Nix Review – Temporary Position by Scarlett Parrish (5 stars)

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Office parties are always the scene for drunken mistakes and inter-office flings. Unfortunately, Jess Ludlow can’t blame her behaviour on alcohol when, during the regional management gathering, she ends up kissing two different men on the drive home. Neither Tyler nor Sebastian seems to mind sharing her, in-fact they seem to relish it. When they seem to suggest that they’d like to take it further, she realises that it may not be the best idea. Later, she puts it out of her head, that is until they request her personally to redesign their shop. She can’t say no to the offer, but coming face to face with them fills her with dread.  Upon arrival at the shop its clear both men are still interested in her, will she be able to resist them whilst working in such close proximity? The position at their shop is only temporary, will she take full advantage of the time they all have together?

This was the shortest of the stories that I’ve read by Ms Parrish, but I loved it just the same. It had the same distinctive author voice, was written in first person POV and had lots of raunchy sex….it was right up my street! Jess Ludlow is a successful career woman who just lets loose with two people she didn’t think she’d see again. When she arrives at their shop, she isn’t aware that they have requested her personally. She deals with that revelation quite well, but with everything else she plays right into their hands and never quite gets a handle on disguising how much they unnerve her. I really like her character; she was a bit of a snarky ball-buster when it came to the people that she came across in her job, but she didn’t get away with any of that with Tyler or Sebbe. Once they all agree not to fight their growing attraction anymore, she becomes quite the sexual liberal. She obviously always had it in her, actually giving in to the temptation to kiss them both at the beginning of the tale proved that, but, not only did she let them do pretty much anything they wanted with her, she also added her own little tweaks to their sex-capades. I really liked her as a character, even if she was pretty horrible to everyone but these two!

Picture this man in a ménage…..yup, I
 liked the image too 😀
The men were pretty much dreamy J I always add a face to the characters I’m reading and, right or not, I’ve chosen Alexander Skarsgard for Sebbe (it was the Swedish chatter that did it!) but I still haven’t made a decision on Tyler. I loved the contrast between the two of them both physically and in terms of personality; ménage works best for me when all players are distinctly different to each other or I just get confused! Tyler was a little bit smug, a little bit dominant and I liked him immensely. For some reason though, he only worked in tandem to Sebbe for me. Sebastian stood out as an individual in this tale. From his random utterings in Swedish, to his completely sweetie pie attitude, I adored him. I think that this was the reason I easily assigned him to one of my fancy men. Together, they were the ultimate dream team who wouldn’t have been easy to resist for any woman. The banter between them was so comfortable; I could easily imagine them wanting to share.  They obviously knew each other well enough to work together to get Jess where they wanted her 😀

Sex is obviously the big theme of the tale. The sex was fantastically kinky, but what was really refreshing was that the characters all wanted sex and all they wanted was kinky sex. I have read book after book where people have to be talked into kinkier sex, to be reassured that what they want isn’t wrong or, on the flip side, justify it to themselves as something they “need”. There was none of that here; these didn’t give a shit; they just liked kinky sex! There is sex with mirrors, sex with nipple clamps, sex at work….you name it, they do it. There is an initial pause for Jess when she wonders what the men will think of her, but it wasn’t really about her being ashamed of herself, she just felt that they may judge her.

A short but fabulous kinky read. This is the first ménage I’ve read from Scarlett Parrish, but hopefully it won’t be my last.

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