Random Musing : Anyone got recommendations to help me achieve my reading resolutions?

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My new year reading resolutions are simple and I need your help. There are certain genres that I want to read more of but I have no idea of where to start … here is my list readers. Help! (PS … on a side note, I seem to like GIF’s at the moment…don’t worry, they won’t be going into the reviews.)

1.  More FF romance

Here’s the thing; I found out a long damn time ago that I have no preference on what sexuality the characters in a book have as long as it works. I have read quite a few FF books but the recommendations come in so few and far between that I have no idea what to read next . I want something deliciously angsty and sexy readers, GIMME RECS 🙂


2. More books with characters with disabilities  

I’ve read quite a few books with heroes with a disability BUT I don’t think that I’ve ever read a book with a female lead with a disability. I’d like to so what recommendations have you got? In fact, I’d be happy with any recommendations within this sub-genre… I think I’ve both laughed and cried at all the books I’ve tried before.


3. Fem-Dom

Oh this Genre …. I do love it when it’s done well but I want to set things on fire when it goes wrong. The main reason that I’ve seen it go wrong is when authors seem to confuse “strong Domme” with “cold, unfeeling bitch” … yeah, that doesn’t work for me!  I want one where the heroine is strong but shows the consideration for her charge that I’ve come to expect from a Dominant.


So readers, fill my kindle… what rec’s do you have?

6 responses to “Random Musing : Anyone got recommendations to help me achieve my reading resolutions?

  1. I don’t know if this is a violation of etiquette, but can I self-recommend? My first novel, THE LONGEST NIGHT, features a heroine who’s suffering from PTSD seven years after her experience overseas as a US Marine Corps combat engineer. Her PTSD drove her to isolation in the Canadian Wilderness, where she happily lives alone, virtually self-sufficient, until an old friend calls in a favor and asks if his brother, who’s recovering from a post-car-accident addiction to painkillers, can stay with her during his recovery. While the attraction is there from the beginning, it takes trust and time for their relationship to build in a realistic slow burn. Warnings for PTSD, minor violence against chickens and deer, and unresolved bear tension.

  2. Mzcue

    The heroine in Wolf Signs, Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1 is deaf, IIRC. I like my shifters a little grittier than Vivian Arend’s, but it wasn’t bad.

  3. Mzcue

    I fought with my conscience over recommending several fem dom books because of the publisher. The author is Joey W. Hill, who was one of the first I came across with women as believable doms. You can find them interspersed with her other bdsm stories on her site: http://www.storywitch.com/ .

    • I know exactly what you mean … I turned down a review request as it was associated with the same publisher. Thank you for recommending them … Joey Hill is one of the very few authors I think gets Fem-Dom right.

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