Quarter Final 4 : Cari Quinn/Taryn Elliott Vs Lydia Michaels

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Excerpt One 
Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott: Seduced
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Nick knelt between Jazz’s spread legs. His mouth was actually watering. But he didn’t move. Not yet.
Jazz wet her lips and relaxed against Gray, wriggling a little from what Nick knew was the very hard cock wedged against her back. Gray’s fingers wandered higher, drawing circles over her inner legs, sliding up to the tops of her thighs. Inching closer to the juncture between.
Jazz squirmed as if she couldn’t stay still as Gray’s thumb darted between the lips of her pussy, almost shyly. Did Gray expect her to refuse him? Couldn’t he see how she was jiggling back and forth, her skin prettily flushed and already damp with sweat?
All of her was damp. Nick fisted his throbbing cock. Seriously frigging damp.
Gray’s long fingers met up with the piercing that caged her clit and his hand stilled. He grabbed her chin with his other hand, making her look at him. “What the hell is that?” he growled against her lips.
She whimpered some unintelligible response before slanting her mouth over his. At the same time, Gray slid his fingers inside her. Even muffled by their kiss, Gray’s long, ragged groan echoed in Nick’s head.
This wasn’t just a good fuck to Gray. This was a dream coming true.
And he was about to break it wide open.
Nick edged forward. He had no intention of coming on his own stomach, and if he didn’t do something fast, he was going to. He leaned in and captured one of her nipples between his teeth, pulling hard while he twisted the other. She writhed between them, Gray’s fingers dancing over her with a skill he hadn’t only learned on his instrument. While he’d been expecting Jazz to save herself, he’d obviously been screwing his share of chicks.
Nick switched his attention to Jazz’s other breast, licking the swollen tip while he looked down at the action way too close to his cock. Gray’s fingers pressing in and out, wet from her. So wet, all the way up to his knuckles.
“Christ.” Nick contented himself with her breast, sucking hard while he covered her clit and piercing with his thumb. Gray made room for him, spreading his arms so that one finger from each hand pistoned into her, cramming into that tight little slit until each movement sounded slick from her arousal.
Nick nearly groaned and counted to ten in his head to try to distract himself. Man, he was so close. Evidently so was she. Two, maybe three strokes of Nick’s thumb and Jazz exploded between them, twisting back and forth without shame. God. Nick bit down harder on her nipple than he’d meant to but she only cried out again.
Such a sexy thing she was. All pent-up and ready to go. And so was he.
Instead of Gray demanding a condom—as Nick would’ve in his place—he reached down and grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifting her up to Nick. Putting her pussy so damn close to Nick’s face that he would’ve been a moron to say no.
Lowering his head, Nick made eye contact with her an instant before his tongue trailed over her soaked flesh. She reached back to fist her hands in Gray’s messy hair, locking him in place so he had no choice but to watch as Nick covered her with his mouth.

Excerpt Two
Lydia Michaels: Breaking Perfect

She cried out and her body moved as Mason pumped inside of her, twice, hard. “Prettiest little nipples you’ve ever seen, aren’t they, Sean?”
Sean groaned his admiration. “They sure are. So tight and pink. Makes me want to stretch those little breasts tight around my cock and fuck her there.”
He sucked the other nipple into his mouth and sat back to admire the two wet tips. They were slightly redder than they had been. Mason released her arms and they fell to her sides. His hand fed through the space over her hip and traveled down to the delta of her pussy.
“And here, Sean, look here. See how she keeps herself so smooth and pretty for me.”
Sean grunted in acknowledgement and agreement. “Very beautiful.”
“Liberty, how would you feel about Sean licking that sweet little clit of yours while I fuck your pussy nice, slow, and deep?” She began to pant and moan. “I think that’s a yes. What do you think, Sean?”
“Let’s see.” Sean took the tip of his finger and swirled it over her breasts and down her narrow torso. She was so soft and delicate, hanging by a thread on the verge of complete ecstasy. His finger eased over her smooth mound and he noticed the tiny tip of her clit peeking past her flesh stretched taut over Mason’s wide cock. God, he wanted them both.
His finger pressed over her clit as if he was flicking a switch and she jerked in Mason’s hold.
“Can you take it, Liberty? If it’s too much, we’ll stop,” Mason whispered. She breathed hard and Sean flicked and toyed with her clit. “Tell me, Liberty. Should we stop?”
“No!” she answered almost frantically.
“Do you want to feel Sean’s mouth on you there?”
“Yes, please.”
“Then ask him nice.”
Sean saw the battle she faced to simply open her eyes and form words. When she looked at him breath slipped past her pouty, full lips and a trickle of cum slipped over the head of his cock. The tip of her pink tongue licked over the full curve of her lower lip and she swallowed.
“Sean, will you please lick my pussy?”
“Gladly.” He dove down and fastened his mouth around that little bud and she screamed. He wrapped his hands around her, then kept moving past her delicate hips and held onto Mase’s tight ass as Mase slowly thrust his cock deep inside of her. Liberty cried as Sean licked her clit and Mason fucked her tight little cunt.
Unable to help himself, he extended his tongue and licked a firm line from the top of Mason’s sac, up the wide base of his cock and planted his tongue deep under Liberty’s hood just over her hard little clit. Mason jerked and groaned in pleasure as Liberty began to convulse and thrash as the beginnings of an intense orgasm took hold of her reflexes.
“Hold her, Mase.”
Mason wrapped his arms around his wife and clutched her tightly to him. His broad fingers plucked and pinched her nipples as Sean made a feast out of her pussy and Mason’s cock. His hands traveled over Mase’s firm ass and gripped him hard. The three of them became a trifecta of frenzied need and lust.
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