Nix Shortie Review – Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse (4 Stars)

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When Stephanie and Jenny arrive at Wilderhope Manor for the Murder Mystery weekend, they expect an intimate weekend where they can chill out and have fun. What they don’t expect is the creaky floorboards, cold spots and spooky apparitions. Having failed to listen to the introductory warnings about the manors supernatural residents, the girls find themselves taking a lot of comfort in each others arms as they try to fathom what the heck is going on. Will the ghostly happenings prove too much for our amateur sleuths or will they last the weekend?

I haven’t read much F/F erotica but I love Lucy’s writing so I of course gave it a go 🙂 The story is short at around by 42 pages, but it is a very fun and fluffy storyline to go with some very hot sex scenes. It doesn’t really matter what the gender of the H/H are to me (I happen to adore M/M fiction….although I’m not sure what to think about the fact that I prefer this to F/F :D)  as long as I know there is chemistry between them. These two were already in a relationship with each other at the beginning of the story so I had no problems with believing in them as a couple. The chemistry was off the charts….they didn’t keep their hands off each other from the offset and it is all incredibly hot! There is a variety of different scenes to suit every taste; we have sex with risk of getting caught, spanking and all round smutty sex with a ghostly voyeur. The ghostly sub-plot was really more of a background setting rather than a plot device, but it did amp up the tension in the story making the sex scenes even more delicious. The character development was non-existent, as I would expect for the length, but I certainly enjoyed it nether the less

A sexy short with imaginative sex and a pair of frisky heroines. Definitely one to set you in a particular mood ;D

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