Nix Review – Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Anderson (3.5 stars)

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Reda has recently decided to take a leave of absence from the police force. After losing her partner to an incident on the job, she can’t decide whether or not she can trust her own instincts to keep her safe. When she stumbles back upon a book of her Mothers that her Father sold, she finds herself sucked into a world of fantasy and legend. The book is an alternative version of Red Riding Hood which sees Red becomes a victim of the Wolfs hypnotic powers and forced to do his bidding. Unfortunately, the book is more real than anyone could have imagined and she ends up being sucked into a world of myth and legend. Dayn is one of the Royal House of Vampires, cursed to be a Wolfyn. Banished to the Wolfyn realm, he has been hiding amongst a pack, concealing his true nature from them so they don’t kill him. When he meets Reda sparks begin to fly. He looks exactly like the woodsman from the book and he thinks she is the person he has been waiting for to lead him back home. Unfortunately, her entry into the world alerts an evil witch to his whereabouts. Will they ever survive to reunite with his family?

I liked this book more than the other two, but unfortunately, I think you have to read the other two for this to make sense. I liked the concept of this world of Myth and Legend….it felt like a cross between Willow and the Labyrinth.  This one seems to progress a little smoother than the others, and I felt I could settle and really try to get into this story. I don’t want to make this a long review, as I am aware people won’t want spoilers for book one and two. The Premise of the story is simple. There was once a family of Vampires who ruled over a land. Then the evil Sorcerer came and killed the King and Queen and cursed all their children.  In this book, we meet the second son Dayn.

Dayn was nice as a leading man. Brooding, tortured and sexy, he checked the majority of my “perfect hero” boxes. He tricked one of the packs strongest females into providing him with the necessary sexual energy and blood. I didn’t particularly like that he could do that, but I knew that it was a necessary evil.  When he meets Reda he becomes all alpha territorial sexy hero. The chemistry is pretty sizzling between the two of them and the sex scenes were nice and steamy. To be honest these scenes were the ones that made the book for me.

Reda was a bit of an odd character to warm to. I understood why she was so unsure of herself, even bordering on a little whiny at times, but it did not make for an interesting character. Once she meets Dayn, she lets go a little and starts to show some strength of character. Then she reverts back and it started to bug me slightly. Erratic characters have never been my favourite, and she went back and forward like a yo-yo. I don’t mind minor setbacks, but this was like she had never developed in the first place and then all of a sudden was fine again. By the end she was conveniently a likeable character, but to be honest it was all a little too convenient.

Overall, a very sexy fairy-tale that benefits from a sexy hero and some very hot sex scenes. True, the heroine annoyed me but I enjoyed it enough to want to read the next instalment.

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