Stormy Seduction by Vivian Arend (5 Stars)

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Stormy Seduction by Vivian Arend
Series: Pacific Passion #2
Published by Samhain Publishing on 2011-04-12
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 90
Format: eBook

Sensual water shifters meet volatile air shifters there s a storm coming.

“Pacific Passion, Book 2”

As morning-afters go, this one is looking pretty bright. Both air shifter Laurin Marshal and water shifter/shaman Matthew Jentry are aware, though, that trouble won t be long in coming. And they re right before they ve barely begun to work out the details of their mystical bond, the People of the Air find them to challenge Laurin s right to choose Matt as her mate.

Fending off Laurin s would-be suitors is easier than Matt anticipated, but there s another dilemma still to face. His own people. Laurin is just beginning to trust that his heart and body are completely hers, a radical change after she s spent the past two years alone and on the run. What will happen when his skittish, innocent partner encounters the playful, sensual even lusty ways of the Otter Clan?

Especially since they are arriving at the peak of the traditional summer solstice fertility rituals. And tradition demands they be the main attraction

Warning: Incoming extreme passion yielding one otherworldly adventure. Don t let the book length fool you there s enough heat in this story to challenge global warming. Four plus two equals one ceremony so explosive it may throw the earth off its axis.

Stormy Seduction picks up where Storm Child ended. If you haven’t read that book you should start there, as the relationship building between Laurin and Matt begins in that story. Laurin is a teacher, as well as a powerful air shifter. She is also a Hawáte, which means that she can boost the powers of other shifters. Since mating with Matt, she has been trying to elude other male air shifters, who wish to use her powers to boost their own to strengthen their leadership claims with their clans. Matt is a powerful water shifter and a Shaman. He does not intend to allow any-other shifter to lay claim to Laurin; she is his and his alone. After making his feelings towards Laurin perfectly obvious to her potential suitors, Matt takes her to visit the otter clan, a very friendly and highly sexed group of water shifters. During their visit, Laurin intends to teach the otter children, whereas Matt is there to preside over the fertility ritual as their spiritual guide. Caught up in the sensuality of the ceremony, Laurin and Matt cement their mating and discover that their combined powers have only just begun to grow.

I loved the first part of this story and this one didn’t fail to disappoint. The chemistry between Matt and Laurin is sizzling in this instalment. The continuous sex scenes that occur throughout this short story are certainly enough to get your palms a little sweaty, but they are filled with a tenderness that shows how deep the characters feelings for each other are. One thing I like about Vivian Arend’s writing is that, although her sex scenes are smoking hot, she doesn’t overuse the euphemisms that can often make such scenes crass. I don’t recall “pussy” being used, “cock” barely features and I don’t think I saw the actual act be referred to as “f**king” at any point. Forgive the blunt terminology, but nothing annoys me more than sex scenes being punctuated with porn-style terminology, or sex scenes being written where the author can’t seem to refer to body parts using the correct terminology, instead deeming flowery euphemisms such as “sheathe” appropriate. Vivian Arend does neither of these and it certainly worked for me! 😀 One of the most fascinating dynamics of their relationship, to me, was that whenever Laurin was thinking up lusty thoughts, Matt could see them all. That certainly would be an interesting power to have!

As Laurin and Matt are the primary characters, theirs are the personalities for which you get a better feel. I found them both to be strong characters, who had no problems denying their attraction was something more than just lust. I can’t wait to see what comes out in the next instalment concerning their powers; I can only hope its explosive! The scenes that stick out the most in my mind are the ones with the Otter clan. They certainly were a horny bunch! Upon entering their ship, both Matt and Laurin are accosted by over familiar Otters trying to lure them into sex. It takes a public declaration to ward them off and, even after all this, a particularly rambunctious Male named James offers himself as a “third” (Pretty please can I see this scene…..please?) When it comes to the fertility ritual…WOW! As Shaman, Matt is expected to attend and “spill seed”. Although his intention is to merely masturbate, Laurin is taking no chances of the ritual getting out of hand, and attends alongside him. She has no idea of what to expect, but when the fertility ritual consists of a lone female being taken by three men at the same time, Laurin and Matt get lost in the moment and end up having sex watching them. The style of writing used by this writer benefitted the visual created by the scene and certainly made the ceremony one of the most erotic things I’ve ever read!

This short story is fabulous, but so was the first one. Read them both; they fit together as one story and you won’t get the full impact of the tale without doing so. I enjoyed all the characters and the love story is truly wonderful to watch unfold. Give me a possessive man who is also reasonable enough to know when to step back and I’ll be a very happy reader!


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