Nix Short Review – Dinner and a Movie by S.D.Grady

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When their eyes meet through their rear view mirrors, whilst stuck in traffic, a glimmer of instant attraction hits both Liam and Bernie. When their journeys end at the same restaurant, they join dinner parties to indulge in a meal that neither of them will ever forget. When their obvious antics at the table scare off their respective dinner dates, they finish the night in a dark cinema where their sensual fun reaches its pinnacle. Question is, can they walk away from their fun after just one outing?

This is a short read which comes in at under 44 pages. This doesn’t mean that the quality of book suffers because this is one seriously hot little number 🙂 The set up for the encounter was unusual (I’ve never read a book where attraction flared up through car mirrors) but, as with all erotic shorts, you need to leave your scepticism at the cover. The sex starts pretty much immediately after they meet and it is very well written. The scenes at the dinner table were FANTASTIC; sneaky under the table fumbling, filled with sweaty panting and suppressed moans in full view of the other diners….*fans* I loved the slightly dominant edge to Liam during these scenes, as he seemed to revel in the control of Bernie’s pleasure. The after-dinner movie was kinky, and a tiny bit seedy, and I loved the whole exhibitionism slant to it 😀 I really don’t want to say much more for fear of taking any enjoyment away from the story!
I have to confess that the only problem I had with this was the implied notion that Liam had decided that this was forever after just one date. It’s a personal preference that I prefer erotic shorts to not have a HEA due to the lack of relationship building. The mad monkey sex more than made up for this for me and I enjoyed the story. If there was another story about these two, I would definitely buy it.
A lovely little short filled with mad monkey sex with a very kinky edge. If you like your erotica in a bite sized chunks, but still packed full of orgasms and variety, then this is a tale I would recommend for you!

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