-07-01
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Pages: 89
Format: eARC

Welcome to Need to Know—Because a Woman Can't Be Too Informed

Dating in D.C. is like navigating an apocalyptic wasteland populated by men in expensive suits with zero mating potential. Need to Know provides all the information a savvy single woman like you needs to avoid dating disasters.

By night, Jordan McAdam is the proprietor of a popular website that rates D.C.'s hottest bachelors—everything from how quick they are to email you back, to their skills in the sack. She's been burned once too often to accept any man at face value. By day, her job as an office temp puts her in the perfect position to do a little fact-checking on her rich and powerful subjects. When her latest assignment brings her face-to-face with the sexy but mysterious Forest Redder, Jordan decides to do a little

FTC:  I requested this from NetGalley as I have enjoyed this author’s work before. She has been on the site before but I have no actual relationship with the author.

This line excited me when I saw it on NetGalley and I pretty much requested them all. Short, sexy novella’s by some of my favourite authors? Sign me up. This one was a lot sexier than anything I have read from HelenKay Dimon before and I enjoyed both the set up and the story.

Jordan is the CEO of the online Dating advice site, Need to Know which rates the bachelors of DC and creates an online community where ladies can share their stories and advice on dating some of the best and worst. I absolutely loved this set up, the anecdotes amusing me whilst the premise making me wonder if it was at all possible in real life. Whilst researching one of the serial daters, she runs into Forest Redder. He’s a hottie who sets her blood alight and, even more oddly, he doesn’t have any negatives on her site. The man seems to be too good to be true but is he?

I did like Jordan but her constant second guessing gave me a headache. True, the old adage once bitten, twice shy will always run true, but there should be a limit to the amount of times you can use the old boyfriend as an excuse to be single. I really didn’t like that she kept a secret from him. She was dooming them to fail by not being upfront and I could only see them with an expiration date which didn’t make the story easy to relate to.

Forest I loved. The man saw what he wanted and he went for it. He was oh so sexy and oh so bossy; he was the perfect hero. He treated her well and, even when he knew that she was keeping secrets, he made the decisions on their relationship with a calm head. I honestly thought he was a little too good to be true, waiting for the other shoe to fall, but it really never did. He was just dreamy.

Overall, this is a sweet yet steamy novella with characters that really drew me in. If you like your romance with a little humour and heat, this is one you should try.


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