Paradise Found – Vivian Arend

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Paige is planning to make her stay at Bandicoot Cove one she will never forget. Aware that her fling with the gorgeous Trent and Mason will soon be over, she vows to make this trip a memory that will last a lifetime. Truth is, she’s fallen hook line and sinker for the pair of Ozzie’s, but she knows her time in Australia will soon be over, so plans to make all their fantasies come true in what little time they have left together. Trent and Mason have a plan. They have both fallen for the lovely Canadian, and plan to use Trent’s sisters’ grand opening to convince her that what they have together is for keeps. Can they use the beautiful resort to quell her fears that they can never be more than just sex? And how will she react to the thought of a more permanent relationship with the two hotties.

This is book two of this fantastic series and is the book written by the author I am most familiar with out of the three. Paige is a fantastic character. Uninhibited, a little insecure and a complete sweetheart, I adored her from the second we met her dressed in a French Maid’s uniform, pretending to clean the room (Trent’s fantasy is to have sex with a French maid).  She is so sexually generous with them, because she loves them so much, so the fantasies she wants to fulfil aren’t hers, they are theirs. Her issue isn’t that she is in love with them both, her issue is that she may be forced to chose just the one of them, killing part of her heart, along with their friendship.
Trent and Mason are sweethearts. The central issue with these is these two is that they want Paige to be with them permanently, but they have no idea as to how. Both of these hunks worship the ground she walks on, would do almost anything for her (as can be shown by Masons reaction Trent having sex with the maid :D) and love the fact that she fits so well into their lives. For a second, Trent does feel a little weird about sharing the woman he loves with his best friend. That is until Mason puts his mind at ease
“I like doing stuff with you. It’s…right. We fit, and I don’t see any reason why we can’t keep doing things together. Even important things like getting married and having a family”

As with the first story, I didn’t see much character development with these two, but I got a good sense of what lovely men they were by their treatment of Paige. Mason is protective and possessive, whereas Trent is fun-loving and affectionate….a head-turning combination J The fella’s have good intentions but, like in any good plan, there are many stumbling blocks. They try to keep their plan to seduce her into submission a complete surprise; of course that comes back to bite them on the arse.   
Add more muscle to this visual….
I had no complaints with this book. There is no mystery, no ridiculous sub-plots or random twists that made me want to scream. This is just a story of people falling in love unexpectedly, taking a casual relationship into something perfect. Of course, the major problem with their relationship is that there are three of them in it! They all felt they were fine sharing when they were just having sex, but is it normal to share a long-term partner? (Why settle for just one hot Ozzie when you can have two?)
The sex scenes in this book were the type to make your palms sweaty and your pulse race; we have M/F, M/F/M, anal, oral…all the usual culprits. My favourite scene involved a chair and, before you all run out and buy this book (because you really should), I’m going to show you the chair. This is simply because, until I saw this picture, the scene involving it wasn’t nearly as pulse changing. It’s a tantra chair…turns out that Trent isn’t the only kinky boy in this story, as Mason offered to test-drive this little baby J

The rest of the pictures had naked people on them….

Overall, a fab steamy little read that checked many of my “perfect ménage book” boxes. It had kinky sex, random sex toys I needed to research and hot men that worshipped the ground that our heroine walked upon. I loved the little Ozzisms that were thrown in too…very cute J

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