Nix Top Picks of 2012


Well this year there have been far too many good books for me to chose from but I managed to wangle them down to 15!! (I know….bad Nix!). I’m gonna link ’em to the blurb and review but I’ll you why I loved the book to.

Here is my favorite books published in 2012


I love, love, loved this book. This year, Kele Moon became an autobuy for me and this series is probably the reason why. It has passion, suspense, strong characters and a plot that kept me turning the pages. I loved Jules and Romeo and their tale made me laugh, cry and gasp.

The next book is one of my eagerly anticipated of 2013

This book was a revelation and I have been introduced to an author I will definitely buy again!
This is the tale of the wonderful Cath and her reintroduction into the world of love by the fantastic Nev. They do say the path of true love never does run smooth and this book certainly shows that.
The ending of this book…. I haven’t read a more perfect ending this year.

This series isn’t pleasant, isn’t all roses and fairytales but its blooming compelling.

The Angel is the second in the series and shows us the love story between Michael and Griffin, whilst developing the overall plot arc. Not only did I fall in love with both Michael and Griffin in this beautiful tale,I learned to love Soren too.

Again, the next installment will be on my eagerly anticipated of 2013 list.

This was a review request that I didn’t expect to like and I didn’t like the characters. The story however, oh the story was compelling and I realised that I didn’t have to like the characters!
This is a story about the people who do nasty things for the greater good. The people who do evil things so the rest of us can sleep at night. It wasn’t pretty but God I loved it!!
This is one of my favorite series of the year and this one was my favorite!
The story of Josh and  Grace had me laughing, sighing and swooning all at the same time. If you haven’t tried this series I suggest you do so and soon!
If you love your contemporary romance, give this feel good series a try.
I have always loved Cari Quinn’s work but in this one she really out did herself.
This is a story of the realities of Menage, the things that can go well and go wrong as well. It was also another book where I read it for the plots because the characters were, at some points, unlikeable.
This one is kinky, heart-wrenching and fabulous

You know when you read a book that resonates you because of things that are going on in real life? This one was one of those for me.

This book was the complete package; fantastic characters, a gripping plot and lots of sexual tension. I will read the others in this series


I am not a historical fan but this series could change my mind!

This book is the tale of the fantastically gruff Thorne and the wondeful Kate. I never once thought of it as historical as the plots are so character driven its hard to notice anything but them!

There is a short available for 49p…try it and you’ll see I’m right!

Sexy Cowboys Anyone???
Every book in this series has been fun, but this one stepped it up a notch. I loved Gruff Gabe and his story… it truly made me smile

This is another of my series that has books on my eagerly waiting for list…


Well, this is a series that is truly fabulous. BDSM at it’s finest, this series contains hot Alpha men and fiesty heroines.

Savvi’s book was one which I knew would be difficult to read as both her and Damien have quite a bit of baggage to deal with. It was difficult, but their love story is truly heart-warming.

Fab addition to a fab series.

This is a series that I only started this year but I devoured all four within the space of a week.

My favorite was the third installment. In this one, we find out some secrets, we find out more about the elusive and fricking awesome Reyes and we see some serious sexual tension get even more tense!

This is a must read series for me after this book.


This was a book I had been waiting for forever and it didn’t disappoint.

There is an edge of sentimentality to this choice as this series covers a lot of firsts for me. It was my first BDSM, my first MM and one of the first reviews ever to appear on the blog. It didn’t disappoint, blending angst, sexual tension and BDSM effortlessly.

It wasn’t as fairy tale as book one but the contemporary edge made it that much better.


This series is a feel good series that hits all my “makes me happy” buttons.

This particular book is my favorite of the whole lot as we have long-lost crushes, drunken flings with consequences and a whole host of other angsty plot lines. Jake is an awesome hero too!

Love, love, loved this book!

I’ve always loved this series but the last couple have only been average to me. This one is my favorite of the series so far!

It has a bit of everything; it has a billionaire turned cowboy (I know!), it has lots of angst and it has strong characters. I loved all of Gavin’s story and the side story is amazing!!

This book is the end to a fantastic series and it ended with a bang!

This book had angst, redemption and a sexy storyline. It also had the start of the next series which looks soooo good!

 A brilliant book but not a stand-alone!

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