Good Smut Day Twenty – An explicit excerpt from Sheltered by Charlotte Stein and a giveaway

Good Smut Day Twenty – A..

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He was practically panting by the time she’d gotten up a rhythm. And she could feel him getting closer and closer, as the pleasure wound tight and threatened to do something horrible to her. She was going to die of it, she knew. Those little pulses from the point of connection were just too much—almost […]

A Nix PN Erotic review – Dark Adapted Eyes by Scarlett Parrish (4.5 Stars)

A Nix PN Erotic review –..

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Cat shifters are rare; so rare that Fern, Gabe and Alex have to stick together as they believe they are alone. A pack, they belong to each other and no one else. Problems only start to arise when one of those pack members start to become unstable and threatens the secrecy that they need to […]

A Nix MM Short Review – The Diva and the Frat Boy by Daisy Harris (4 Stars)

A Nix MM Short Review – ..

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Nathaniel is out, loud and proud. Unable to be anything other than a diva, he is used to being looked upon with scorn by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. Seemingly able to shrug off all the “fag” comments that are sneeringly thrown away, he has gotten used to being only good for a  particular […]

A Nix Contemporary Review – Virgin Territory by Cari Quinn (5 Stars)

A Nix Contemporary Review R..

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Vincent is an office man by day and a Romance writer by night. His reputation is that of a complete man-slut, but the reality is there is only one woman who currently holds his attention. He frequents the local gas-station almost every night to clock eyes on the object of his affections; Kiki Wyatt. He’s […]

A Vicky Review – Bloodstorm by Amber Kallyn (3.75 Stars)

A Vicky Review – Bloodst..

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Niki is on a mission. She has been chasing the vampire that murdered her family, turning her in the process, for the past 200 years so that she can get her shot at revenge. When she ends up in Moss Creek the last thing she expects to find is Shane. Not only is he the […]

A Nix Quicky PNR erotica Review – Damned if You Do by Olivia Waite (3.75 Stars)

A Nix Quicky PNR erotica Revie..

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Unfortunately for Idared, Benjamin gets under her skin. During the daylight hours she has to do her duty, but at night they start to get to know each other in a far more intimate way. But it is forbidden for them to be intimate with each other; the damned cannot socialise with their enforcers. Secretly […]

A Nix Sci-Fi review – Hunting the Shadows by Alexia Reed (3.75 Stars)

A Nix Sci-Fi review – Hu..

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JC is in trouble.  The former golden boy of a top research lab, his conscious got the better of him and he did something reckless. Now he finds himself locked up in a jail cell, tortured and detained for being a traitor to his race. His only regret is that he was caught, that he […]

A Nix BDSM Review – Your’s to Take by Joely Sue Burkhart (4.5 Stars)

A Nix BDSM Review – Your..

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Vicki Connagher gave up life as she knew it the day one of the scumbags she got off criminal charges, shot a well respected police officer. A lawyer because of the prestige, she made a very lucrative career keeping drug-dealers and murderers out of jail. When the police officer died, a man who was also […]

A Vicky Sci-Fi Romance Review and Rafflecopter Giveaway – Replicant by Dani Worth (5 Stars)

A Vicky Sci-Fi Romance Review ..

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I just want to keep saying  ‘love it, love it, love it – everyone needs a copy of this book!’ over and over again for this review but thought that you might actually want a bit more information than that, so here goes 😉 After reading Kithra I couldn’t wait to read Replicant and what […]

A Nix PNR Review – Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker (4 Stars)

A Nix PNR Review – Grimm..

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Celine never wanted to become a Grimm. Raped and left for dead by demons after an argument with her husband, she has spent her years as one of Earth’s Guardian Angels, mourning for her old life. Unable to move on, she makes reckless decisions in her role as protector, blatantly hoping that each fight is her last. Can anyone […]